Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2014: How to Make Earrings, Bracelets, and More


Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2014: How to Make Earrings, Bracelets, and More

Beautiful Birthday BraceletThese 100 free jewelry patterns represent the very best in the DIY jewelry world as chosen by readers like you. From beginner jewelry tutorials to stylish stitched designs, there are all kinds of free jewelry patterns out there. There's so much, in fact, that it can be hard keeping track of all the blogs, sites, links, and pins. To make it easier for you to stay on trend and see your fellow readers' favorites, we have compiled a list of the Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2014: How to Make Earrings, Bracelets, and More.

Ranked as the top DIY jewelry patterns by our readers and site visitors in 2014, these fan-favorite projects are the ones you'll want to craft every year going forward. Collected in this one handy list for your crafting convenience, you are sure to love these popular jewelry tutorials. Find the best free wire jewelry tutorials, beaded necklaces, fabric and leather jewelry projects, bead weaving patterns, and much more in this amazing DIY jewelry roundup!

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Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2014

Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2014

Table of Contents

Beaded Bracelet Patterns
Knots, Macrame, and Kumihimo
Wire Jewelry Tutorials
Beaded Necklaces
DIY Earrings
Fabric and Leather Jewelry Projects
Stitching Projects and Bead Weaving Patterns



Beaded Bracelet Patterns

Chanel-Inspired Pearl BraceletEveryone loves a good bracelet, and beads never fail to delight our readers. Most of these bracelet patterns are for simple strung projects, but they are still stunning designs. From pretty pearl projects to rich jewel tone projects, there is a DIY bracelet for every one to enjoy amongst this collection of fan-favorites.

  1. Chanel-Inspired Pearl Bracelet
  2. Evening Sparkle Bracelet
  3. After Midnight Bracelet
  4. Sparkle and Stardust Bracelet
  5. Beaded Tennis Bracelet
  6. Chic Stashbuster Bead Bracelet
  7. Shades of Blue Beaded Bracelet
  8. Summer Pearls Bracelet
  9. Rich Red Satin Bead Bracelet
  10. Elegant Amethyst Bracelet


Knots, Macrame, and Kumihimo

Arm Candy Square Knot Beaded Macrame BraceletsEmbrace the braided jewelry style with these fabulous knotted and braided patterns. Whether you want to add beads, or simply celebrate the fun braided look, these cute projects are always a blast to make and wear. Everything from hemp jewelry patterns, to knotted macrame jewelry pieces, this assortment of projects has you covered!

  1. Arm Candy Square Knot Beaded Macrame Bracelets
  2. Wedded Bliss Beaded Kumihimo Necklace
  3. Beginner's Wrap Bracelet
  4. Inverted Square Knot Bracelet
  5. Simply Glamorous Kumihimo Bracelet
  6. Beaded Hemp Wrap Bracelet
  7. Kumihimo 12-Strand Spiral Bracelet
  8. Braided Bead and Hemp Wrap Bracelets
  9. Simple Square Knot Friendship Bracelets


Wire Jewelry Tutorials

Graceful Crystal and Wire NecklaceGet wrapped up in these fabulous wire tutorials! Wire is an essential material in so many DIY jewelry projects, which is probably why readers love wire jewelry tutorials! Whether you want to master wire wrapping, or you simply love the elegance of wire jewelry there is something for you in this list of handmade jewelry projects. 

  1. 50 Shades of Beads Bracelet
  2. Graceful Crystal and Wire Necklace
  3. Gorgeous Pearl Pendant
  4. Enchanting Blue-Eyed Bracelet
  5. Topaz Sunburst Pendant
  6. Purple Passion Pendant
  7. Golden Globes Necklace Set
  8. Lapis of Luxury Necklace
  9. Wire Wrap Woven Pendant Tutorial
  10. Peridot, Crystal, and Pearl Pendant
  11. Lady in Red Necklace
  12. Romantic Filigree Wrapped Pendant Necklace
  13. Curvy Wire Wrapped Pendant


How to Make Wire Jewelry: 7 Wire Jewelry Video Tutorials

Loving this wire jewelry tutorials? Check out this fun collection, How to Make Wire Jewelry: 7 Wire Jewelry Video Tutorials!



Beaded Necklaces

Chain and Seed Bead Summer NecklaceA dazzling DIY beaded necklace is the best way to add a touch of glamour to any ensemble you could be putting together. Learn how to make handmade necklaces of all techniques, styles, and designs, with all different types of beads, with these fabulous jewelry patterns.

  1. Black as Night Necklace
  2. Braided Seed Bead Necklace
  3. Wild Orchid Evening Necklace
  4. Crochet Sea Glass Necklace
  5. Diamond Jubilee Necklace
  6. Chain and Seed Bead Summer Necklace
  7. Chunky Statement Necklace
  8. South Sea Sirens Necklace
  9. Gemstone Spectrum Necklace
  10. Bold and Beautiful Crocheted Pearls Necklace
  11. Hanging on the Moon Necklace
  12. Chaos in Pearls Necklace
  13. Pearls of Wisdom Necklace
  14. Quick Coral Statement Necklace
  15. Beaded Gemstone Necklace
  16. Fairy Circle Necklace
  17. 6-Minute Upcycled Necklace
  18. Crystal Collar Necklace
  19. Loft Ring Tones Necklace
  20. Enchanting Emerald City Necklace
  21. Delightfully Easy Designer Necklace
  22. Seed Bead Jeweled Pendant
  23. Breezy Ocean Lariat
  24. Elsa-Inspired Necklace


DIY Earrings

Briolette Trapeze EarringsThere is no easier way to add to your jewelry collection than with a pair of DIY earrings. These favored homemade earring sets are the perfect way to add a little flair to your outfit. From stunning beaded designs to quick drop earrings, there is a pair of earrings for every occasion in this list of reader favorites.

  1. Gorgeous Goddess Beaded Earrings
  2. Anthro Knockoff Earring Tutorial
  3. Russian Spiral Earrings
  4. Enchanted Forest Earrings
  5. Tapered Seed Bead Dangle Hoops
  6. Quick Coral Drop Earrings
  7. Easy Ombre Rhinestone Earrings
  8. Briolette Trapeze Earrings
  9. Regal Hammered Hoop Bead Earrings
  10. Bead and Chain Dangle Earrings
  11. Simple Vintage Chandelier Earrings
  12. Magic Pixie Dust Earrings


Fabric and Leather Jewelry Projects

Missoni Knockoff NecklaceFabric and leather jewelry projects are growing in popularity in the jewelry making world. Check out these fan-favorite projects and embrace this new jewelry making style. While this is a shorter list compared to the rest, the DIY jewelry projects within this list are guaranteed to be just as stunning!

  1. Missoni Knockoff Necklace
  2. Bead and Leather Harmony Bracelet
  3. Audrey Hepburn Knotted Necklace




Stitching Projects and Bead Weaving Patterns

Ocean Crystals Block BraceletBead weaving jewelry patterns and beaded stitching projects are always very popular on the site, so these tutorial are the best of the best for this year! There is a perfect homemade jewelry tutorial for everyone with these favorite patterns ranging from beginner right weave angle to peyote stitch patterns. Stitch up a storm these super popular projects.

  1. Seriously Twisted Bead Bracelet
  2. Princess Beaded Bracelet Pattern
  3. Ocean Crystals Block Bracelet
  4. Beautiful Birthday Bracelet
  5. Alluring Amber Beaded Bracelet Pattern
  6. Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet
  7. Violet Rose Crossweave Bracelet
  8. Blue Iris Pendant
  9. Dazzling Donut Crystal Bracelet
  10. Sky Blue Tiny Treasure Bracelet
  11. Colorful Pearls and Crystals Bracelet
  12. Burst of Color Crystal and Pearl Bracelet
  13. Black Swan Necklace
  14. Beginner Right Weave Angle Bracelet
  15. Overlapping Olive and Rose Bracelet
  16. Tila Temptation Bracelet
  17. Glowing Garden Pearl Necklace
  18. Twisted Peyote Spiral Necklace
  19. Stunning Crystal Isis Bracelet
  20. Floating Opal Blossoms Bracelet
  21. Crystal Wreath Pendant
  22. Nepal Chain Stitch Bracelet
  23. Dimensional Glittering Flowers Bracelet
  24. Mysterious Black and Copper Pendant
  25. Golden Beauty Necklace
  26. Elven Queen Bracelet
  27. Glamorous Teal Woven Bracelet
  28. Irish Crystals Bracelet
  29. Swirling Pastel Crystals Bracelet


Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2013: Beaded Bracelet Patterns, Wire Jewelry Tutorials, and More Take a trip down memory lane! Wondering what the top projects were in 2013? You can find out right here in this list of the Top 100 DIY Jewelry Projects of 2013: Beaded Bracelet Patterns, Wire Jewelry Tutorials, and More! Plus, find even more fabulous jewelry tutorials in our collection, Top 100 DIY Jewelry Patterns: How to Make Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and More!



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