How to Make Bangles: 36 Bangle Bracelet Tutorials


How to Make Bangles: 36 Bangle Bracelet Tutorials

Learn how to make homemade bangles with this collection of bangle bracelet tutorials!

How to Make Bangles 36 Bangle Bracelet Tutorials

So you love making bracelets, but you've strung every beading pattern under the sun and are looking for a new challenge? If this is you, then discover new ways to make bracelets by learning how to make bangles! Bangle bracelets are a fashion-forward way to accessorize that always looks hip and chic. They're back in trend; so, this collection is a fun way to look on-point without hurting your wallet.

What are different ways to make bangles?
There are simple silver bangles for more sophisticated style, or there are funky beaded bangles for an eclectic gypsy-esque look. No matter which way you wear them, bangles always look trendy and stylish, and making homemade bangles lets you take control of the trend! Create bangles perfectly suited to your individual style with How to Make Bangles: 36 Bangle Bracelet Tutorials.

There are many different ways of making bangles, and we've rounded up a range of awesome bracelet tutorials so you can try your hand at a variety of techniques. From beaded bangles to clay bangles, recycled bangles to upcycled bangles, this collection of jewelry projects will show you how to make bangles in every way imaginable.

How do you wear bangle bracelets?
Can't choose which bracelet tutorials you like best? Then make them all and stack them up on your wrist for the full effect! Bangles are meant to be layered, so you can never have too many. Learn how to make bangle bracelets and create a whole collection of your own. Go ahead and try all these different ways to make bracelets and you'll end up with an armful of awesome accessories.

What are Bangles?

Bangles are an inflexible piece of jewelry worn around the wrist. Unlike other bracelets, bangles are not flexible. Whether you make them out of metal or clay or a recycled materials, you are sure to enjoy making your own bangles. You can dress them up with beads and lace, or leave them to be simple and sophisticated. 

Basic Steps for Making a Bangle:

  1. Create your shape.You can use a glass or circular vase (even a small can) to help you measure the right size for you bangle (this works particularly well for wire bangles).
    It's important to measure the size of your wrist since, as noted above, bangles are not flexible. 
  2. Use an adhesive, like glue, to close the bangle.
  3. Personalize your DIY bangles. Decorate your bangle with silk, thread, beads, etc

Recycled Bangle Tutorials

Cardboard Can Bangle

Make recycled bangles!
Learning how to make bangles can be an eco-friendly venture when you use recycled materials! These homemade bangle tutorials show you how to use some old cardboard or an empty water bottle as the base for a brand new bangle bracelet. Not only are you adding a cute new accessory to your wardrobe, but you're helping the environment, too. Jewelry can't get much better than that!

Upcycled Bangle Tutorials

Glamorous Glitter Bangle

For upcycling fans! Some of the best bangle making projects are those that turn tired old accessories into something fresh and new.

These project ideas demonstrate how to make upcycled jewelry by revamping boring old bracelets with fabric, embroidery floss, paint, and other embellishments.

Note from the designer of the Glamorous Glitter Bangle:

"Feel free to combine colors of glitter or even alternate between them. I'd recommend pouring a small amount into the funnel, tapping to let the glitter fall through, then repeating until the tube is full. By doing this in intervals, you can avoid overpouring glitter and creating a big (yet pretty!) mess."

- Kirsten Nunez, Wild Amor

Clay Bangle Tutorials

Baked Bangles

Make them with clay!
You can form almost anything with clay, so why not learn how to make bangles with this malleable material? These clay jewelry projects let you get creative with color, pattern, and shape. Whip out your clay and get started!

Beaded Bangle Tutorials

Boho Chic Rainbow Bangles

It's better with beads!
Beaded bracelets always make a fun and funky fashion statement. Whether you're stringing beads on wire or wiring them on as charms, you're sure to attract attention with a wrist full of beaded bangle bracelets. Grab your bead stash and learn about the possibilities of bangle making!

Special note from the designers of the Boho Chic Rainbow Bangles:

One of our favorite things about making bangles is that you don’t have to attach a clasp! And these ribbon wrapped bangles go together super fast and require no special skills!”

- Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil, Running With Sisters

Metallic Bangles

Siren's Song Wired Bangles

Make it metallic!
Metallic jewelry pieces are beautiful and classic. They go with everything and put a chic finishing touch on any ensemble. Learn how to make bangles using traditional metalwork techniques, wire wrapping, and more with these jewelry tutorials.

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