How to Make Anklets: 24 Ways


How to Make Anklets: 24 Ways

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How to Make Anklets 24 Ways

It's time to give our ankles the same love we give our wrists and deck them out. We gathered together all of our favorite anklets, and bracelet designs that look just as good on our legs, in How To Make Anklets: 24 Ways. These designs are light, summery, and sure to get you in the mood to go outside and soak up some rays. After all, these anklets are so cute, you will want to show them off. Whether beaded or braided, these cute anklets are sure to complete your outfit in a way a bracelet just can't. Rock them in the warmer months with any shoes, from flip-flops to strappy heels. Now grab your supplies and start whipping up some of these underrated beauties!

This collection has anklets to suit any occasion. For a gorgeous formal dress, there are silvery, shimmery ankle bracelets to accompany those adorable strappy shoes you have on. If you're just taking a trip to the beach, there's a funky and intricate woven fishtail anklet that's comfortable to wear and durable. For those who love versatility, there are projects that will teach you how to make easy bracelets that you wear on your wrist today and on your ankle tomorrow. We've even got a hemp anklet for you rustic, earthy types. Go crazy and make a bunch of our macrame bracelets as ankle bracelets for you and your friends. You won't learn how to make anklets in so many ways anywhere else.

Hemp is one of the best materials for creating ankle bracelets because you can just keep on knotting or braiding until it reaches the perfect length to wrap around your ankle! Check out this video to see how easy (and fast!) it can be to make your own DIY anklet.

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How to Size an Anklet

What is the average size of an anklet? Before making your first ankle bracelet, you'll want to determine how long your anklet should be. While the average bracelet size is 7.5 inches or about 19 cm, the average size for an anklet is 9 inches, or around 23 cm. You may need to make your anklet either shorter or longer, depending on the size of your ankle.

How to measure for an ankle bracelet: Wrap a flexible tape measure comfortably around your ankle in the area where you would like the anklet to be worn, typically above the anklebone. Try to avoid wrapping the tape too tight, or too loosely. Leaving enough space between your anklet and the tape to fit one finger is a good rule of thumb. If you do not have a flexible tape measure, you can even wrap a a piece of string or yarn around your ankle, mark the space where the string meets the other end, and measure the string against a ruler or standard tape measure.

Easy to Make Anklets

If you're not looking for anything fancy, then these are the DIY anklets you're looking for. These easy-to-make anklets will teach you how to make anklets that are not only cute and stylish, but fast and painless. An array of different media are used in this section, so choose the ones you like best, or the ones that best fit the style of your next outing. Beginner do-it-yourself-ers should also check out these projects for easy to make jewelry ideas to get their feet wet. Once you've tried out these fast crafts, you'll find yourself ready to take on bigger projects.

Make a Wish Anklet

If you know how to make a hemp bracelet, you can easily make this piece, which only requires braiding and a few beads. Make a wish, then wear this anklet until it wears away!

5 Minute Anklet

In just 5 minutes, you can make a pretty anklet to give the trend a test drive. You just need a single bead from your stash for this minimal beauty.

Jump Ring Bracelet

Adjustable bracelet patterns are perfect to turn into anklets! Wear this cute accessory around your wrist as a bracelet, or draw some attention to your gams when you wear it as an anklet.

DIY Rhinestone Ankle Bracelet

Who knew ankle bracelets could look so fancy? If you're looking to make a flashy anklet for a night out on the town, this pattern is the perfect option.

Crochet Hemp Wish Bracelets

This lovely crochet hemp wish bracelet is a grown-up version of the hemp bracelets of your childhood! Plus, it is really easy to turn this bracelet into an anklet to amp up your summer style.

Dainty DIY Anklet

Looking for a simple, fast anklet to make? This delicate and dainty gold ankle bracelet is a glamorous twist on a DIY anklet. Plus, it can be made in just five minutes!

Beaded Anklets

If you're a serial jewelry DIYer, chances are, you're obsessed with beads. So are we. If you've got a bead fever, listed below are five different styles of anklets (and DIY bracelets you can make into anklets) centered around beads. Because beads come in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials, all of these are ridiculously customizable. While you're learning how to make anklets with beads, you can get those creative juices floating and put your own personal spin on the designs, or even make a matching necklace or pair of earrings to go along with it. Some of these anklets are great stash busting projects, too!

Summer Sunset Anklet

Capture the serene colors of the sunset with this simple, summery ankle bracelet. This beginner-friendly design is ultra afforable, fast, and adorable! You'll want to wear it all summer long.

Tasseled Kumihimo Bracelet

A bright and bold tasseled kumihimo braid is sure to put some spring into your step. This trendy piece is perfect for spring and summer, but could easily be made in a monochrome color scheme for a more subtle statement.

Barefoot Jewelry

Calling all beginners: no special tools are required for this simple project! You'll love to wear these barefoot sandals for a stroll on the beach, or lounging in the backyard.

Stunning Sparkle Shells Anklet

The beaches of Florida made a huge influence on this anklet, and it shows! Sparkling shells and crystals make a totally glamorous DIY anklet.

Simply Chic Hardware Store Bracelet

Raid your hubby's hardware stash (or your own!) to make a cool and thrifty anklet using washers and bold pink cord. Whether you wear this piece as a bracelet or an anklet, it is one of a kind!

Love Ankle Bracelet

Spread the love with a simple ankle bracelet you can make in minutes! Delicate chain and colorful crystals make this anklet both dainty and fun.

Beaded Chain Ankle Bracelet

Snatch a few pretty beads from your stash to make a summer-ready ankle bracelet. Pick sea glass or any beads you love to show off all sandal season long.

Delicate DIY Anklet

Choose light and airy beads for a beautiful ankle bracelet you'll love! This pretty seed bead anklet is so lightweight, you might just forget that you are wearing it.

Basic Crimp Bracelet

This Basic Crimp Bracelet tutorial is a great to start for beginning jewelry-makers. All you need to do to turn it into an anklet is to try it on for size around your ankle instead of your wrist.

Woven Anklets

When there are so many ways to weave, how can you not become obsessed? After you've woven plenty of leather necklaces and macrame bracelets, all that's left to do is learn how to make anklets by way of the weave. Ankle bracelets so very often come in a braided style because it just screams summer. Whether it be crunchy and rustic hemp or vibrant and colorful loom, they pair perfectly with the beach or the deck of the pool. Since making woven anklets is so reminiscent of the friendship bracelet pattern, it's the perfect activity for you and a buddy. Chill out with your friends and teach them how to make anklets through tying and knotting, and be one of the first people you know to wear friendship anklets.

DIY Braided Hemp Anklet

Whether you're heading to the beach, or planning on a relaxing staycation, you'll want to wear this affordable and adorable anklet. Use wooden beads for an earthy, rustic anklet, or choose any other beads from your collection to add to this fun, beachy anklet.

Elegant Ankle Bracelet

Dress up your summer look with this elegant ankle bracelet pattern! Hemp may seem like a laidback material, but with a pretty focal bead like this one, you would look right at home at a fashion show or on a boardwalk.

Buckled Macrame Friendship Bracelet

Add a touch of metallic glamour to your ankle with this dressed-up friendship bracelet pattern. A shining connector charm gives this classic macrame ankle bracelet an upscale spin.

Beaded ZigZag Macrame Bracelet

This energetic zigzag ankle bracelet is the perfect everyday neutral anklet! The tassel-style closure will swing along as you walk to add some extra pep to your step. Use orange seed beads, or any color you like, for an extra pop of color!

Beginner's Wrap Bracelet

Ease your way into DIY anklet designs with this beginner-friendly wrap bracelet tutorial. Wrap bracelets are perfect to turn into anklets, as they already have some extra length. Once you make this anklet, you'll have the confidence to move on to more complicated designs.

Fishtail Friendship Bracelet

Fishtail friendship bracelets put a new twist on a classic style! Simply extend the length of the bracelet pattern for a fishtail that is long enough to wrap around your ankle.

Beachy Braided Bracelet

Beachy braided ankle bracelets are the ideal summer accessory because they won't weigh you down on active days in the sun! All you need is some hemp, a focal bead, and a pair of scissors to make an anklet all your friends will envy.

Beachy Crochet Hemp Bracelet

Hemp jewelry is so easy and breezy to make, and is one of the best materials for making DIY ankle bracelets. Small seed beads add a tiny touch of sparkle to this simple DIY hemp anklet. 

Did You Know? The History of Anklets

People from all different cultures have rocked anklets for thousands of years. The earliest recorded civilization to wear anklets were the Sumerians, more than 4000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians also wore anklets, which reflected one’s social status. The wife of a wealthy man would wear a gold anklet decorated with stones, while a slave or plebian would wear charm anklets made of leather, shells, or iron. These simpler anklets were thought to have been used as amulets. Ancient Indians loved anklets, too! They indicated marital status, were used as just an accessory, and were worn when dancing. They were and still are integral to ceremonial wedding outfits for brides today. In the 1970’s, anklets became popular accessories for American women. Women were seen wearing charm anklets, sometimes with their names or initials on them.  

Tips for Making Anklets

  1. Measure twice, cut once. Whether your anklet is made out of hemp, chain, or beads strung on wire, you'll want to double-check your measurements before making the snip.
  2. Choose durable materials. Ankle bracelets are a staple for summer weather, which means you'll want to wear your DIY anklet in the sun, sand, and sea. Gold-filled chain and Swarovski crystals are lovely, but might not be the best choice for an ankle bracelet you'll wear whether you're swimming, hiking, or enjoying the warm weather.
  3. Most importantly, have fun!

What is your favorite jewelry to rock during the summer?

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