How to Make Earrings with Wire: 20 Sculptural Earring Patterns


How to Make Earrings with Wire: 20 Sculptural Earring Patterns

How to Make Earrings with Wire 20 Sculptural Earring Patterns

Dangly earrings are nice, but dimensional earrings are better! With wire wrapping techniques, you can take limp, lifeless earring patterns and turn them into dynamic, gravity-defying earring designs. Go beyond the typical bead and chain dangles and make earrings that make a statement with these wire jewelry tutorials.

We've rounded up 20 amazing and unique earring patterns that will help you learn how to make earrings using wire in a variety of ways. Whether you're into traditional wire wrapping methods or you want to put a "twist" on the typical techniques, there are many different ways to make earrings with wire, and we're featuring 20 design ideas right here!

Using wire to make earrings allows you to create all kinds of sculptural designs in almost any shape you desire. Rather than letting the beads just hang there listlessly, bring them to life with simple wire wrapping techniques. These 20 earring patterns will show you how to make earrings with energy! They're sure to liven up your look every time you wear them. Learn how to make earrings with wire using these tutorials as inspiration, and soon you'll be creating sculptural jewelry masterpieces!

Bold Beads: Colorful DIY Wire Earrings

Woman-of-the-World Bead and Wire Earrings
  • Woman-of-the-World Bead and Wire EarringsThese vibrant wire earrings use more traditional wire wrapping techniques to create a classic yet eclectic effect. Wrapping beads around wire is one of the most popular ways to make earrings using wirework.
  • Galactic Circle DIY EarringsStep outside your silver and gold comfort zone with these boldly beaded DIY dangles. This pair of earrings has every summer color incorporated into it. Whip up a pair of these wire earrings and let your summer style shine!
  • Easy Wrapped Loop EarringsThere's never a bad time to rock the color pink! Make a statement next time you're out to dinner or just running errands with these hot pink DIY dangles. The gold detailing emphasizes the bright pink color and will make them stand out even more.
  • Serenity EarringsPinks, yellows, blues, greens, oh me oh my! These pretty pastel beaded earrings are a spring necessity. From granite greens to marbled magentas, these DIY wire earrings will not compare to any jewelry piece you already have.

Triangle Treasures: DIY Geometric Earrings

Anthropologie Knockoff Wire Triangle Earrings
  • Anthropologie Knockoff Wire Triangle EarringsAn amazing knockoff project, this earring design experiments with shape and also introduces the technique of hammering wire. You get the added bonus of learning how to make paper beads with this tutorial if you wish.
  • Deathly Hallows DIY EarringsWhere are all the Harry Potter fans out there? These DIY triangle earrings are super stylish and add a subtle reference to the popular Harry Potter movies. They're simple, yet totally modern.
  • Wire-Wrapped Triangle EarringsOw ow! These triangle earrings with a turquoise bead in the middle are totally trendy for this summer season. These DIY wire earrings are extremely easy to make and cheaper than so many other pairs that look identical to these ones. Grab some pliers, wire and a gorgeous turquoise pendant and create this design!
  • Geometric Wire Ear CuffsLooking to add some more simple studs to your earring collection? Look no further. These easy to make, budget friendly DIY studs are the perfect everyday pair! Who knew such a little piece of wire could be so fashionable?!

Go Gold: DIY Gold Earrings

Treble Clef Spiral Wire Earrings
  • Treble Clef Spiral Wire EarringsThis design lets the wire shine and leaves the beads behind. Another hammered wire project, this tutorial shows you how to make earrings with a spiral shape for a mesmerizing effect.
  • Anthro Knockoff Earring TutorialWho needs to spend hundreds of dollars at Anthropologie when you can make these bad boys for half the price? These DIY gold earring hoops can make any outfit a tad bit fancier. Dress these gold wired hoops up with some beads and voila!
  • Resin Gemstone Wire Wrapped EarringsThese delicate and intricate wire wrapped pair of gold earrings are stunning. This tutorial includes how to wire wrap pendants and create curlicue and twistng details in to add that extra wow factor to your DIY earrings.
  • Knotted Stud EarringsHow can you not love knots?! These gold earring studs can be worn on an everyday basis since they are a neutral color and go with any outfit. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Don't spend $20 on an exact look-a-like pair when you can spend less than half of that on this DIY pair!

Wire Spiral Bead Earrings

Wire Spiral Bead Earrings
  • Wire Spiral Bead EarringsWhen done right, wire wrapping techniques can create a very clean and uniform look, and these earrings are a perfect example. The beads and wire are given equal weight in this gorgeous design, giving the earrings a nice harmony and balance.
  • Scribbled Wire Bracelet and EarringsGo wild with this wavy wire jewelry pattern! This Scribbled Wire Bracelet and Earrings jewelry set introduces a whole new world of wirework. There's no right or wrong way when it comes to creating these squiggly shapes, so have fun with it!
  • Swirly Stud DIY EarringsLike simple earring designs, but still want to learn how to make earrings on your own? We have the perfect project for you. These Swirly Stud DIY Earrings are simple and subtle, but will still allow you to be creative with your DIY jewelry making. 
  • Simple Spiral Headpin Bead EarringsAdd a little extra "oomph" to your earrings by making your own easy spiral headpins! The subtle swirl detail in these Simple Spiral Headpin Bead Earrings really takes this design to the next level. Why buy headpins when making your own is so easy?

Go Green or Go Home: DIY Emerald Earrings

Tangled Wire Bead Earrings
  • Tangled Wire Bead EarringsFor those who are a bit intimidated by traditional wire wrapping techniques, these earrings might be a good starting point. The freeform wire wrapping used to create these earrings leaves plenty of room for creativity and experimentation.
  • Peridot Wire Wrapped EarringsWant to make your friends green with envy? Create your own Peridot Wire Wrapped Earrings. Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occurs in only one color, with its hue that is a shade of olive green. You can learn how to make wire earrings with this precious gemstone in this tutorial for these intricate wire-wrapped earrings. Homemade gemstone jewelry is really beautiful, and it is a great way to add a DIY piece to your homemade jewelry collection. 
  • Enchanted Forest EarringsLike golden sunlight filtered through a lush green tree canopy, these Enchanted Forest Earrings will glint and glisten as you wear them. The combination of crystals and pearls used in these DIY earrings provides both smooth and faceted surfaces for a mix of shimmer and shine. Yet even though these earrings incorporate an array of beads, they are still light and airy as a branch-rustling breeze. 
  • Enchanting Emerald EarringsEmeralds are beautiful gemstones that can be turned into truly gorgeous DIY jewelry. These Enchanting Emerald Earrings are a great example of how stunning even a simple pair of earrings featuring this gemstone can be. Learn how to make homemade earrings with this step-by-step tutorial, and start adding this alluring green hue into your jewelry collection.

What DIY wild wire earring design is your favorite?

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