Master Your Beading Patterns: 3 Little Ways to Be a Better Beader


Master Your Beading Patterns: 3 Little Ways to Be a Better Beader

Easy tips and tricks to turn you into a master beader in no time


Tips for Mastering Your Beading Patterns
Tips for Mastering Your Beading Patterns

If you are an avid DIY jewelry crafter, then chances are you have either dabbled in or thought about trying to make some form of beaded jewelry. Whether it be beaded bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, there seems to be some form a technique you need to know in order to even attempt the crafting process. Don't let your frustration on trying to learn certain beading patterns get the best of you; and, don't cave and just start buying your beaded jewelry online! You are perfectly capable of creating your own gorgeous pieces of DIY beaded jewelry like you see in the tutorials you watch. 

At some point or another, even the best beaders out there had no clue what they were doing. Luckily, they learned DIY jewelry making tips and tricks along the way to make them the masters that they are. Now, these different tips and tricks can be passed along to you, so that you can start creating beautiful beading patterns in no time at all. Whether you are a beginning beader or have already been working on your beading technique, these super simple suggestions can help you! Be warned though, these tips and tricks will make beading become so easy for you, that you may very well not be able to stop yourself once you've started!

Become a Better Beader

Tips for Bead Weaving Fanatics

  1. Master the basics. Before you can start looking at super complex designs you have to make sure that you start smaller. Don't worry, you will work your way up to those enthralling difficult patterns, but you can't complete those without understanding all the basic stitching patterns

    On a similar note, you need to make sure you understand the terminology for beading. It is important to understand the different between a seed bead and tila bead and how they work when crafting. Understanding and mastering the basic stitch patterns and basic bead patterns may seem boring at first; but, it is really going to help you in the long run when you start working on more complex beadwork designs. 

  2. Set the scenery. This may seem like a silly step, but do not just brush over it. If you are in an uncomfortable area while you are working on your latest seed bead pattern or whatever type of bracelet you are making, then you will become itchy and uncomfortable halfway through your crafting session. When this happens you will either rush your DIY bracelet so you don't have to be uncomfortable anymore, or be forced to take a break.

    It is super simple to avoid all of this drama by simply making sure you are in a comfortable, clean area. Make sure you have good lighting before you start, and place all your beads on containers or matts that will make it easer to see the beads. From there, you can craft away without ever getting disturbed. 

  3. Experiment and push yourself. Now that you know the basics by heart and can basically bead in your sleep, you are ready to branch out and start experimenting. If you continue to only watch tutorials and practice the patterns that are shown to you, you will not be able to grow to your full potential as a beader. 

    You need to push yourself beyond these limitations and work on creating your own patterns or designs. Even if at first you just switch up a couple of things in a beading pattern you already know by heart, you are still starting to branch out and make progress. Don't limit yourself to what you see. Let your creativity flow!

  4. Bonus tip! To become an even faster bead weaving fanatic, put a band-aid on the pinky finger of your dominant hand to keep it from getting rubbed when you add tension to the string.

What are some of your secret tips to improve your beading speed?

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These are such good tips! Creating the right work space is so important!

Some solid ideas here - I especially like the idea of a band-aid on the little finger when tightening the wire or string, should make a difference here. I have added a box of band-aids to my beading cupboard. Setting the scene is a good plan too, and I plan to make some adjustments to where I work so that I feel like working longer as for the suggestion to push one's limits brilliant. Try those things that seem beyond us. We tend to stay within comfort levels, never discovering just what it is we can actually do. Great suggestions to follow for beginner or advanced beader


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