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  3. Chain Bracelet Find patterns for making chain bracelets and other chainmail instructions. There are plenty of chainmaille tutorials and chainmaille instructions here!
  4. Chain Earrings Learn how to make earrings from spectacular chain maille patterns! You'll love making and wearing these new types of earrings.
  5. Chain Necklace If you've been searching for chain maille patterns, look no further than these DIY necklaces. We have lots of chain mail designs for all types of necklaces.
  6. Chain Ring Lots of chain mail jewelry designs. Make all types of chain rings to impress your friends!
  7. Brick Stitch Find brick bead stitch patterns and DIY jewelry that uses this bead stitch! Learning new bead stitching patterns such as brick stitch is a cinch with these tutorials.
  8. Ladder Stitch If you love using bead stitch to make DIY jewelry, check out these tutorials and patterns for ladder stitching. This design stands out among bead stitching patterns for its elegant structure.
  9. Loom Weaving If you love bead loom weaving, we have lots of free bead weaving patterns for you. Learn how to use a loom to make beautiful beaded jewelry.
  10. Peyote Stitch Learn this classic bead stitch with these peyote tutorials! We've got all the free bead stitching patterns you could want, and anyone who wants to learn how to bead stitch will love the designs.
  11. Right Angle Weave This is your source for free right angle weave bead patterns. Right angle weave necklaces make beautiful additions to any outfit, so practice this bead stitch with the aid of these bead stitching patterns!
  12. Square Stitch Find lots of square stitch bead patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! Square Stitch is a versatile bead stitch that looks wonderful when used for jewelry. Take the plunge into beading patterns with Square Stitch today!
  13. Strung Bracelet Strung Bracelets are great projects to make alone or with friends. Find free bead patterns for strung bracelets here!
  14. Strung Earrings We have tons of free bead patterns for strung earrings! Find everything you've been looking for. Patterns for yourself and beautiful ones to give as gifts!
  15. Strung Necklace Learn how to make strung necklaces with our free bead patterns. You can learn how to make multi-strand seed bead necklaces that will impress your friends!
  16. Strung Rings Strung Rings are great little beaded accessories for any outfit and any occasion. Learn how to make all different kinds with these free bead patterns.
  17. Wire Bracelet Learn to make a bracelet with wire, as well as wire wrapping techniques and wire wrapping tutorials! You'll make bracelets from wire projects in no time at all with these DIY jewelry tutorials.
  18. Wire Earrings Wire Earrings are great for all occasions. Learn wire wrapping techniques and how to make earrings with wire with the aid of these wire jewelry tutorials!
  19. Wire Necklace With these wire jewelry tutorials, you'll learn how to make a wire necklace in no time. You'll also get a grounding in wire wrapping techniques and how to use them for DIY necklaces
  20. Wire Rings Create a ring with style with the help of these wire ring tutorials. Once you browse these wire jewelry tutorials, you'll learn how to make a wire ring with lasting impact.
  21. Metal Bracelet Use these metal bracelet patterns to make unique handcrafted jewelry for your family and friends.
  22. Metal Earrings Find patterns for metal earrings and make your own unique handcrafted jewelry. Your own unique copper jewelry will inspire envy.
  23. Metal Necklace Try these patterns for metal necklace and make unique handcrafted jewelry to impress your friends.
  24. Metal Ring Use these metal ring projects to make unique handcrafted jewelry for you and yours. Learn jewelry making tips and techniques for working with different metals to make the perfect rings.
  25. Metal Projects Find great projects to make from metal clay and learn how to master metal clay for making jewelry - it's not as easy as you think. Start making your own clay jewelry designs in no time!
  26. Polymer Projects Find projects for making polymer clay jewelry that will impress all your friends. These polymer projects are beautiful and unique ideas from designers all over. Plus, making jewelry from polymer clay is a great way to be creative in bead making.
  27. Design Tips Everyone needs design tips every once in a while. Find new tips for making beaded jewelry.
  28. Hints and Tips Hints and tips for great jewelry projects. Learn new jewelry making techniques.
  29. Repairs Repairs don't have to be expensive. Find instructions and jewelry making techniques to fix your own findings and broken chains.
  30. Supplies Learn all of the tools used in jewelry making. Learn how to use these tools to repair your own jewelry and learn new, important jewelry making techniques to do with the tools.
  31. Recycled Bracelet Recycled Bracelets look great and are great for the environment! Check out these DIY bracelets for your next recycled fashion project.
  32. Recycled Earrings Recycled Earrings give your DIY jewelry some green friendliness. These recycled crafts are great for the environment and prove that recycled fashion can hold its own against the runway.
  33. Recycled Necklace Make a DIY necklace with fashionable charm and green power! These recycled crafts are sure to please even the most picky of DIY jewelry makers.
  34. Recycled Rings Recycled Rings are some of the most rewarding jewelry tutorials out there. These recycled fashion crafts allow you to create a ring that you can treasure.
  35. Button Button jewelry is a cute way to incorporate some new ideas and new types of beads into your work! Button jewelry projects add a little interesting spin to any standard beading project. Try some of these free bead patterns today!
  36. Fabric and Bead Fabric jewelry can be a fun way to try making something unexpected, like fabric beads! Learn how to make fabric flowers jewelry to embellish with beads and make your bead patterns more personal.
  37. Leather Jewelry Find lots of projects to make with leather. Make this seasons trendiest leather earrings, bracelets, and other leather wrist jewelry! Incorporate other mediums and make leather and silver jewelry or leather and pearl jewelry!
  38. Paper Jewelry Make lots of charms, necklaces, and bracelets with these cute paper jewelry making ideas. These unique paper jewellery will show you how to make paper jewellery in a fun way!
  39. Ribbon Ribbon is a great way to get a colorful chain or string on some neutral beads. Learn how to make ribbon jewelry in all sorts of ways. From rings to brooches, you'll all the patterns for making jewelry with ribbon you need!
  40. Glass Beads Learn how to make beautiful glass beads for all your jewelry making projects. Make unique handcrafted jewelry with these free online jewelry making projects.


  1. "Making Beaded Jewelry: 11 Free Seed Bead Patterns and Projects" eBook Cut down on that overflowing seed bead stash with this collection of 11 free seed bead patterns and projects. In this jewelry making guide, you'll find free seed bead earring patterns, seed bead bracelet patterns, peyote bead patterns, and more!
  2. 18+ Bead Patterns for Two-Hole Beads With this collection of 18+ Bead Patterns for Two-Hole Beads, you'll be an expert on using two-hole beads in all your favorite beading designs. These free beading patterns use Tila beads, SuperDuo beads, and more to create beautiful DIY jewelry piece
  3. 3 Free Seed Bead Earring Patterns Cute, quick, and quirky--that's what these earring patterns are. These 3 Free Seed Bead Earring Patterns are perfect for the beader who wants a fun, fast project to stitch up in one sitting. Whip some earrings up as a last-minute gift.
  4. 328+ DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials: How to Brick Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, and More Prepare to stitch up a storm with this ultimate collection of stitched jewelry projects. This collection, 328+ DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials: How to Brick Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, and More, features all levels of jewelry stitching.
  5. 57 Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns Bead lovers beware... You're about to get lost in a mesmerizing collection of some of the best bead weaving patterns on the Web! We've gathered up our 57 Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns as chosen by our savvy, stitching readers.
  6. 6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns If you're looking for free beaded bracelet patterns, you've come to the right place! This collection includes six fabulous beaded bracelet patterns that are simple yet gorgeous projects any bead weaver would love to make.
  7. 6-Petal Flower Bead Check out the 6-Petal Flower Bead tutorial to find out how to craft blooms that are guaranteed to stay beautiful all year. This seed bead flower pattern is a great project for beginners.
  8. Afternoon Lace Necklace Sometimes you need a jewelry piece that just makes you feel a little more special. This Afternoon Lace Necklace is the perfect necklace pattern to help you get that feeling. For a casual look, you could wear it with a pair and jeans and a cute top.
  9. Alluring Amber Beaded Bracelet Pattern This Alluring Amber Beaded Bracelet Pattern enchants the eye with its striking monochromatic color scheme. Slender and stunning, this pretty crystal and seed bead bracelet makes an elegant finishing touch on an evening ensemble.
  10. Alluring Chevron Stitched Bracelet You will adore this Alluring Chevron Stitched Bracelet. With jewelry video tutorial, you will learn how to make a bracelet using chevron and ladder stitch!
  11. Amethyst and Crystal Bracelet Put some glamor and sparkle into your DIY jewelry collection with this Amethyst and Crystal Bracelet. This gorgeous DIY bracelet will garner attention everywhere. The beautiful colors and rich design of interlocking bead strands make for a captivatin
  12. Arabella DIY Earrings Nothing can compare to the beauty in these Arabella DIY Earrings. These stunning geometric earrings are perfect for a night out on the town or a shopping trip with the girls. These seed bead earrings will always great on you!
  13. Art Bead Spiral Bracelet If you love working with seed bead jewelry patterns, this Art Bead Spiral Bracelet is the perfect summer activity for you! With its calming earth tones and raw organic bead shapes, this bracelet screams summertime by the ocean.
  14. Art Deco Chain With Pearls DIY Bracelet This stunningly unique Art Deco Chain With Pearls DIY Bracelet is going to leave you feeling like a princess every time you slip it on. Check out this amazing seed bead pattern for this handmade bracelet.
  15. Autumn Vines Bib Necklace Part 1 If you're looking for seed bead necklace patterns for fall, try making this pretty Autumn Vines Bib Necklace. It's one of our favorite seed bead jewelry ideas for fall because the embroidery makes it feel classic and the leaves make it fresh and fun.
  16. Autumn Vines Bib Necklace Part 2 If you've started the Autumn Vines Bib Necklace then finish it off with part two. It is one of our lengthy seed bead projects, but it will be worth it in the end when all of your friends are jealous that they can't have their own.
  17. Basic Easy Net Necklace Looking for a necklace pattern that is both easy to make and pretty to wear? Try this Basic Easy Net Necklace. Stunning crystals are woven together in a basic net stitch to get this look. Stitch up this sparkling necklace piece today.
  18. Basic Stitch Tutorial This Basic Stitch Tutorial will have you stitching and weaving beads in no time. Pony beads are a good idea to start with if you've never tried stitching before as seed beads are tiny and love to try and escape your grasp.
  19. Bead and Rhinestone Bracelet This Bead and Rhinestone Bracelet is fit for a Queen, meaning it is exactly what you need to expand your DIY jewelry collection. This is perfect for wearing to weddings or other formal events.
  20. Bead Woven Snowflake Pendant From the blogger: "How about a new version of a bead woven snowflake? It's super easy and takes hardly any time at all. The Swarovski crystals make it sparkle just like a real snowflake. The clear crystal beads make it look just like ice."
  21. Beaded Baby Bird This Beaded Baby Bird is beyond adorable. However, making him requires a few hours. This project may even pose a challenge for experienced crafters, but it makes a cute addition to any animal lover's collection.
  22. Beaded Baubles You'll never have to worry about finding good statement beads after you whip up a few of these Beaded Baubles. This seed bead pattern is a great jewelry tutorial for anyone who wants their handmade jewelry to pop.
  23. Beaded Berry DIY Necklace "Pay tribute to southern summers with this free pattern for a blackberry necklace. This DIY necklace is made with a versatile seed bead pattern that could also be used to create raspberries."
  24. Beaded Circle DIY Necklace "Want to add some sparkle to your jewelry collection? These simple woven circles can be completed in an evening. You can choose bright or subdued colors while still having that sparkle with fire polished beads."
  25. Beaded Cross Charm The Beaded Cross Charm is a lovely intersection of faith and fashion that's sure to please. This DIY pendant is a great stashbuster option for your old seed beads, and it's a cute way to dress up a simple chain.
  26. Beaded DIY Lattice Bracelet You're going to want to grab your favorite beads and a fancy clasp for this next jewelry DIY. This lovely Beaded DIY Lattice Bracelet is all about the stitching technique.
  27. Beaded Flora Drop Earrings These Beaded Flora Drop Earrings redefine the concept of boho chic jewelry. The gorgeous seed bead pattern make these DIY earrings form into a gorgeous bedazzled flower. These handmade earrings truly add a classy twist to bohemian jewelry.
  28. Beaded Flower Earrings Looking for beaded jewelry ideas? These Beaded Flower Earrings are a simple and quick project you can make in an evening and wear to work the next day. You can also make a few in different colors and give them to your friends!
  29. Beaded Fringe DIY Earrings Spark up some great conversation with these Beaded Fringe DIY Earrings. You will definitely be stealing the heat from the firework show when you put together these red, white, and blue beaded earrings.
  30. Beaded Jewelry Cones Instead of your typical metal findings, learn to make Beaded Jewelry Cones for your multi-strand jewelry. There are similar free bead jewelry patterns that use a herringbone stitch, and this pattern is a little easier. Make Beaded Jewelry Cones today
  31. Beaded Leafy Fringe Check out this tutorial on how to make a Beaded Leafy Fringe. Free beading patterns are so much fun to try, and this technique can be used for a variety of projects. With just a few quick stitches, you'll have a beaded leafy branch in no time.
  32. Beaded Seahorse Charm Stitching beaded jewelry is even more fun when you get to create adorable little creatures like this Beaded Seahorse Charm. Make a few of these little guys for a cute charm bracelet, earrings, or just a simple necklace.
  33. Beaded Spiral Rope Twist it up with this Beaded Spiral Rope. Easy to learn, this technique is among the useful free seed bead patterns around. Experiment with different sized beads and the number of beads per spiral row.
  34. Beaded Sunburst Necklace This Beaded Sunburst Necklace only uses three colors, but its sunburst shape is sure to draw attention. Because it uses both gemstones and rhinestones, this accessory is the perfect mix of natural and artificial elements.
  35. Beader's Digest: The 42 Prettiest Beading Designs and Patterns You've Ever Seen We've weeded through our endless archives of bead projects to bring you the very prettiest patterns of all in Beaders Digest: The 42 Prettiest Beading Designs and Patterns You've Ever Seen.
  36. Beautiful Beaded Snowflake Earrings Make bead earrings that shimmer and sparkle like freshly fallen snow with this pattern for Beautiful Beaded Snowflake Earrings. This is one of those beaded earrings designs that is super simple but has a stunning result.
  37. Beautiful Bethany DIY Earrings Look at how amazing these Beautiful Bethany DIY Earrings are. These delicate drop earrings have a stunning seed bead pattern that will make all of your friends jealous. Everyone will want to know where you got your exquisite beaded earrings from.
  38. Beautiful Birthday Bracelet If you desire a cute and special DIY bracelet, you have come to the right place. This Beautiful Birthday Bracelet is one of the best DIY jewelry pieces to help you feel a little extra special. Check out this right-angle weave tutorial today.
  39. Beautiful Braided Rhinestone Bracelet Learn how to update a classic rhinestone bracelet with this chic DIY bracelet tutorial. This Beautiful Braided Rhinestone Bracelet combines a sparkling beaded bracelet with the glamorous sheen of delicate silk thread.
  40. Belle of the Ball Beaded Bracelets Feel like a princess when you wear these Belle of the Ball Beaded Bracelets. These breathtakingly-detailed bracelets are perfect for formal occasions and make truly memorable gifts for any women in your life.
  41. Betsy's Cupola DIY Earrings When it comes to DIY jewelry, beaded earrings are some of the prettiest patterns out there. Betsy's Cupola DIY Earrings are no exception! These beaded DIY earrings are a gorgeous addition to any jewelry box. Learn how to bead a stunning pair!
  42. Black Swan Necklace This Black Swan Necklace will make you the star of any show! The intricate woven pattern includes pearls and crystals for an elegant and stunning effect. It's a gorgeous piece to compliment the neck and collar bone.
  43. Blazing Blue Loops Necklace Looking for a stunning new necklace? Then you are going to want to check out this Blazing Blue Loop Necklace. Use this easy-to-follow pattern to create a lovely homemade necklace. Make beaded lace loops to form scallops for this beautiful pattern.
  44. Blooming Crystals Bracelet Dress up your DIY jewelry ensemble with the Blooming Crystals Bracelet. There's no going wrong when you have this versatile and pretty accessory.
  45. Blue Iris Pendant Use the Blue Iris Pendant as a statement piece for any formal occasion. You'll get compliments for this amazing DIY pendant. This bead stitching pattern incorporates two-hole beads and seed beads for an amazing layered effect.
  46. Bluebell Beaded Bracelet This Princess Jasmine Inspired Beaded Bracelet is an absolute stunning seed bead pattern that you can't miss out on. This beaded bracelet is perfect for all different kinds of occasions that you could think of.
  47. Bohemian Rhapsody DIY Necklace Radiate sparkle and shine with this beautiful Bohemian Rhapsody DIY Necklace. Blend amethyst and gold hues together to create the ultimate night-out DIY accessory. Elegant and shimmering this homemade necklace is fun to make and wear.
  48. Boho Chic Beaded Wrap Bracelet Wrap bracelets are a stylish staple to dress up your everyday attire, and the easy-to-follow pattern for the Boho Chic Beaded Wrap Bracelet is one of the best.
  49. Bow Tie Bracelet Looking for a cute DIY bracelet pattern? Try this adorable and chic Bow Tie Bracelet. Crafted out of crystals and seed beads, this beautiful bracelet pattern is sure to result in a stunning homemade jewelry piece.
  50. Brazen Blue Ice Pendant Bold and unapologetic, this beautiful Brazen Blue Ice Pendant is one of the most stunning DIY jewelry projects there is to see. Sparkling crystal seed beads surround a gleaming ice blue stone to create a shiny DIY pendant piece.
  51. Bridal Flower Pearl Necklace Whether you are a bride to be or simply have an elegant evening out coming up, this Bridal Flower Pearl Necklace is exactly what you need. This DIY necklace is so perfect for your really special day with its classic elegance!
  52. Bridged Herringbone Technique The result of many beading experiments, the Bridged Herringbone Technique is an excellent variation on a well-known stitch. Of the free seed bead patterns out there, this pattern can use other beads as well.
  53. Bugles, Crystals, Tila's, Oh My Necklace Looking for a fun beaded necklace pattern? Look no further than this Bugles, Crystals, Tila's, Oh My Necklace. This stunning necklace pattern is super easy to make. It is also beautiful and delicate, with feminine charm.
  54. Burst of Color Crystal and Pearl Bracelet Are you in need of a stunning bracelet? Well you are in luck. There is nothing quite as dazzling as this Burst of Color Crystal and Pearl Bracelet. Combining seed, crystal, and pearl beads, this woven beaded bracelet is sure to be a show stopper.
  55. Candlelight Crystal Cuff Go bigger and bolder with this Candlelight Crystal Cuff. DIY cuffs are lovely accessories. Their wide design gives you room to be creative and makes them stand out on your wrist. It will be hard to outshine this crystal bracelet!
  56. Candy Ring Create a ring that's a treat for sore eyes when you make the adorable Candy Ring. This beautiful DIY ring uses bead stitching to incredible effect.
  57. Captivating Crisscross Bracelet With the Captivating Crisscross Bracelet on your wrist, you'll be sure to captivate the eyes of everyone around you. The double rows of crystals give this beautiful bead bracelet pattern an extra wide cuff style that is bold yet elegant.
  58. Cascading Autumn Arbor Necklace The Cascading Autumn Arbor Necklace is a breathtaking piece that is truly a work of art. This design is like three free beaded jewelry patterns in one! Tubular herringbone, freeform right angle weave, and spiral square stitch are all used.
  59. Celestial Amethyst Tila Choker The words heavenly or divine just do not come close to describing this Celestial Amethyst Tila Choker. This out-of-this-world awesome design is both stunning and easy to make. Complete this simple beading project in just two hours.
  60. Checkered Crystals Bracelet Slick charm radiates from the Checkered Crystals Bracelet, a sophisticated piece that's ready for anything. This DIY bracelet uses beautiful dark colors to create a piece that's classic and versatile.
  61. Cherry Bomb Earrings "A fun play on words and a great way to practice fringe techniques, these Cherry Bomb Earrings are very beginner-friendly. The red and green palette is perfect for summer, with a hint of black for balance."
  62. Chevron Seed Bead Bracelet Pattern This stunning Chevron Seed Bead Bracelet Pattern is truly a DIY bracelet that will have all of your friends jealous of your amazing beading skills. Plus, the gorgeous dark and light blue hues in this beaded bracelet are perfect for dressing up!
  63. Chic Crystal Bracelet Part 1 Learn how to make a bracelet with this easy-to-follow two-part tutorial. When you are finished with this Chic Crystal Bracelet Part 1 tutorial, you will have made a beautiful and colorful bracelet made with seed beads and classic crystals.
  64. Chic Crystal Bracelet Part 2 Craft together a beautiful and elegant DIY bracelet when you make this Chic Crystal Bracelet Part 2. This stylish DIY bracelet tutorial is fun to make and has easy instructions to follow.
  65. Chic Crystal Bridesmaid Cuff Looking for a lovely gift for your bridesmaids? Try this Chic Crystal Bridesmaid Cuff. Gorgeous, practical, and sweet this DIY bracelet is a fabulous homemade gift idea. Weave sparkling crystals beads together to get a stunning DIY jewelry piece.
  66. Chunky Beaded Ring This Chunky Beaded Ring is perfect if you're looking for some new seed bead jewelry ideas. It's a cute way to make a chunky bauble ring without having to use any metal or wire. It's the perfect everyday summertime accessory.
  67. Clarissa Bracelet The Clarissa Bracelet is a versatile beading design that will turn heads wherever you wear it. With this lovely DIY bracelet on your wrist, you'll never lack for statement jewelry again.
  68. Classic Daisy Chain One of the easiest seed bead jewelry patterns, the Classic Daisy Chain is such a pretty technique. This simply sweet and delicate stitch can stand on its own or be used as embellishment. It's a beading standard you'll refer to again and again!
  69. Classic Pearl Bracelet If you're looking for simple bead weave patterns, take a look at this Classic Pearl Bracelet. It's simple and quick to create and, because of it's neutrality, is the perfect accessory to go along with any outfit.
  70. Classy Cross Woven Cuff Instead of just making any cuff DIY bracelet, make this Classy Cross Woven Cuff. Chic, colorful, and sparkly, this cuff is the perfect DIY jewelry project for you to undertake next. It has simple-to-follow instructions, so anyone can make it.
  71. Coastal Crystal Seafoam Beaded Bracelet You'll be enchanted by this Crystal Seafoam Beaded Bracelet. This is one of the most beautiful bead patterns for making bracelets, featuring turquoise beads and bronzed picots that will remind you of the shining Mediterranean coast and waters.
  72. Colorful Pearls and Crystals Bracelet The Colorful Pearls and Crystals Bracelet is a beautiful way to update classic pearl jewelry. If you want ways to make bracelets from varied materials, you will love this simple bracelet pattern.
  73. Connecting St. Petersburg Chain Pattern Looking for a way to spice up your beaded bracelets? Try this Connecting St. Petersburg Chain Pattern. This tutorial shows you how you can use the St. Petersburg chain pattern beyond single and double chains.
  74. Coral Crystal Keeper Bracelet Are you crazy for coral? Well then you are going to love this Coral Crystal Keeper Bracelet. Gleaming coral crystals are surrounded by shiny silver wire to create a simply stunning design. This coral beauty is perfect for spring and summer.
  75. Cork Stitched DIY Bracelet This Cork Stitched DIY Bracelet combines the elements of being simple and unique into one gorgeous DIY jewelry piece. This handmade bracelet is perfect for those days that you just want to add a little fun to your t-shirt and jeans.
  76. Cranberry Crystals Beaded Bracelet Can't decide on a gift for a friend or family member? Make them this Cranberry Crystals Beaded Bracelet. It makes for an excellent DIY gift idea, and it will be fun to put together. This is a fantastic bead weaving pattern for the holidays.
  77. Crazy Sparkle Crystal Net Necklace Add some shine to a summer ensemble with this Crazy Sparkle Crystal Net Necklace. This beaded crystal net necklace is easy to make, but looks very fancy. Be the star of the party and look like you are wearing an expensive jewelry piece.
  78. Crystal Cameo Pendant Have you ever thought that if you've seen one cameo, you've seen them all? With the Crystal Cameo Pendant pattern, you'll find out how to make a beaded charm and turn something totally vintage into a necklace that's totally you.
  79. Crystal Circle Drop Lace Necklace Add some elegance to your outfit with this Crystal Circle Drop Lace Necklace. Make your own DIY jewelry with this tutorial on how to make a bead necklace. With different crystals, you can make a jewelry piece appropriate for all occasions.
  80. Crystal Flower Bed Bracelet No one will believe that the Crystal Flower Bed Bracelet is a handmade jewelry piece. But rest assured that this DIY bracelet is much easier than you'd expect from the deliciously intricate design.
  81. Crystal Net Weave Necklace Catch all the attention with this Crystal Net Weave Necklace. With this homemade crystal necklace, you will have the perfect addition to every outfit. Use different crystals depending on the occasion.
  82. Crystal Wreath Pendant Do you think wreaths are just for your door? Think again, and check out this stunning Crystal Wreath Pendant. Weave together this gorgeous crystal pattern, and you'll have a new favorite DIY pendant in no time. This piece is very easy to make.
  83. Curved Double Chevron Chain Get ready to stitch up a storm and learn how to make a chevron chain pattern. Curved Double Chevron Chain is a versatile stitch that is especially perfect for collars. You can make a double chevron chain with seed beads in one or two colors.
  84. Cutest Beaded Bezel Rings If you're looking for the most adorable beaded ring patterns ever, then you've come to the right place. The Cutest Beaded Bezel Rings are the daintiest, most darling seed bead patterns you've ever seen; you won't be able to make just one!
  85. Daisies and Pearls DIY Bracelet How can you not love this Daises and Pearls DIY Bracelet? This handmade bracelet is a stunning piece of pearl jewelry that you can easily use to dress up or dress down an outfit. Plus, the daisy design mixed with the pearls makes this gorgeous!
  86. Daisy Chain Beaded Bracelet This Daisy Chain Beaded Bracelet is an excellent pattern to learn and make tons of different DIY jewelry pieces from. Whether you are looking to make a beaded bracelet or necklace, this project has you covered.
  87. Dark Vintage Beaded Bracelet What could be better than combining a gorgeous beaded pattern with a vintage style? This Dark Vintage Beaded Bracelet is the perfect piece of DIY jewelry to wear to formal events or special occasions. This bracelet pattern is so easy to recreate!
  88. Darling Daisy Chain Jewelry Flowers have a way of lighting up a room. Why not let them add brightness to your outfit? Try this Darling Daisy Chain Jewelry and make beaded daisy bracelets and necklaces. Cover your holiday jewelry needs with this beaded jewelry.
  89. Dazzling Donut Crystal Bracelet Go for a few shades of "cool" with this Dazzling Donut Crystal Bracelet. Designed with purple, pink, white and black beads, your DIY bracelet is both sleek and beautiful. It is a perfect piece to cool down summer days and warm up winter ones.
  90. Dazzling Duchess-Worthy DIY Ring Want to emulate Meghan Markle's style? Make a beautiful DIY ring fit for a Duchess!
  91. Diagonal SuperDuo Peyote Stitch "This fun technique puts a little twist on peyote stitch using two-hole beads like SuperDuos. The technique is easy to master, even if you're not an expert at peyote stitch, and makes beautiful rhombus shapes that are perfect for earrings."
  92. Diamond-Shaped Bugle Bead Earrings These Diamond-Shaped Bugle Bead Earrings are seriously gorgeous and easy to make! If you have been on the hunt for a bugle bead pattern than look no farther because these drop earrings are undeniably stunning.
  93. Dimensional Glittering Flowers Bracelet If you feel up to a beading challenge, the Dimensional Glittering Flowers Bracelet will test your bead stitching skills. The end result is a stunning DIY bracelet that looks like it could come from an ancient treasure trove.
  94. Doctor Who Inspired DIY Necklace For those of you who truly love Doctor Who, then be prepared for your new favorite DIY jewelry project. This Doctor Who Inspired DIY Necklace is a super cute and easy way to represent your favorite TV show.
  95. Double St. Petersburg Chain Add to your collection of bead weave patterns by learning how to do this Double St. Petersburg Chain. Make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings and more with this pretty pattern and easy to follow tutorial!
  96. Double Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet The Double Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet is here. Simple bracelet weaving patterns are sometimes hard to come by, making this tutorial a real gem. Find out how to make a cool bracelet like this one by reading through the accessible instructions.
  97. Dragonfly Princess DIY Earrings Learn how to make a stunning pair of earrings with this tutorial for Dragonfly Princess DIY Earrings. This DIY jewelry project features a gorgeous beading pattern. You'll feel like a fairy princess with these jewels hanging from your ears!
  98. Elegant Jeweled Bib Necklace Time to pull together all of those accent beads you've been dying to use. The Elegant Jeweled Bib Necklace is an organized collage of diverse, yet harmonizing beads, that you may find is just as fun to make as it is to wear.
  99. Elinor Beaded Bracelet If you have been on the hunt for a gorgeous DIY gift, then you need to check out this stunning Elinor Beaded Bracelet. The gentle pastel pinks mixed with the rustic color beads makes this handmade bracelet elegantly gorgeous.
  100. Elven Queen Bracelet If you're in need of unique bead stitching patterns to work into beautiful jewelry, you'll love the Elven Queen Bracelet. The design of this DIY bracelet uses beads of all sizes and shapes, allowing for countless combinations and patterns.
  101. Embellished Ombre Herringbone Cuff Looking for a new way to use seed beads? A beaded cuff is an awesome way to show off your marvelous, tiny beads. Make this Embellished Ombre Herringbone Cuff, and create a beautiful, bold bracelet with a wonderful texture.
  102. Embroidered Bunny Pendant "This Bunny Embroidered Pendant is so sweet and perfect for any time of year, not just Spring! It adds a little touch of fun to any outfit and is so easy to make!"
  103. Enviable Green Crystal Earrings Get ready to be dazzled by these stunning Enviable Green Crystal Earrings. Perfect for St. Patrick's Day or anytime you need a touch of emerald in your ensemble, these beautiful beaded earrings are sure to wow your friends and family.
  104. Estelia Pendant Dress up your jewelry collection with this stunning DIY pendant that is a beautiful combination of twin-hole beads, seed beads, and clever stitching.
  105. Esther Silky DIY Bracelet This Esther Silky DIY Bracelet is a truly stunning bead weaving pattern for you to try out. Not only is there a Printable PDF pattern for you right at your fingertips, but this beaded bracelet is a stunning pattern that uses gorgeous silky beads.
  106. Evil Eye Friendship Bracelet Patterns If you love seed beads, this DIY jewelry project is for you! These Evil Eye Friendship Bracelet Patterns are bright and bold, and they're perfect for adding a pop of color during the summer or all year long. Choose your bead colors and get started!
  107. Fireball Drop Earrings Goodness gracious! You are going to love these greats balls of fire inspired DIY earrings. These Fireball Drop Earrings are made from stitched seed bead balls joined together for a fiery look. Be fierce and stylish with these fun drop earrings.
  108. Fit for a Queen Jeweled Bracelet Want to feel like royalty? Make yourself a Fit for a Queen Jeweled Bracelet. This gorgeous beaded bracelet is sure to make you feel regal. Everyone knows a queen needs her jewels, and that includes stunning a bracelet.
  109. Flat Spiral Bracelet Tutorial Learn the flat spiral stitch to create this stunning bracelet. These easy to follow directions will have your friends envious of your talent. Swap out the bead type or colors for a variety of looks all year long.
  110. Flecked Raspberry and Gold Peyote Stitch Bracelet "Raspberry and gold pair to make this unique peyote stitch bracelet. The solid raspberry borders contain the colorful beads in the center. The three different colors are well suited to each other and create a rich band for the wrist."
  111. Floating Opal Blossoms Bracelet This Floating Opal Blossoms Bracelet will mesmerize anyone who sees it! The golden seed beads and delicate opal crystals give this bead stitching bracelet a luxurious touch.
  112. Floral Autumn Fantasy Bracelet Make a bracelet that's perfect for the cooler seasons and lovely to wear. The Floral Autumn Fantasy Bracelet is an enticing blend of intricate design and rich color.
  113. Floral Elegance Bracelet Dress up your DIY jewelry collection with the Floral Elegance Bracelet! You'll never want for a beautiful piece of jewelry again after you make this spectacular DIY bracelet.
  114. Floral Spiral Rope Bracelet Create a stunning DIY bracelet for spring with this fabulous seed bead pattern. This Floral Spiral Rope Bracelet would be a fabulous addition to any outfit. This beautiful woven bracelet is sure to become one of your favorite DIY jewelry pieces.
  115. Framed Dia Beaded Earrings "Dia Czech beads are two-hole diagonally drilled beads, which are perfect for forming a beaded square. This simple and quick beading project adds decorative beads on top of the square and shows how to form a metallic-looking frame around the square."
  116. Frosty Pearl Choker Necklace Watch out diamonds because this Frosty Pearl Choker Necklace may become a girls new best friend. Not only are the glossy white pearls stunning to look at, but this DIY choker puts a modern twist on a timeless look.
  117. Funky 1990s Designer-Inspired Choker Necklace "The 90s are calling... This fun choker necklace was inspired by a similar option selling for more than $300 at Anthropologie! Using simple 'kid' beads, velvet ribbon, and a needle and thread you can create a fun and personalized choker necklace."
  118. Funky Pom Pom DIY Ring "What do you do when you are in a strange but full of humour mood? Well for me...this kind of occasions are really rare lately. The last time I was feeling like I wanted to do something weird or something childish, I created a Fluffy Ring!"
  119. Galaxy Cross Stitch Cuff This Galaxy Cross Stitch Cuff is a trendy and unique bracelet made with embroidery floss. Get started today making this stunning DIY cuff.
  120. Geometric Japanese Bracelet The Geometric Japanese Bracelet balances delicacy with stunning bead stitching. The bracelet pattern uses a variety of beads, which makes it an ideal stashbuster.
  121. Gisela Stitch Pattern You can make almost any kind of DIY jewelry from the Gisela Stitch Pattern. This jewelry tutorial will show you how to make earrings and a bracelet, but if you have the time and beads to spare, the possibilities for this technique are endless!
  122. Glamorous Teal Woven Bracelet Two rows of glittering green crystals lined with silver seed beads make up this Glamorous Teal Woven Bracelet. Free woven bead bracelet patterns don't get more gorgeous than this! You'll sparkle like a star with this little number around your wrist.
  123. Glowing Garden Pearl Necklace Stitching beaded jewelry can be therapeutic, especially when making serene pieces like this Glowing Garden Pearl Necklace. This lovely beaded design looks almost like a glittering vine of pearls that was plucked from the garden wall!
  124. Golden Bugle Bead Bracelet Are you looking for easy bead weaving patterns? It doesn't get easier than this Golden Bugle Bead Bracelet! It's a pretty pattern that you can quickly put together and requires almost no bead weaving skill or knowledge!
  125. Golden Soutache Earrings With the Golden Soutache Earrings, you'll feel like a princess from another time. These magnificent DIY earrings radiate warmth and sophistication. They're the perfect accessory for any crafter who wants new ways to make earrings.
  126. Gorgeous Crystal and Pearl Necklace "Pretty lace necklaces are always a great addition to your wardrobe. They are simple to make and they sure can sparkle. The more crystals you use the more sparkle you will have. Go into a room and you will be noticed."
  127. Gorgeous Glass Beaded Cross Earrings Mesmerize those around you with these stunning DIY earrings. These Gorgeous Glass Beaded Cross Earrings are a beautiful and unique homemade earring set. Follow this jewelry making tutorial and learn how to make earrings you are sure to adore.
  128. Gorgeous Goddess Beaded Earrings These Gorgeous Goddess Earrings are utterly divine. Learn how to make beaded earrings that are elegant, graceful, and glamorous all in one with these free jewelry making instructions. Have you ever seen more heavenly earrings than these?
  129. Gorgeous Green Brick Bead Pendant Two-hole beads are the new big thing, but how can you use them? This Gorgeous Green Brick Bead Pendant is one idea. Learn how to make a pendant using CzechMates Brick Beads and bring a burst of green to your outfit.
  130. Gorgeous Jade Drop Earrings Want a pair of DIY earrings that will make you feel like royalty? Try out this faux jade dropping earring DI tutorial.
  131. Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet Class, elegance, and beauty--the Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet is all of that and more. One of the most stunning free bead weaving patterns you'll find, this bracelet looks fit for a princess. Save this beauty for your most special occasions.
  132. Grecian Princess Crystal Bracelet This Grecian Princess Crystal Bracelet has the elegance of gold with the sparkle of sapphire to create a beautiful and refined beaded bracelet. You'll love showing off this DIY jewelry masterpiece on your wrist! Create a gorgeous DIY bracelet that wi
  133. Hana-Ami Bracelets Looking for a beautiful bracelet pattern? Look no further than these stunning Hana-Ami Bracelets. This show-stopping bracelet in inspired by Japanese beadwork, where a triangle weave is used to create a motif called Hana-Ami.
  134. Heavenly Pearl Dangle Earrings Whether you're a bride to be, or simply looking for a pair of elegant DIY pearl earrings, these Heavenly Pearl Dangle Earrings will not disappoint.
  135. Herringbone Banner Necklace You'll be proud to sport this beaded banner! Learn how to do the herringbone bead stitch while creating this lovely Herringbone Banner Necklace in the process. It's an elegant design that has a bit of warrior-like edge to it.
  136. Herringbone Fringe Necklace Today, it's all about the fringe when it comes to jewelry and fashion. This Herringbone Fringe Necklace incorporates trendy fringe and beautiful beading.
  137. How to Bead a Necklace and Bracelet Loop Closure Finish your beautifully stitched DIY jewelry with a beaded loop closure. Learn How to Bead a Necklace and Bracelet Loop Closure with these free tutorial. This is a bead weaving tutorial you'll definitely want to bookmark for later!
  138. How to Bead the Double St. Petersburg Chain Learn How to Bead the Double St. Petersburg Chain with this free beading pattern. If you want to know how to make bracelets that will awe your friends and family, this is the tutorial for you!
  139. How to Cap and Finish Herringbone Ropes You've just finished your herringbone bead stitching, and the result is everything you've hoped for. So naturally you want to finish the piece well. You'll need this tutorial in How to Cap and Finish Herringbone Ropes to finish your work in style.
  140. How to Make a Russian Spiral Add to your bead stitching repertoire with the gorgeous Russian Spiral, a bead weaving technique that's sure to be a showstopper whenever it's used. Bead weaving patterns don't come much prettier than this one!
  141. Ice Blossom Bracelet The Ice Blossom Bracelet is the perfect accessory for the winter months. Crisp and cool, the interlocking crystals in this bead stitching pattern evoke the look of an ice sculpture.
  142. Ice Crystals Flower Motif The flower motif is a basic start for most flower bead patterns. Learn how to make an Ice Crystals Flower Motif that is perfect for the winter season, but beautiful enough to be a favorite all year round.
  143. Iris Pendant Inspired by Greek mythology, the Iris Pendant puts bead stitching to lovely use. The colors of the rainbow are mirrored in this DIY pendant, and it's a unique lesson in how to make a pendant that can be used for all sorts of DIY jewelry.
  144. Irish Crystals Bracelet This DIY bracelet is the perfect design, whether you want something extra special for St. Patrick's Day or just want to show some Irish pride. You'll make people green with envy with this Irish Crystals Bracelet.
  145. Ivy Beaded Bracelet Whether you are a master at creating different seed bead patterns or you are just starting to dabble in the process, this Ivy Beaded Bracelet is a perfect DIY jewelry project for you. The stunning bead pattern for this DIY bracelet is perfection!
  146. Ivy DIY Bracelet Variation If you've been on the hunt for gorgeous new beading patterns, then you can't miss out on this stunning Ivy DIY Bracelet Variation. This undeniably gorgeous handmade bracelet is exactly what your DIY jewelry collection is missing.
  147. Jeweled Cord Bracelet Tutorial This Jeweled Cord Bracelet Tutorial is truly inspired. By designer fashion, that is. This is one of the easiest DIY bracelets you will ever make, but it doesn't look like it.
  148. Jeweled Dangle Earrings Frame your face in crystals with these simple Jeweled Dangle Earrings. Making beaded earrings is easy with this detailed pattern tutorial. These are the perfect accessory to add a little subtle sparkle to your look.
  149. Jolie Beaded Bracelet The Jolie Beaded Bracelet uses unique bead shapes to create a lovely DIY bracelet. Make a set of these gorgeous beaded bracelets to give as DIY gifts for bridal parties, birthdays, holidays, and more.
  150. Jolie Beaded Earrings These super cute Jolie Beaded Earrings are the perfect accessory for a nice night out. These DIY drop earrings are the perfect balance of elegant and chic to transform you into a high-fashion celebrity.
  151. Knockoff Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet You can never go wrong with creating some gorgeous DIY jewelry that looks the same as your favorite designers! This Knockoff Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet, is a gorgeous rendition of the ever-so-famous Chan Luu bracelets.
  152. Lavish Purple Royalty Beaded Bracelet Add a touch of regal style to your homemade jewelry collection with this Lavish Purple Royalty Beaded Bracelet. This gorgeous DIY bracelet is fit for a queen. Tiny purple and golden hued beads are woven together to create a stunning jewelry design.
  153. Lilac Rosette Seed Bead Necklace This lovely Lilac Rosette Seed Bead Necklace is delicate and feminine, yet it definitely stands out. Follow these seed bead necklace instructions to create a chain of rosettes with pretty pearl centers. You'll feel like a princess in this piece!
  154. Linda's Lovely Jeweled Bracelet Beading designs and patterns that take your breath away can be hard to come by, but Linda's Lovely Jeweled Bracelet is one of those breathtaking beaded bracelet patterns. This opulent piece looks lavish and luxurious, fit for the wrists of royalty.
  155. Linda's Tweaked Jolie Beaded Bracelet Can you believe how stunning this Linda's Tweaked Jolie Beaded Bracelet pattern is? Not only is this a great and unique bracelet to add to your collection, but it is also a DIY bracelet that you can personalize.
  156. Little Ditties Do you ever have an outfit that just needs one final finishing touch? We have just what you need with these Little Ditties. These fabulous beaded bracelets are a great addition to any ensemble. Customize your bracelet for any occasion.
  157. Lovely Lace DIY Bracelet You can never have too many beaded bracelets in your DIY jewelry collection. This Lovely Lace DIY Bracelet is the perfect addition for you to work on adding to your beaded jewelry collection.
  158. Lovely Lace Lanterns Necklace Pattern Are you looking for a stand piece of DIY jewelry to add to your collection? Try this Lovely Lace Lanterns Necklace Pattern and make a homemade necklace that shines. This vintage-inspired necklace will make you feel like royalty.
  159. Lucky Hearts Necklace Good luck will be sure to follow wherever you go when you're wearing the Lucky Hearts Necklace. This colorful bead stitching arrangement will turn heads and put a smile on everyone's face.
  160. Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings These Luna Lovegood Radish Earrings aren't for any ordinary muggle... Make your own magic with these fun and fabulous radish earrings just like Luna wears in the Harry Potter series. Who knew there were free seed bead patterns for Harry Potter fans?
  161. Magical Aqua Teardrop Earrings Prepare for the prettiest DIY earrings you ever did see! These Magical Aqua Teardrop Earrings are an enchanting DIY jewelry design. Versatile and chic, these teardrop earrings are stylish for so many occasions.
  162. Making Bead Covered Beads Dress up plain, bulky beads with colorful seed bead embellishments when you follow the steps to Making Bead Covered Beads. Many seed bead patterns don't use big beads, but with this tutorial, you'll be able to dress up plain costume jewelry in no tim
  163. Mediterranean Colors Cluster Bracelet Imagine yourself on a relaxing and calming vacation. Now picture a homemade bracelet that reminds you of the beauty and serenity of that moment. You will envision a DIY jewelry design like this Mediterranean Colors Cluster Bracelet.
  164. Mermaid Magic DIY Bracelet This Mermaid Magic DIY Bracelet uses a netting stitch bead weaving technique to create a true blue beauty. Like sunlight on the water, this dazzling DIY cuff is a magical sight to behold. Make your own with these instructions from Fusion Beads.
  165. Mermaid Treasures Pearl Bracelet This Mermaid Treasures Pearl Bracelet will transform you into the mermaid goddess you were meant to be. The stunning white and blue seed bead pattern create an ocean wave effect that will make you feel like a mermaid princess every time you wear it.
  166. Mesmerizing Victoria Stitched Ring This Mesmerizing Victoria Stitched Ring is stunning and special. Learn how to make a ring using peyote stitch and other jewelry making techniques.
  167. Metallic Tammy Bracelet Pattern This Metallic Tammy Bracelet Pattern is the perfect DIY bracelet that will make you feel like royalty. The gorgeous pewter beads make the perfect metallic finish to this beaded bracelet giving it that extra regal feeling.
  168. Multicolored Beaded Bracelet Tutorial The Multicolored Beaded Bracelet Tutorial requires nimble fingers and a bit of patience, but this fun project is worth the effort. Crystal beads, which come in a wide array of colors, are just the thing to jazz up a black, gray, or white ensemble.
  169. Mysterious Black and Copper Pendant Dark and enigmatic, this Mysterious Black and Cooper Pendant is a stunning piece of DIY jewelry to add to your collection. Mystify your friends and family with this gorgeous homemade pendant by dangling it from copper or black chains.
  170. Nepal Chain Stitch Bracelet If you're looking for bead weaving instructions to expand your knowledge of the technique, try this Nepal Chain Stitch Bracelet. It's such a beautifully delicate floral stitch pattern that seems more sophisticated and complex than the daisy chain.
  171. Ocean Crystals Block Bracelet No sight is as breathtaking as gazing out upon an endless ocean, but this alluring Ocean Crystals Block Bracelet comes about as close as DIY jewelry can get to matching that beauty. Craft a dazzling homemade bracelet that will remind you of the sea.
  172. Ogalala Netting Stitch Add some fun frills to your beadwork with Ogalala Netting Stitch. This fluffy, free form beading technique is perfect for adding an organic element to your beading designs and patterns.
  173. Ombre Beaded Wrap Bracelet This Ombre Beaded Wrap Bracelet is the perfect combination of pretty and fun for you to wear on an everyday basis. If you love beaded bracelets and you love wrap bracelets than be prepared to get the best of both worlds!
  174. Overlapping Olive and Rose Bracelet Put some glitter and glam into your style with the help of the Overlapping Olive and Rose Bracelet. When you make this DIY bracelet, you'll learn how to work with bead stitching to create a delicate chain effect.
  175. Pastel Crystal Net Necklace Add some sparkle to your outfit and catch all the attention with this Pastel Crystal Net Necklace. This net weave stitch is easy to learn, so you will have a new DIY necklace in no time. Feel like a queen in this homemade seed bead necklace.
  176. Pea Pod Stitch Bracelet If you are on the lookout for a quick way to string beads simply, yet also add the extra security of small stitches, this Pea Pod Stitch Bracelet is for you. Making bracelets is easy and fun with this simple looped embellishment tutorial.
  177. Peachy Crystal Lattice Weave Bracelet Create a stunningly beautiful DIY bracelet when you craft this Peachy Crystal Lattice Weave Bracelet. Sparkling Czech crystals mounted on silver lattice work will make this one of your favorite DIY jewelry pieces in your collection.
  178. Pink Panther Beaded Ring This cute and clever Pink Panther Beaded Ring will be the envy of all of your friends. The simple right angle weave bead pattern for the band makes sure that the focus is the adorable panther sitting on your finger.
  179. Plaited Spiral Necklace If you enjoy free bead jewelry patterns that are at once elegant and earthy, then the Plaited Spiral Necklace is the piece for you. This double spiral rope design gives the effect of intertwined strands for a look that is clean yet intricate.
  180. Potawatomi Daisy Chain Looking for new daisy chain seed bead variations? Try this Potawatomi Daisy Chain seed bead pattern! It's slightly more complex than the traditional daisy chain stitch for a sturdier end product.
  181. Presa Linda Bracelet Pattern Ready to feel like a true princess? This Presa Linda Bracelet Pattern is the perfect way to get you feeling like you look like the princess you are. This stunning beaded bracelet is very delicate and elegant to wear!
  182. Pretty Beaded Heart Pendant Pattern Beading designs and patterns that use the heart motif are always lovely, and this Pretty Beaded Heart Pendant Pattern is the loveliest of all. Worked up in a gorgeous palette of garnet and bronze, this sweet bead pattern is sure to steal your heart.
  183. Pretty in Pink Flower Motif Crystal flower motifs are always gorgeous, but you are definitely going to want to check this Pretty in Pink Flower Motif. Though flowers are typically associated with spring, these pretty motifs are great for any season.
  184. Princess Beaded Bracelet Pattern The Princess Beaded Bracelet Pattern is a truly regal piece, elegant yet understated, like the woman who wears it. It has a bit of sparkle while remaining slim and slender, so it perfectly accents the wrist.
  185. Purple Haze Bead Bracelet Pattern Prepare to be dazzled by this Purple Haze Bead Bracelet Pattern. If you're on a hunt for the very best beading designs and patterns, look no further than this beautiful beaded bracelet.
  186. Pyramid Beadstud Band Bracelet Try your hand at working with Czech Beadstuds by making the Pyramid Beadstud Band Bracelet. These luxurious-looking bracelets incorporate a new type of two-hole bead for a look that is alternately intricate and simple.
  187. Quick and Easy Beaded Bead Do you love the look of beaded beads, but don't have the time to make them? Now you will with this Quick and Easy Beaded Bead pattern. Turn any plain bead into a beautiful beaded bead in no time!
  188. Quirky Snake DIY Beaded Earrings If you love unusual accessories that will make people take a second look, then you need to make these DIY Anthropologie inspired earrings. Not only are these Quirky Snake DIY Beaded Earrings way cheaper, but they look just as fabulous, too!
  189. Rainbow Flowers Crystal Bracelet Are you having trouble picking the right color bracelet? Why not choose them all, and make this stunning Rainbow Flowers Crystal Bracelet. This unique bracelet is extremely elegant and stylish, but its rainbow hues also make it a lot of fun.
  190. Rainbow Pearl Bracelet Pattern The Rainbow Pearl Bracelet Pattern is a wonderful introduction to bead weave. The end result looks like the work of a seasoned jeweler, but this DIY bracelet is perfect for the bead stitching novice.
  191. Ravishing Royal Crystal Bracelet Purple is a regal color, and it is fittingly the hue of this Ravishing Royal Crystal Bracelet. Weave together stunning purple and gold beads to create a DIY bracelet fit for a queen. Make your very own beautiful homemade bracelet.
  192. Red and Gold Crystal Weave Bracelet Roses are red, violets are blue, and you need a bracelet as beautiful and charming as you! If this rings true, then this Red and Gold Crystal Woven Bracelet is for you. Thread together tiny gold seed beads and gorgeous red crystal beads.
  193. Rikku Bracelet Tutorial Dip your toe into bead stitching patterns with the Rikku Bracelet Tutorial! This beautiful DIY bracelet is perfect for the newcomer to bead stitching, and the result is stunningly intricate.
  194. Romantic Herringbone Stitch DIY Earrings Looking for a pretty beading pattern? Try out these Romantic Herringbone Stitch DIY Earrings. Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to make a pair of earrings that are gorgeous and special. These DIY earrings are great for an evening look.
  195. Rosaline Gold Bracelet Get all dolled up with the Rosaline Gold Bracelet! This tutorial will walk you through how to make a beaded bracelet that is bold yet feminine. You'll feel like a princess with this pretty piece on your wrist.
  196. Round Lace Bracelet Pattern If you love beadwork with a light and lacy look, you'll adore the Round Lace Bracelet Pattern. This beautiful beading motif is delicate and dainty, perfect for making pretty, feminine pieces with sweet style.
  197. Royal Blue Seed Bead Bracelet You can't go wrong with this Royal Blue Seed Bead Bracelet pattern. Whether you love the color blue or are going to change this bracelet to match your favorite color, this seed bead pattern will take your breath away.
  198. Royal Pearl Bracelet Grab your crown jewels and scepter and get ready to make the Royal Pearl Bracelet. When you follow this bracelet pattern, you'll have a statement jewelry piece that's fit for a queen.
  199. Russian Chevron Chain Make jewelry with the Russian Chevron Chain and put some exotic allure into your DIY jewelry collection. This fantastic seed bead pattern will give your beading stash a new lease on life.
  200. Russian Spiral Bracelet This Russian Spiral Bracelet is This Russian Spiral Bracelet is a bead weaving technique that is stunning and charming while also being easy to master. While this may be a slightly more time consuming DIY bracelet pattern, it is completely worth it!
  201. Russian Spiral Earrings If you love a good bead stitch pattern, you'll relish making the Russian Spiral Earrings. This seed bead pattern is a lovely celebration of intricate stitching and intertwined color.
  202. Scarlet and Black Bracelet Learn how to make a bracelet by weaving crystals into magnificent order! The Scarlet and Black Bracelet will turn heads everywhere, and with the stunning arrangement of crystal and pearl, it's no wonder.
  203. Sea Goddess Bracelet Bring the mysterious allure of the ocean to you when you make the Sea Goddess Bracelet. With this jewelry tutorial, you'll learn how to make a bracelet that's simply divine.
  204. Seriously Twisted Bead Bracelet Don't get it twisted--free bead weaving patterns like this one aren't as tricky as they look! This Seriously Twisted Bead Bracelet is a mix of crystals and seed beads in swirling strands that will leave your head spinning!
  205. Shades of Pink Flower Motif Like most crystal flowers, this Shades of Pink Flower motif is stunning. This little beaded motif is perfect for Valentine's Day or spring. Weave together crystal and seed beads of varying pink and gold hues to create this stunning look.
  206. Shining Star Seed Bead Earrings Check out these gorgeous Shining Star Seed Bead Earrings. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how easy it is to achieve this gorgeous beaded earring pattern. Plus, you can switch up the colors of these earrings so they match your favorite holiday!
  207. Silk Cameo Beaded Bracelet In the mood for a new and unique, but undeniably gorgeous, seed bead pattern? This Silk Cameo Beaded Bracelet is a stunning one-of-a-kind bracelet pattern that is perfect for all year round. This DIY bracelet is great for all occasions.
  208. Silky Stacking Bracelets Not all stacking bracelets are created equal. These Silky Stacking Bracelets use unique beads and a lovely bead weaving pattern to create a gorgeously elegant design. You won't be able to make enough of these simple but gorgeous DIY bracelets.
  209. Silver Dipped Dangle Earrings If you are looking for a sleek new pair of DIY earrings, then this Silver Dipped Dangle Earrings tutorial is perfect for you. This free DIY jewelry project teaches you how to make earrings with black and silver seed beads.
  210. Simple Seed Bead Barnacles Add some texture to your beaded jewelry designs with these Simple Seed Bead Barnacles! Spice up a boring old cuff bracelet or a plain bib necklace with these beaded baubles. They'll add so much depth and detail to your beading patterns!
  211. Sizzling Stitched Stacker Bracelets Stackable bracelets are the hottest summer trend, and these Sizzling Stitched Stacker Bracelets are definitely bringing the heat. Made with bright neon beads, these bold bracelets will add the perfect punch of color to all your summer ensembles.
  212. Skinny Crystal Right Angle Weave Bracelet No one will believe you made this Skinny Crystal Right Angle Weave Bracelet yourself, and you might be surprised by how easy it can be!
  213. Sky Blue Beaded Bracelet Capture the colors of the sky a bright summer day with this DIY bracelet tutorial. The Sky Blue Beaded Bracelet is perfect for the summer season. Learn how to make a bracelet that weaves together tiny glass seed beads into a beautiful beaded pattern.
  214. Sky Blue Tiny Treasure Bracelet It is hard to capture the look of a stunning clear blue sky, but this DIY crystal bracelet comes about as close as you can get. Get the look by crafting this Sky Blue Tiny Treasures Bracelet. Make this beautiful DIY bracelet you are sure to treasure.
  215. Slender Seed Bead and Cube Bracelet Seed bead patterns that incorporate a variety of other beads are always gorgeous, and this Slender Seed Bead and Cube Bracelet is certainly no exception. This straightforward stitching pattern will help beginners get the hang of beadwork.
  216. Slinking Beaded Bracelet Pattern This Slinking Beaded Bracelet Pattern has a subtle curve to it that seems to almost slither around your wrist. These beaded bracelet instructions will show you the simple trick behind getting that pretty wave effect.
  217. Snowflower Bracelet Pattern Make a bracelet in the image of winter when you make the Snowflower Bracelet Pattern. This stunning DIY bracelet looks as though it's been spun from winter ice and snow.
  218. Sparkling Rivoli Pendant If you have some stunning rivolis lying around that you're not sure what to do with, try using them in this Sparkling Rivoli Pendant pattern. You've never seen seed bead patterns glitter like this piece! Follow these beaded rivoli instructions.
  219. Sparkling Saturday Night Bracelet This beautiful, detailed bracelet is certain to draw everyone's eyes to your latest project! The Sparkling Saturday Night Bracelet uses seed, bicone, and round or fire-polished beads to create a gorgeous, delicate design.
  220. Spiral Pearl Bracelet Pattern If you're in need of new ways to make bracelets, look no further than the Spiral Pearl Bracelet Pattern. This glorious DIY bracelet takes bead stitching to new levels of texture and glamor by using beads of different sizes and complementary colors.
  221. Spring on Tila Bracelet With the Spring on Tila Bracelet, you'll be ready to face any season in style. The smooth tila beads contrast well with the smaller, more colorful seed beads to make this DIY bracelet the embodiment of handcrafted beauty.
  222. St. Petersburg Chain Basics One of the loveliest chain stitches for beadweaving is the angled St. Petersburg stitch. This technique uses a repetition of three steps to create a procession of slanted seed bead columns that you can embellish and combine for different looks.
  223. Stained Glass Bracelet People have admired the beauty of stained glass for thousands of years, and they are sure to marvel at your DIY jewelry if you try this Stained Glass Bracelet. This tutorial shows you how to make a bracelet that will beautifully reflect light.
  224. Starburst Beaded Earrings No need to wish upon a star; your bead weaving dreams have come true with this pattern for Starburst Beaded Earrings. Seed bead patterns don't get more beautiful than these enchanting earrings. Small yet intricate, this design draws you in.
  225. Starlight Pendant Shine bright this year with these simply stunning Starlight Pendants. This project is a fabulous way to use leftover beads to create a brand new unique DIY jewelry project. The options are endless with this beautiful beaded star pattern.
  226. Stitched Arrows Pendant Necklace Hunger Games fans, this DIY pendant is for you. If you are a fan of this literary franchise, you will definitely want to craft this Stitched Arrows Pendant Necklace. Add a mockingjay pin and you have the perfect gift for a fan of this series.
  227. Stitched Crystal Chain Bracelet Though it has a chain-link-like design, the Stitched Crystal Chain Bracelet is woven entirely of crystal and seed beads. This is one of those bead weave patterns that is at once simple and intricate, great for both beginner and veteran beaders!
  228. Stunning Beaded Flower Drop Earrings It doesn't get much better than these Stunning Beaded Flower Drop Earrings. Not only are these handmade earrings easy to recreate; but, they are also a stunning pair of drop earrings that everyone will ask you where you got them from!
  229. Stunning Beaded Zigzag Bracelet Stitch up a beautiful intricate design with this tutorial for a Stunning Beaded Zigzag Bracelet. This free jewelry pattern creates an intricate woven design. This pretty crystal and seed bead design is sure to standout amongst the rest.
  230. Stunning Crystal Magic Goddess Bracelet Dazzle those around you with this Stunning Crystal Magic Goddess Bracelet. Fit for a queen, this gorgeous flower crystal bracelet tutorial is the perfect pattern for creating a fabulous seasonal look. Feel powerfully elegant with this regal jewelry.
  231. Stunning Seed Bead Drop Earrings This DIY jewelry project will leave you with some seriously gorgeous bohemian earrings. These Stunning Seed Bead Drop Earrings combine the fantastic boho chic style with the lovely stitched seed bead pattern.
  232. Stunning Tassel Choker Necklace Nothing compares to a beautiful DIY to really top off an outfit. This Stunning Tassel Choker Necklace is the perfect addition to make any outfit you have look that much better. Transform into a trending goddess when you put on this tassel necklace.
  233. Stunning Tatted DIY Bracelets Create these Stunning Tatted DIY Bracelets with this needle tatting tutorial. From versatile black thread to formal white pearls, these square border bracelet patterns are perfect for creating gorgeous DIY jewelry.
  234. Stylishly Stitched Floral Pendant Instead of painting or beading a beautiful pattern, cross stitch one for a fabulous and creative pendant DIY necklace, like this Stylishly Stitched Floral Pendant. Unique and elegant, it comes with a free cross stitch pattern.
  235. Sunburst Seed Bead Flower Pendant This Sunburst Seed Bead Flower Pendant makes creating a flower-styled, seed bead necklace seem like a breeze. The gorgeous beading pattern in this DIY necklace pendant is undeniably gorgeous and easy to pair with all different outfits.
  236. SuperDuo Flower Chain Beaded Bracelet How gorgeous is this wonderful SuperDuo Flower Chain Beaded Bracelet. This is a super intricate DIY bracelet that will definitely be turning heads. The soft and elegant beading design makes this bracelet super wearable and perfect for dressing up. Pl
  237. SuperDuo Flower Chain Beaded Earrings If you loved the SuperDuo beaded bracelet, then you can't live without these SuperDuo Flower Chain Beaded Earrings. The perfect coupling to pair together for any night out. Plus, these DIY earrings are perfect for wearing with your hair up or down!
  238. Sweet Addictive Woven Crystal Bracelet Weave a dazzling design with this Sweet Addictive Woven Crystal Bracelet. Blend Swarovski crystals in the palest hues with seed pearls and silver lined seed beads to get a lovely spring bling look.
  239. Sweet Summer Flower Necklace Cute and stylish, the Sweet Summer Flower Necklace is lovely woven necklace project. This design is inspired by lobelia, which are plants that typical grown and flourish in warmer climates. Make a DIY necklace that is perfect for warm weather.
  240. Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet Prepare for spring with sparkle when you try out this Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet. Learn how to make a bracelet with woven crystals and seed beads with this wonderful tutorial. Its pastel colors make it perfect for spring.
  241. Tallulah Tila Bead Bracelet This Tallulah Tila Bead Bracelet is truly a stunning DIY bracelet for you to make in the comfort of your own home. You can change up the colors of this beaded bracelet to make it perfect for you.
  242. Tantalizingly Easy Tri-Stitch DIY Bracelet Make this Tantalizingly Easy Tri-Stitch DIY Bracelet with this full tutorial. Some bead weaving bracelet patterns are difficult, but this one is easy to do while still looking detailed and intricate. Try it out!
  243. Tila and Ebony Pendant The Tila and Ebony Pendant will set you apart from the crowd and leave you feeling like a movie star. This DIY pendant is designed to help dance the night away in style.
  244. Tila Bead Double Chevron Chain Tila beads are a great way to spice up your seed bead jewelry patterns. This Tila Bead Double Chevron Chain is a beautiful netting design that incorporates Tilas and seed beads in perfect harmony.
  245. Tila Garden Bracelet Pattern Sew a bed of Tila beads between two strands of SilverSilk with this Tila Garden Bracelet Pattern. If you're looking for beading designs and patterns that use Tila beads in a different way, this beaded bracelet pattern will give you inspiration.
  246. Tila Lace Necklace Make a pretty and elegant jewelry piece with this Tila Lace Necklace. This tila bead pattern is sure to give you a glamorous and stylish look. Fit for a queen, this regal piece is sure to be a favorite within your jewelry collection.
  247. Tila Temptation Bracelet If you're looking for stunning yet simple Tila bead patterns, you won't find better than this Tila Temptation Bracelet. The sleek and shiny Tila beads in this DIY bracelet are set off to perfection by a delicate frame of seed beads and glass pearls.
  248. Triangle Weave Bracelet This Triangle Weave Bracelet is so elegant and classy with the crystal bead accents. The triangle pattern is the perfect shape for these crystal and seed bead designs, giving more definition to the cut of the crystals.
  249. Trinket Earrings Sometimes the simplest, most understated beadwork patterns are the most beautiful. These Trinket Earrings are pretty, delicate, and not too flashy. These lovely earrings look as though they were uncovered from a box of old treasures in the attic.
  250. Turquoise Tila Bead DIY Bracelets If you're looking for great Tila Bead patterns, these Turquoise Tila Bead DIY Bracelets are the DIY jewelry tutorial you have to see! Use this free beading pattern to learn how to stitch a beautiful turquoise and silver bracelet.
  251. Twelfth Legion Bracelet With the Twelfth Legion Bracelet, you'll learn how to make a bracelet with crossweave and bead stitching that's heirloom worthy.
  252. Twin Beauty Bracelet The Twin Beauty Bracelet is a wonderful project for anyone who wants to learn how to make woven bracelets with beads. This DIY bracelet pattern uses twin hole beads for a complex interlocking effect that is much easier to achieve than it looks.
  253. Twin Peaks Beaded Bracelet and Earrings If you love picots in your beading patterns, then you'll love this Twin Peaks Beaded Bracelet and Earrings tutorial! Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how to make a bracelet and how to make earrings with this gorgeous peaked pattern.
  254. Twin Wave Bracelet Learn how to make a bracelet that uses spiraling strands of beads when you make the Twin Wave Bracelet. With this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a beautiful beaded spiral that can be combined or left alone to make fantastic DIY jewelry.
  255. Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle Star Charm Use the Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle Star Charm pattern to add some light to any DIY jewelry project. You can use the adorable design as a wonderful stashbuster, and there's all kinds of ways to put the charm to use.
  256. Twisted Crystal Bracelet Put some sparkle and sass into your look with the help of the Twisted Crystal Bracelet. This fantastic spiral seed bead pattern uses intertwined crystals to stunning effect. Wearing this DIY bracelet will give a hint of the wild side to an otherwise
  257. Twisted Flat Spiral Beaded Bracelet You can never have too many beaded jewelry projects! This Twisted Flat Spiral Beaded Bracelet is an excellent way to put a twist on a classic seed bead pattern. Plus, the step-by-step instructions for this DIY project are super easy to follow!
  258. Twisted Tubular Herringbone Tutorial Follow this Twisted Tubular Herringbone Tutorial to create beautiful beaded spirals in your jewelry designs! This swirling stitch technique is so stunning when complete. Once you get the hang of it, try incorporating different colors in your designs!
  259. Two-Hole Bead Double Wrap Bracelet If you have ever admired Chan Luu style wrap bracelets, you will definitely want to see this Two-Hole Bead Double Wrap Bracelet. This easy bracelet pattern is a great way to experiment with using two-hole seed beads.
  260. Underwater Treasures Bracelet Become a pirate queen with the help of the Underwater Treasures Bracelet! The lovely combination of square crystals and gold seed beads makes this DIY bracelet magnificent.
  261. Valencia Necklace The Valencia Necklace will take your beadwork to a new level by helping you explore different shapes, color schemes, and bead combinations. You might never have considered making a V-shaped necklace before, but you certainly will after you see this!
  262. Vertical Seed Bead Netting Stitch Flat netting is a simple technique that provides infinite possibilities depending on the combination of beads used. This tutorial for the Vertical Seed Bead Netting Stitch includes two free seed bead patterns for gorgeous stitched collars!
  263. Victorian Flaire Earrings These pretty Victorian Flaire Earrings look like they were plucked from the display in a Parisian boutique. Follow this pattern to learn how to make earrings that will inspire accessory envy in the most avid fashionistas.
  264. Vintage Lacy Black DIY Choker DIY chokers are an extreme trend right now that are coming back hotter than ever. This Vintage Lacy Black DIY Choker is a fantastic piece of knockoff jewelry to keep you looking fantastic all year round.
  265. Vintage Marble Pendant "This simple necklace project uses a variation of daisy chain to capture a marble-inspired bead mixture in golden seed bead loops. The vintage appeal of the bead-work provides the perfect backdrop to showcase found object pendants and youthful focal
  266. Vintage Ruffled Cuffs If you're a lover of all things old and have no bracelets to show for it, have no fear. The Vintage Ruffled Cuffs are not only the perfect Edwardian accessory, but also look cute with a tank top or sundress.
  267. Violet Rose Crossweave Bracelet The possibilities for DIY jewelry making are endless once you master the Violet Rose Crossweave Bracelet pattern.
  268. Vivacious Victorian Earrings Feel like a queen in these stunning DIY earrings. Make these Vivacious Victorian Earrings by following this helpful earring pattern tutorial. This vintage-look will always be in style, so you cannot go wrong with these dashing jewelry pieces.
  269. White Luster Tila Bracelet Spice up your seed bead jewelry patterns with this White Luster Tila Bracelet. The beautiful white Tila beads are a stunning part of this homemade beaded bracelet, and make the perfect complementary piece to the shiny silver lined seed beads.
  270. White Pearl and Black Crystal Watchband Add some charm and beauty to your watch by designing a watchband like the White Pearl and Black Crystal Watchband. Just like all the DIY bracelets you have made, this watchband will jazz up your wrists and your appearance.
  271. Winter Wonderland Snowflake Earrings The weather outside may be frightful, but these Winter Wonderland Snowflake Earrings will always be delightful. If you are looking for a fun winter pattern, these gorgeous DIY earrings are for you.
  272. Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet If you love the look of chocolate diamonds but can't quite afford them, then this Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet is just what you need. This DIY jewelry project has all the sparkle and rich color of the real thing.
  273. Woven Seed Bead Rings These Woven Seed Bead Rings are adorable little seed bead projects that you can easily make several of in an evening. Use stretch cord instead of wire and make simple and cheap gifts for all your friends!
  274. Woven Tiles Tila Bracelet If you know how to make a beaded bracelet and want to take the next step in DIY jewelry making, the Woven Tiles Tila Bracelet is the pattern for you. This DIY bracelet tutorial is a great lesson in how to make a woven bracelet.

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