75+ Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns


75+ Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns

If you love bead weaving projects, then check out these bead patterns!


Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns

Bead lovers beware. You're about to get lost in a mesmerizing collection of some of the best bead weaving patterns on the Web! This collection of 75+ Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns has gathered up some of our most popular free bead weaving patterns as chosen by our savvy, stitching readers so you can browse through the best of the best without having to weed through the rest.

These beautiful beading patterns demonstrate how simple stitching patterns can be used to create a woven tapestry of beads that is utterly entrancing to the eye. That means that all you die-hard wirework fans and chainmaille devotees be warned because these gorgeous designs might just bring you over to the beading side.

This collection of bead designs has everything you could ask for. Find free beading patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other awesome beading techniques you'll definitely want to master. Follow along with the beading instructions provided, and you'll be a star stitcher before you know it. Once you've tried all the beading patterns in this roundup, you will not only have an impressive jewelry collection, but you can definitely consider yourself a beading pro too!

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Beading Patterns for Beginners

Spirited Peyote Stitch Ring

New to weaving bead patterns? It can definitely seem intimidating for a beginner, but lucky for you, we've gathered some helpful tutorials to get you started. Each of these beading tutorials will give you step-by-step instructions or tips on how to weave different stitches. From peyote stitch to ladder stitch, there's a beginner tutorial for you!

Bead Weaving Techniques

How to Make a Russian Spiral

If you're looking for ways to make your bead designs more dynamic, these beautiful bead weaving techniques will definitely put you on the right track. From spiral stitching to openwork weaving, these beading patterns will give your designs that extra detail that takes them from standard to stunning. Try incorporating one of these techniques in your next piece, and you'll be amazed with the results!

Beginner Beaded Bracelets

Entwined Pearl and Petal Bracelet

Bracelet patterns are always topping the tutorial charts, and with bead designs this beautiful, it's no surprise! Your wrists will look positively regal when decked out in these elegant bracelet patterns. From understated to sparkling jewelry, this roundup of the best beaded bracelet patterns has something for every style and occasion.

Intermediate Beaded Bracelet Patterns

Crystal Radiance Bracelet

Once you are experienced in the basics of bead weaving, it's time to try your hand at intermediate beadwork ideas! Intermediate beaded bracelet patterns are perfect for the advanced beginner ready to work with a more complex pattern.

From right angle weave to peyote stitch and everything in between, these beautiful bead weaving patterns are perfect for the beader searching for a distinctive jewelry piece.

Advanced Beaded Bracelet Patterns

Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet

Ready to tackle more intricate bracelet patterns? Now that you've mastered the beginner beaded bracelet patterns, you can try some of these more advanced project ideas.

These tutorials will show you how to make beautiful designs and shapes with beads that will look like you bought these bracelets from the store! 

Necklace Bead Weaving Patterns

Glowing Garden Pearl Necklace

There's nothing like a glamorous woven necklace to set off your collar and your ensemble to perfection. These beaded DIY necklaces are some of our most gorgeous beading patterns of all. In fact, they're so elegant and enchanting, you may want to save these pieces for special occasions only!

Beaded Earring Patterns

Gorgeous Goddess Beaded Earrings

Just a few earring patterns made it into this collection of the best bead weaving tutorials, but these are winning designs, they deserve to stand alone! These easy beaded earrings are so stunning; they're are an absolute must-make project. Get ready to be dazzled, because these gorgeous DIY bead earrings are fit for a goddess. Plus, every jewelry maker should have a few great pair of homemade beaded earrings in their collection.

Bonus Beading Patterns!

How to Bead a Double St. Petersburg Chain

Just starting out trying beading projects and patterns? That's okay, check out some of these super helpful beading tutorials! This is a great couple of patterns that are going to be super perfect for learning some of the more basic beading techniques.


Beading has touched numerous cultures as it has continued to develop. Bead weaving is believed to have started almost 70,000 years ago. While today beading and beaded jewelry is mainly used as a source for beauty, when it first originated it actually was used for value. Only the rich could truly afford the gorgeous beads, and many people would even trade their beads in the place of money. However, the first true piece of beaded jewelry came from when people had beads that they could not continuously carry around. Without a purse or container to hold them in, they simply sewed them onto leather straps and wore them around their neck. Soon wearing beads for beauty caught on after that, often becoming a symbol of one’s wealth and class; and, it was even believed that wearing these beads would bring you good fortune and wisdom because they were so beautiful. 

What is Your Favorite Kind of Bead to Use in Your DIY Jewelry Designs?

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I think the most over looked and under rated beads are the Czech glass ones. They come in so many different shapes and sizes. The fire polished ones are one of my favorite ones. The best thing about them, other than their beauty is their cost. Try replacing Swarvoski beads with Czech glass!

I totally agree with you! I love working with Czech glass beads, especially the fire-polished ones. They are so pretty, and are much easier on my wallet than Swarovski!

I just want to know how you always know when I have purchased more beads? I just went out and loaded up on seed beads and now I see this! The next question is how do I decide on which to make. You have me in a quandary. Every section has one I want to do. Guess I won't be bored over the summer. And my grand daughter can help sort and count.

With 50 or 20 patterns, not sure which since the link says 20 but the page shows 50, there should be a style of beading to please everyone in this collection. I always have an abundance of seed beads on hand. They come in a variety of sizes and a lot of different colors too.

Tried this craft? What did you think?

Swarofski crystals are my all-time fave.

My favorite bead depends on the latest eye candy project I have last been captivated by usually involving crystals or natural semiprecious gemstones.

seed beads and paper beads

Crystals are my absolute favourite. You can find anything you need or want in this site. Go from fabulous to funky. It is all here.

Seed beads and pearls are my faves.

Crystals and pearls. Sometimes together sometimes not. I can't get enough of the sparkle.

Right now I'm using super duos and tila beads, but my favorite beads change with my moods so I guess the best answer is the beads I'm currently working with.

Wow, I am new to Bead Weaving and I just love the look of these and so hope I can do it. I am so grateful for the helpful beading tutorials you have here. I have saved everyone and will learn, one way or the other.. I would love to have the beads that all of these patterns call for.. Thank you so much for sharing all of these Bead Weaving Patterns.

i love all kinds of beads but i use crystals the most at the moment i am busy making crystal kumihimo sets for Christmas so with aprox 1000 beads per set i'm am using a lot of crystals

Seed beads are my favorite by far. But after looking at all of different beads that have been presented here, I want to try the Two Hole Beads! I am so excited to integrate them with my beloved seed beads!!

My favorite is 6/0, 10/0, 11/0.

I love all kinds of beads, but I use a lot of seed beads, E-beads, and round beads in most of my OOAK jewelry pieces.

Gorgeous Goddess earrings are my favourite!

I use several sizes of beads but 6mms crackle are my favorite.

I take a jewelry making class to which so far have only worked with wire and chainmaille with 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm beads as well as pearls. I personally love it all and enjoy my classes immensely every week. I do hope we will eventually get into bead weaving it looks like so much fun.

I am a huge fan of beadweaving! This is an awesome compilation of sites that show amazing and easy tutorials. Perfect for anyone looking to start this art form.

I love using 11/0 and 15/0 delicas. With the occasional accents beads depending on the project

Unbelievably beautiful

I love the look of seed beads in a stitched pattern. I am looking forward to working with them more.

I think it's just so amazing all of the different looks you can get with seed beads.

I love pearls. You can't go wrong with a classic look!

I love anything that sparkles! I think jewelry is the best way to add just the right amount of glitz and glam to your outfit.

Pearls have a classic look that will never go out of style. In my opinion, if you're going to put in the effort to make your own jewelry, it's important to make something that will stand the test of time.

I love pearls! They make everything look vintage and gorgeous.

My favorite are seed beads, their small size allow different techniques and patterns,

I love the look of seed beads and smaller beads, but have the worst time actually working with them since they are SO SMALL.

I personally like anything that looks vintage!

Even though I lose half of them while working, I really enjoy making jewelry with seed beads. You can make so many patterns with those simple, tiny beads.

I'm pretty partial to pearls. I think it's just a really classic look!

Just started Seed beading, this is a great resource and help patterns for the beginner to the experts x

Tried this craft? What did you think?


I found this article while searching regarding beaded jewelry and pattern. This article is amazing. Thank you so much for posting and for the tutorial. I love beaded bracelets and necklace. The patterns are very beautiful. For more attractive pictures of beaded handicraft and jewelry you can check this link - https//gosouvenirsafrica.com/

I have to say I have been a 'registered member' since May of 2012, and even through 5 computer losses, various loss of files and much much more I still can come back here time and again to re-download the free eBooks, patterns and projects. THAT I appreciate so much, and the fact of how MANY people it takes to make us 'beaders' and other jewelry makers happy - AND busy! I enjoy just browsing through here (for days on end LOL!) sometimes when I am in the mood to hunt more to do. This place has it all pretty much and I have recommended this site to many, MANY of my crafting friends. Thank you for all that and more. I am extremely pleased to be a member of t his community! 3 )

Hi, beadythings 111514 9! We're so happy you enjoy our site, and we appreciate the time it took you to leave your kind note. If there are any types of tutorials you'd like to see more of on AllFreeJewelryMaking.com, don't hestitate to reach out! Editors, AllFreeJewelryMaking

The Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet is my favorite on this page! It's such a stunning DIY bracelet and she was such an incredible actress (totally the definition of movie STAR!)

I love the Glowing Garden Necklace! I want to make it when I get enough practice with any bead stitching. Got a book from my library and started learning some of the basics. Kind of frightening to think of going off with less direction. I believe I saved that pattern for the right time. Thank you for the bounteous goodies on a regular basis. I keep looking and wishing I had a bigger bead stash!

Its an amazing site

I found this site a couple of weeks ago and I must say that just about every kind and style of pattern imaginable is here. I love the one stop shop quality of it. Thank you for putting so much into this so that we beading addicts have something to do and a place to find everything in one spot. Awesome for all of us!

I'm glad I run across this site, it's great and very informative. I also personally want to thank all the teaching beaders that list their patterns and or videos for those of us that are still learning or looking for something different to make or learn, it's most appreciative. I see so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that I want to make all of them, but, gotta take em' one a a time, lol, still learning. Again, thanks for all you do.... Barb at Minko Designs :)

And here I thought I was the only person who thanked people like these for all their hard work for us! D

hi there...thank you so much for the lovely tutorial compilation. ust wondering though...can I purchase superduo or twin beads beads here in Malaysia. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for providing free tutorials for beaders! It's so wonderful when someone makes material like this available without cost. I started my own blog on beading (mine is mostly wire work, since I don't weave), and I hope to give people free information there. I've written an article which lists everything essential that you need to start beading, and the prices, and a second article on essential pliers and how to use them. Please feel free to link to them, they're at http://artsygenius.wordpress.com/category/jewelry-design-2/tutorials/ Meanwhile, I'll post links to your tutorials on my FB and Pinterest. Cheers!

Hi, artsygenius! Thank you so much for the kind words! We love hearing from our readers and appreciate the continued support :) I'll be sure to check out your tutorials! You can also feel free to submit tutorials and patterns here: http://www.allfreejewelrymaking.com/index.php/hct/contact_us_page Thanks again! --Editors of AllFreeJewelryMaking

Hey, beaders! What kind of bead weaving patterns are your favorite? Peyote stitch or right angle weave? Bracelet patterns or necklace patterns? Simple or intricate patterns? Leave a comment and let us know, so we can try to look for more of what you love! :) Editors of AllFreeJewelryMaking

I NEVER reply on my own to any site, but make an exception for you, due to the fact that you have the BEST site on the web!!! I would love to see a lot more open, airy type of beading. The kind where the skin of the wearer shows through. I like to use a 28 guage wire when beading, and would love to see more netted weave with wire perhaps. I really am grateful to all of you, because I can see the love, and time you spend, making your site, a place I always want to visit. Thank you for doing that for us. Great job! herry E.

Hi again! malsmommi, I can make some beautiful jewelry, bt apparently can't seem to spell my own name correctly! My reply should have been Sherry E. (not Herry) Thanks all:)

Hi, malsmommi 6452843! Thank you so much for your sweet message. We really appreciate hearing feedback from our readers! Makes our jobs more fun :) We'll keep our eyes peeled for more open, airy beadwork. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your interest in AllFreeJewelryMaking! :) --Editors of AllFreeJewelryMaking

when i try to download i almost always recieve a message that say that there is errors cound not download y is this

Hi, m77grm 6493609. There should be no "download" required to access these bead weaving patterns. Simply click the link of the tutorial you want to view; then once you're on the project page, click the link that says, "Click here for jewelry project." This should open a new window directing you to the pattern in full. Hope this helps! :) --Editors of AllFreeJewelryMaking


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