328+ DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials: How to Brick Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, and More


328+ DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials: How to Brick Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, and More


Prepare to stitch up a storm with this ultimate collection of stitched jewelry projects. This collection, 328+ DIY Jewelry Making Tutorials: How to Brick Stitch, Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave, and More, features all levels of stitching, from beginner beading tutorials to advanced bead weaving designs. Stitching patterns can look very intricate, but do not be intimidated. This collection will teach you how to use simple stitching techniques to create gorgeous, mesmerizing, DIY jewelry designs. From circular brick stitch rings to peyote stitch cuff bracelets, you are sure to find the right project for you amongst this array of stitching designs.

Find free beading patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more in this comprehensive collection of stitching designs. Whether you want to learn how to peyote stitch, master brick stitch designs, try out right angle weave patterns, you will find the tutorial you need amongst these homemade jewelry patterns. Beware: once you start crafting these stunning stitched jewelry making designs, you are not going to want to stop!

Beginner Beading Tutorials: How to Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Square Stitch and More

Beginner Beading Tutorials: How to Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch, Square Stitch and More

This collection of beading tutorials includes all of the most important and fundamental weaving techniques in the art of beadwork. It's the perfect entry point to begin your beading journey. From peyote stitch to square stitch, these DIY jewelry tutorials compromise the ultimate collection of beginning stitching tutorials.

24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns

24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns

From Native Americans to Ancient Egyptians, various cultures from all over the world have utilized peyote stitch patterns in their art and adornment. Celebrate this time-honored tradition and learn how to peyote stitch with this collection of 24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns!

How to Brick Stitch: 15 DIY Jewelry Tutorials

How to Brick Stitch: 15 DIY Jewelry Tutorials

After creating pleasant peyote stitch designs, you can try creating beautiful brick stitch patterns. In How to Brick Stitch: 15 DIY Jewelry Tutorials, you will find basic brick stitch tutorials and fun brick stitch DIY projects to make. Get started today and stitch up a storm with these beautiful brick stitch patterns. Make homemade bracelets, DIY earrings, and more!

How to Right Angle Weave: 18 Right Angle Weave Beading Patterns

How to Right Angle Weave: 18 Right Angle Weave Beading Patterns

Next, try out right angle weave beading designs. Right angle weave is one of the most popular and versatile jewelry making techniques. This technique creates a very sturdy yet flexible beaded tapestry of sorts that can be folded or stitched, almost like fabric. Learn how to right angle weave with this collection of 18 Right Angle Weave Beading Patterns!

6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns

6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns

If you're looking for free beaded bracelet patterns, you will adore these DIY jewelry tutorials! This collection includes six fabulous bracelet patterns that are simple yet gorgeous projects any bead weaver would love to make. Use your skills acquired from the above collection to craft these six stunning bracelet patterns!

Beader's Digest: The 42 Prettiest Beading Designs and Patterns You've Ever Seen

Beader's Digest: The 42 Prettiest Beading Designs and Patterns You've Ever Seen

This collection combines a variety of bead weaving and stitching techniques. What these projects have in common is that they are all simply stunning! From the understated to the ornate, this amazing roundup of beading designs and patterns has a little bit of everything. Try out these gorgeous beading designs and patterns today.

Beaded Jewelry Patterns by Color: 150+ Stunning Beaded Jewelry Patterns

Beaded Jewelry Patterns by Color: 150+ Stunning Beaded Jewelry Patterns

Beaded jewelry is always fun to make or challenge yourself with by trying new patterns. No matter what reason you choose to make DIY beaded jewelry this collection of Beaded Jewelry Patterns by Color: 150+ Stunning Beaded Jewelry Projects is going to undoubtedly blow you away.

57 Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns

57 Best Free Bead Weaving Patterns

Bead lovers beware: You're about to get lost in a mesmerizing collection of some of the best bead weaving patterns on the Web! Once you've tried all the beading patterns in this roundup, not only will you have an impressive jewelry collection, but you can definitely consider yourself a beading pro!

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Oh my, I really should have cleaned before looking thru these ideas. There goes the housework. Oh well, dust will always be here, my time to create may not. I, like others have made jewelry for years ,but haven't gotten into the weaving. I keep seeing beautiful finished items and decided it was time to learn. I don't even know what size beads or needles are best so these are a godsend. Thank you.

I love to bead and I love, love your tutorials by established designers. I have really learned a lot by following their directions in learning new techniques. Thanks so much for being a big part of my life.

Thank you for providing these wonderful tutorials made by talented, creative designers!

I love the patterns, but the sizes they give for jumprings confuse me as none of the packages I find in the store reflect those sizes.

I like the beginner's tutorials. It's been YEARS since I was heavy into jewelry making, and they are a nice reminder. And I've learned new stitches too!

I'm better at stringing than weaving, so would like to learn - books and these tutorials are a great place to start.

I love all the tutorials, I just need to practice a bit more. i have made some beautiful pieces, but not really comfortable with some of the stitching patterns yet.

Trying my hardest to teach me brick stitch. But......

I've learned so much from the tutorials!

I love the peyote stitch one Judy Frizell

As a beginner, the tutorials are so good for me. I like the brick stitch and peyote, prefer the stitched projects .

RAW please!

Thank you for great tutorials. I am a mother of twin girls and don't have much time for jewelry making now, but I enjoy your content just the same )

MORE KumiHimo Please

I found a new place to want to visit where the beginnings of the stellar supernova necklace came from. It is absolutely stunning. I can see why it's a readers favorite. The variety is mind boggling. Awesome site you have.

My favorite tutorials are the RAW. It's the one I don't do too often, so your tutorials are a big help!

Thank-you for such a lovely site. It gives me inspiration and as I'm just learning the tutorials are so easy to follow. I have already made a bracelet or 2 so far. I hope to make many more.

I find this fascinating. I've been sitting here for hours watching tutorials, reading instructions, looking at projects. It has to take great talent lots of help from friends to create such a wonderful site. I really, really have to go get some work done in the house yard. The animals have been waiting for their meals. This is more than a distraction it's an obsession. I'm going to have to time myself to not get carried away. Thanks for such a wonderful place to get lost in.

I love knowing that I can come to this site when I want to learn a new jewelry technique or need some inspiration. Thank You! )

I'm really enjoying the right angle weave patterns! Just gorgeous! But all of them are fun and interesting )

I enjoy learning new bead-weaving techniques

Love to learn the Brick, and Peyote Peyote stitch, also the Right Angle Weave . I figure the more you learn the better. Thanks

The Brick Stitch tutorials at the moment. I am a total novice, and was searching for stitching tutorials when I found your site, and was finding it hard, searching through everything to find them, so to have them all to hand is fantastic, Thank You

Whichever collection I have in my hands is my favorite. I'm not very good or experienced at making this lovely stuff, but I love it.

I am thrilled to have found this site. It has made me become a beading addict! I love all of the ideas and the sharing between fellow beaders from all over. Thank you for all the sharing )

Always such great ideas!! Love getting inspiration from them!!

Love learning new techniques I've learnt quite a lot from your site aiready but more won't hurt.


I'm pretty new to all kinds of jewelry making, and I've learned a great variety of techniques via your site, but I have to say that of all the bead stitches, I love RAW the most! Keep up the great work, love your web site -)

I love making jewelry. It is very relaxing. I would love to win one of the creations from your closet.

Always find something new and exciting on your web site.

LOVE your site. I have made many of the pieces you have shown.

i absolutely adore this site i always come away with inspiration keep up the good work if i could give 10 stars i would

2 years ago I was a beginner beader, and novice jewelry maker the projects on this site have made me an Artisan.

I like the bead weaving best

My favorite tutorial is The 34 Prettiest Beading Designs and Patterns and I actually even made one of the bracelets and I love it! Thank you for these great tutorials!

Thank you so much! I am inspired!

It was great to see so many new projects.


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