Ear Cuff Earrings: What You Need to Know to Craft a Cuff


Ear Cuff Earrings: What You Need to Know to Craft a Cuff

Ear Cuff Earrings What You Need to Know to Craft a Cuff

Hoops, dangles, studs, barbells, chandeliers, oh me oh my! Your ears will never be naked with the amount of overwhelming options of earrings. While some may think piercings are a pain free process, others think differently. If you aren't a fan of having a needle being pierced through your ear, then you will become hooked on ear cuff earrings.

From your lower lobe all the way up to your cartilage, ear cuff earrings can be put anywhere, even if you don't have a hole in your ear! They snap, latch and slide on your ear in the snap of your fingers. These simple yet stylish ear pieces are the fastest way to accessorize. You can even pair a crazy cuff with your hoop or stud earrings. Layering is so in, so don't be afraid to dress up your ears from head to do with jewels, gems, metals and now... CUFFS!

Homemade ear cuffs are easier to craft than you may think. The this little piece of ear candy comes in many styles and no matter how you choose to wear one, you'll look fab. So, put down the needle, ice cube and apple and trade those in for an elegant ear cuff!

Ear Cuffs Way Back When

Even in the olden days, ear cuffs were as trendy as can be! 

Throughout history, ear cuffs not only changed in style, but in meaning and interpretation, too. For example, if you wore an ear cuff in Greece during approximately 350 BC, it meant you were wealthy. Fast forward to the 1950s when "I Love Lucy" aired, everyone had to have the same crystallized and bejeweled "earrite" that Lucille Ball wore because, well... She was Lucille Ball.

Kings, Queens, those higher up in class and celebrities were the largest influencers when it came to ear cuff earrings. In the famous painting of Isabella Ruini as Venus, she's seen wearing an exquisite copper colored ear cuff wrapped around her ear with a simple dangle on her lobe. Marilyn Monroe on the other hand used to rock a sharp, winged out cuff on the tip top of her ear with crystal dangles to boot.

History has proven that ear cuffs are not a trend, but here to stay.

Ear Cuff Timeline

Types of Ear Cuff Earrings

To add on to the enormous amount of earring types there are, ear cuff earrings also come in different styles. After learning about the different ear cuff pieces, you'll know exactly which one best suits your style and needs. 

  1. Wire: This type of ear cuff gives the illusion that the piece is floating on your earlobe. The impressive wire wrapping behind the ears not only gives it that unique look, but secures the cuff. These designs are more delicate and dainty.
  2. Wrap-around: This design not only wraps around the back of your ear, but the front as well. This type of cuff tends to be embellished with crystals and complex designs. Because this style is busy, tone down the other accessories when wearing this.
  3. Ear chain: Take a time machine back to the 80s when the ear chain was seen everywhere! This edgy and funky design features a chain dangling from both sides of the earlobe.
  4. Band cuff: If you're going for a more simple and toned down look, the band cuff is the most basic design you could ask for. These cuffs can be stacked and layered on top of each other. 
  5. Ear jackets: Want to dress your ears up? With an ear jacket, the back of your ear will look as fancy as ever. These designs tend to be a bit more flashy in the back and simple in the front. 

Edgy Loop Chain Earrings

Tools to Make an Ear Cuff

Compared to chandelier and dangle earrings, ear cuffs are among the easiest to make because they're so small. Obviously, the smaller and simpler the design, the easier. Just like all jewelry projects, you need a few tools to get started. 

These tools are needed to make a wire band ear cuff earring.

  1. ​Wire: To create a simple band cuff, wire is a great material to use if you're just starting out. It's easy to bend and shape how you want.
  2. Wire clippers
  3. Round nose pliers
  4. Beads: This is an optional supply, but if you want to dress up your cuff a bit more, then try some colorful beads!
  5. Something round: Pen or pencil

Bellisimo Bow Ear Cuffs

How to Make an Ear Cuff

This three step cuff can be completed in minutes! Rather than going out to a jeweler or jewelry store, make this quick and fashionable cuff and save money.

To make a simple wire ear cuff, follow these steps:
1. Cut off a 5" piece of wire and use your round nose pliers to roll the ends in. You should get a "w" shape. Before closing the other end, add some colorful beads (optional). 
2. Close up the end using the spiral technique like above.
3. Bend your cuff around a pen/pencil that resembles your ear size.

Ta-da! How easy was that? After making your first cuff, you can create more so you can layer and stack them up! If you want a little more pizazz to your ear cuff, add some chains around your wire.

Here are some more ear cuff earring tutorials for your liking:
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Regal Gemstone DIY Ear Cuff

Wiry Ear Cuffs

How to Wear Them

So now that you have your ear cuff all set to go, it's time to style and accessorize them. Every ear cuff has a different design/look to it, so it's important to pair the right pieces together. Some ear cuffs make such a huge statement that other earrings aren't necessary. Others however are fairly simple looking and could use some other earrings to help pull the whole look together.

If you're wearing a majestic full ear cuff that covers your ear from top to bottom, it's not necessary to add another inner ear cuff. This earring speaks for itself and will turn heads in an instant. 

If you're wearing an outfit with bold patterns galore, soften your jewelry by adding an ear jacket "for a discreet and girly look," (Happiness Boutique). Because of its girly touch, rock these ear pieces with a dress for a more romantic style. If you have double piercings, sticks some studs in to escort your cuff!

Want to fool people into thinking you have that perfect strip of piercings winding up your ear? A helix ear cuff is the perfect fake piercing effect. No one will know that you have an ear cuff on. Put this on top of your ear and pair the rest of your holes with simple studs.

If you wake up and you're straight feeling yourself, strut your stuff with a chain ear cuff. Pair this edgy earring with a leopard print jacket or bomber. Because this ear cuff is extremely wild, tone down the rest of your earrings by putting in studs or not wearing any at all!

Wire ear cuffs are a must have for an everyday, casual look. Just because you're in leggings and a workout jacket doesn't mean your ears can't look glam! If you're looking to dress them up, grab some hoops or chandelier earrings.

No matter the cuff, you'll be a show stopping fashionista once you slide one of these bad boys on.

Ear Sweep DIY Earrings

What's your favorite ear cuff to make?

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