24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns


24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns

Check out these peyote stitch patterns and learn how to peyote stitch + view a basic peyote stitch tutorial!


24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns

What is Peyote Stitch?
Peyote stitch is a classic bead-weaving technique that has been around for centuries! From Native Americans to Ancient Egyptians, various cultures from all over the world have utilized peyote stitch patterns in their art and adornment. Check out this guide to peyote stitch jewelry to learn this culturally rich jewelry technique. We've gathered 24 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns to bring you some of the best seed bead patterns out there for peyote stitch. If you are looking for a new jewelry technique to have under your belt, check out these peyote stitch tutorials.

Why Should You Try Peyote Stitch?
This beautiful beading technique is gaining popularity, and for a good reason. You will definitely be impressed by how professional these jewelry pieces look. So, why not celebrate this time-honored traditional beading technique with some amazing free peyote patterns and jewelry projects?

Whether you're new to peyote or know it like the back of your hand, there are free peyote stitch patterns in this collection to inspire you to create! Start off with the beginner jewelry tutorials to get your feet wet, then tackle some of the more complex peyote stitch patterns.

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Peyote Stitch for Beginners

How to Peyote Stitch

Believe it or not, there are different types of peyote stitching! No need to panic - just check out this tutorial on flat odd count stitches and flat even count stitches, made just for beginners!

Peyote Stitch Tutorial

The best thing about peyote stitch patterns is that they look beautiful and intricate but are super simple to create. This beginner jewelry projects guide is just what you need to get started making all kinds of peyote stitch jewelry. Master this, and you'll be ready to take on all the free peyote patterns to come!

Spirited Peyote Stitch Ring

Peyote patterns aren't only for bracelets! This stunning DIY jewelry tutorial uses peyote stitch to weave a beautiful homemade ring.

Peyote Stitch Techniques

Bar and Ring Toggle

This tutorial will show you how bead stitching is for far more than jewelry patterns.

Spiral Peyote

This peyote stitch pattern is a fan favorite. Use this bead weaving technique in necklaces and bracelets.

Freeform Peyote Beaded Geode Pendant

If you're more of a "free spirit," you'll love practicing freeform peyote stitch technique with this beaded pendant pattern. Freeform peyote stitch allows much more creative freedom; just go with the flow!

Bracelet Peyote Stitch Patterns

2 Drop Peyote Cuff Bracelet

The two-drop stitch is the perfect way to begin making peyote bracelets because it is much more forgiving and easier to handle if you're new to the technique. A wide cuff bracelet is one of the most popular peyote patterns and a real standout piece!

Mixed Bead Peyote Stitch Bracelet

An easy way to create a neat variation on your typical peyote bracelet patterns is to use different sized beads to create a cool wave effect, like this bracelet! This is one of those peyote stitch patterns that looks deceivingly difficult but is actually very simple!

Glittering Diamonds Bracelet

If you're searching for new free peyote stitch bracelet patterns, try out this pretty Glittering Diamonds Bracelet.

Color Block Bracelet

Who needs diamonds with glamorous peyote patterns like these? If you want seed bead patterns that sparkle, this is your bracelet.

Silvery Bubbles Bracelet

Wear this peyote stitch piece to add a "pop" of pizzazz to your outfit.

Slanted Silver Peyote Bracelet

This DIY bracelet has such a sleek modern look that your friends will have a hard time guessing that this is a homemade jewelry piece.

Peyote Bead Patterns

Peyote Stitch Bezel

This intricate technique can be used to create all kinds of gorgeous peyote stitch patterns. Use this seed bead bezel to highlight a stunning crystal or focal bead.

How to Make a Peyote Bezel

With this jewelry-making tutorial, you'll learn how to use bead stitching for gorgeous settings that can be put to almost any use.

Peyote Beaded Bead

Looking for new free peyote stitch bracelet patterns? Why not try making this Peyote Beaded Bead and incorporating that into your next project? Beaded beads are fun and easy to make and add an extra dimension to your pieces.

Two-Drop Peyote Beaded Beads

If you've never made beaded beads before, these Two-Drop Peyote Beaded Beads are the perfect place to start! They are very simple to make, especially if you're already familiar with peyote stitch patterns, and the simple checkered color scheme really pops!

Advanced Peyote Stitch Patterns

Twisted Peyote Spiral Necklace

If you're looking for more advanced seed bead patterns, this knockout necklace is right up your alley. It uses spiral peyote stitch for a pretty "twist" on your typical peyote patterns.

Faux Gold and Sapphire Ring

This is one of our most creative peyote patterns. It uses peyote stitch to create a pretty sapphire ring inspired by Kate Middleton's engagement ring!

Perfect for Fall Necklace

This free form peyote stitch tutorial shows you how to make a Perfect for Fall Necklace. The reds, oranges, and tans mimic the colors of the changing leaves perfectly and the free form stitch makes is seem like the beads are falling haphazardly.

Peyote Stitch Beaded Earrings

These beautiful earrings are made with a circular peyote stitch pattern and gorgeous gold seed beads.

Basic Peyote Stitch Pattern: Pastel Waves Peyote Stitch Pattern

Pastel Waves Peyote Stitch Pattern

Ready to make a peyote stitch bracelet that's sure to dazzle anyone who sees it? This intermediate level peyote stitch pattern is so beautiful and versatile. You can change the color scheme and make a whole collection of gorgeous bracelets! More of a visual learner? For step by step photos to go along with these instructions, click here for the full tutorial

  1. Miyuki Delicas Size 10/0 in four colors: DBM-626, DBM-35, DBM-351 and DBM-624
  2. Miyuki beading thread in Eggshell color
  3. Beading needle size 10 or 12
  4. Scissors for cutting thread
  5. Clasp of your choice

  1. Thread your needle and slide any bead that you have in your bead stash down the thread, leaving roughly an 8-inch tail. Go through the bead hole again with the needle and pull the thread tight to make a stop bead. This will ensure your tiny Delicas won’t fall off the end of the thread!
  2. The first row is made up of 18 Delicas (this is actually rows 1 and 2 together according to the pattern). Pick up the beads in the order stated in the pattern, working from the left to the right, as shown in the photo above. 

    To make the next row, you’ll be working from right to left this time. In the pattern, this is row 3, with 9 Delicas to pick up. Pick up the first bead for this row and then skip the last bead that you threaded on. Pass your needle through the next bead along in the previous row, as shown above.
  3. Continue working your way across row 3, picking up a bead and skipping a bead before passing the needle and thread through the next bead along in the previous row.

    Think of it like laying bricks – you’ll want your Delicas to slot nicely in between each other!

    In flat even count peyote stitch, stepping up to make the next row is really straightforward. When you get to the end of a row, simply turn your beadwork in the opposite direction and start the next row in your pattern. 
  4. Once you have a few rows made up, you’ll start to see the diagonal pastel colored waves forming. Keep on beading each and every row according to the pattern. 
  5. At the end of the pattern, the beadwork should measure just under 5.5 inches, leaving you enough room to add a clasp of your choice. If you need to extend the beadwork to make it longer, you can do so at both ends if you need to, by adding a few rows following the existing bead colors.

AllFreeJewelryMaking readers, what questions do you have about peyote stitch? 

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