How to Make Friendship Bracelets for Every Season: 30 DIY Bracelets


How to Make Friendship Bracelets for Every Season: 30 DIY Bracelets

DIY Embellished Friendship BraceletsThink friendship bracelets are only for the summer season? Think again! With this collection, How to Make Friendship Bracelets for Every Season: 30 DIY Bracelets, you will learn how to make friendship bracelets that are appropriate for each time of the year. These friendship bracelet patterns and easy to make and fun to wear. Traditionally, friendship bracelets are given by one person to another as a symbol of friendship, but these homemade bracelets are so pretty and fun to make that you may just want to a few extra for yourself!

From the Indians of Central and South America to the decorative knots of China, friendship bracelets have an extensive history and have been used for variety of symbolic uses and meanings, such as friendship, folk art, and social statements. While friendship bracelets are ancient, but their resurgence is modern. This style of homemade bracelet came back into vogue in the late nineteenth century in the United States, typically worn by teenagers, and has since blossomed into a global trend for people of all ages and backgrounds. Now, with the fabulous friendship bracelet patterns featured in this collection, you can learn how to make a friendship bracelet of your very own, and carry on this lovely and historic tradition.

How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 30 DIY Bracelets

How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 12 Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns
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How to Make Friendship Bracelets for Every Season:
30 DIY Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Spring
Easy Friendship Bracelets for Summer
Friendship Bracelet Designs for Fall
How to Make a Friendship Bracelet for Winter


Friendship Bracelet Patterns for Spring

Ten Minute Braided BraceletPrepare for spring with these lovely DIY friendship bracelet patterns. Second only to summer, spring is a prime season for friendship bracelet making. The weather is warmer and people are ready to show off their cool bracelets. These friendships bracelet have slightly softer hues than the bold and bright colors of summer. They embrace the spring holidays, such as St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Plus, since it is not super hot yet, these bracelet styles can throw in a couple of heavier metallic charms. Sweet and chic, you are sure to adore these spring jewelry designs.

  1. Recycled Bead Bracelet
  2. Colorful Metal Charm Macrame Bracelet
  3. Fairly Flossy Bracelet
  4. Diamond Friendship Bracelet
  5. Shamrock Friendship Bracelet Pattern
  6. Jump Ring Bracelet
  7. Ten Minute Braided Bracelet


Easy Friendship Bracelets for Summer

Effortless Fishtail Friendship BraceletsSummer is the prime season for friendship bracelets. From summer camps to days at the beach, friendship bracelet making is a fabulous summertime activity. These are the friendship bracelets you grew up knowing and loving. Bold colors, fun braids, and light-weight fabrics are their coming factors. From fishtail braid to daisy chain, there is a friendship bracelet pattern for everyone in this summer collection.

  1. Effortless Fishtail Friendship Bracelets
  2. Wavy Friendship Bracelet
  3. Summer Friendship Bracelets
  4. Bold Macrame Rhinestone Bracelets
  5. DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets
  6. Cute T-Shirt Bracelets
  7. Chained Together Friendship Bracelets
  8. Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet Pattern
  9. Ravishing Rainbow Fishtail Bracelet
  10. Fishtail Friendship Bracelet

15 Macrame Bracelet Patterns: How to Make Friendship BraceletsStill want more sensational summer friendship bracelet patterns? Grab some embroidery floss, your best pal, and these free macrame bracelet patterns, and get ready to create some cool friendship bracelet designs for you and your BFF! Check out our collection, 15 Macrame Bracelet Patterns: How to Make Friendship Bracelets!


Friendship Bracelet Designs for Fall

Braided Yarn Friendship BraceletsFall marks the end of seasonal warm weather, but it does not mark the end of friendship bracelet making. These DIY bracelets come in slightly richer tones, like rustic oranges and deep purples, but are just as fun to make as their summer counterparts. Since chilly autumn winds are a factor, these homemade bracelets are usually made of slightly thicker yarn or thread or even leather. They also incorporate chic metallic elements like chains and buckles. Just remember, even as you say goodbye to the summer season, you can still be saying hello fabulous friendship bracelet designs.

  1. Paracord Fishtail Bracelet
  2. Buckled Macrame Friendship Bracelet
  3. Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelets
  4. Fabulous Fishtail Friendship Bracelet
  5. Bold and Bonded DIY Friendship Bracelets
  6. One Knot Beaded Macrame Bracelet
  7. Crochet Beaded Friendship Bracelet


How to Make a Friendship Bracelet for Winter

One Hour Rhinestone Friendship BraceletWinter is definitely not the season that has you thinking about friendship bracelets, but that does not mean they are not ready for the making. In fact, the season that embraces holidays full of love and giving like Christmas and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to create homemade bracelets to give to your loved ones. Whether they homage the winter holidays, or simply add in a little bling, DIY friendship bracelets for winter are unique and special. Test out these sparkly and precious DIY bracelets that will bring a warmth to your heart even in the coldest months of the year.

  1. Beautiful Braided Rhinestone Bracelet
  2. DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet
  3. As Good as Gold Macrame Bracelet
  4. Garland Friendship Bracelet
  5. Mini Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern
  6. One Hour Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet

Be sure to check out The Ultimate Collection of Knots and Macrame: 148 Easy Friendship Bracelets, Macrame Projects, and More for even more fabulous friendship bracelet designs.


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