How to Prevent Beads from Spilling


How to Prevent Beads from Spilling




  1. Bead mats:
    I recently discovered these precious gems. A bead mat is just what the name implies—a mat for beading. Bead mats come in several sizes and feel similar to felt, but are thicker and more durable. These particular bead mats are washable. To use bead mats, just place them on your table, and they help catch any runaway bead from rolling away.
  2. Bead trays:
    Now that you have your bead mats to work on, you also need to contain your beads. That’s where bead trays come in handy. Any type of container will work—I like these porcelain dishes because they have weight to them, are durable, are easy to clean, have a lot of different places for beads, and look nice on your beading table. However, you can choose to recycle any type of container. I sometimes use lunch meat containers to carry my beads around in—of course I wash them first!
  3. Beading boards:
    Using a beading board is just another way to prevent your beads from spilling. Beading boards have compartments built in to hold beads and are very useful in designing your jewelry before stringing. Beading boards come in all shapes and sizes; this particular one is one of the more basic types of beading boards.
  4. Bead stoppers:
    Bead stoppers do just what the name implies—stop beads from falling off. These little guys are extremely useful in stringing, especially when working with multiple strands. Just pinch the two rings back, attach your strung jewelry, and close. As you can see, it won’t come off.  That is…until you really try.
  5. Tape (a cheaper alternative to bead stoppers):
    A beader should always have tape on hand. I use tape for so many things. Before I splurged a couple bucks on my bead stoppers (I mean literally only a couple bucks), I used tape to prevent my beads from falling off my string. I also occasionally use tape to hold down my work on the table.

    How to Prevent Beads from Spilling

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For beading I use a bead board made by MSWshop it has padded sides and comes in many colors and sizes I love mine For bead storage I use the bead storage solutions containers that I customize for me I can use rectangular tubes that seed beads often come in or I can use the bead storage solution containers They both work beautifully together However since I use so many Delicas I need Ed a different way to store and organize them After much trail and error and a great deal of frustration I finally hit upon a solution I store them in plastic ziplock bags They are labeled with the color and more importantly the number I store them in groups of colors in a larger ziplock bag which is labeled with the numbers and then I place them in a plastic container The container also is labeled with numbersRead More Then I took it even further and then entered all the Delicas I have on hand so when I prepare to do a project I know that I have the correct beads Saves me an immense amount of time Hope this helps someone

one or two new ideas that will help - I have a foam beading mat that helps with some projects and a 'fuzzy' plastic beading tray with compartments to hold beads and three channels to lay out the beads with which I am working any small jars and clear plastic containers that will hold beads and findings are hoarded too - as are rectangular plastic bins in which I can store similar findings in their labelled bottles and jars (empty spice bottles and the like) storage bins are labelled too --- less fuss and muss

By accident, I found a sticky bead mat that is fantastic- and it was on clearance.

I've spilled a lot of beads over several years...doesn't help that I tend to be a bit of a klutz! The nylon stocking over the vacumm cleaner hose is a God send. I leave the end with a little looseness to it because I can catch more beads in a single sweep.

Those are good tips for prevention. I've used a pair of old nylons to cover the hose on our vacuum to recover spilled beads, especially handy for the small ones.

Most of the beading I do with wire and when possible I leave the wire attached to the roll. I string my beads to the length I want the attach the loose end to one end of my fastener. Then I cut my wire and attach the other end of the fastener. Beads can't fall of the end of my working piece. Of course, this method wouldn't work with stringing beads on thread or string. I use a bead board, and bead pan and keep my tools in a little plastic basket on my worktable. I hadn't seen a bead mat before but will certainly get one!

A lot of prayer and threats, I pray I don't spill the beads and threaten the whole house to be careful around my lil roll around table. When I work with beads i usually pick out what I need and use a box top - lid that comes completely off the box or a tray either of these will have a depth of at least 2 inches to hold anything that rolls...

To pick up spilled beads put piece of old stocking on end of tube attachment on vacuum cleaner then suck them right up. Stocking prevents beads from going into tube. Next, place tube over empty bowl,etc.

I use a bead mat on an old aluminum 13 x 9 inch jelly roll pan. I can sit on the sofa with my husband with the pan on my lap.

I have been using the plastic boxes that I get my screws and wahers in. They keep my beads in order besides easy to work with when you need them. When I drop one I usually use a wet finger to pick them up.

To pick up spilled beads quickly I use a hand held dust buster vacuum. Especially good for seed beads which tend to go everywhere.

I have a beading board with built-in compartments and another with a foam lined snap-on lid for traveling. When I find compartmented , snap close storage containers with hardware or fishing tackle in them, when they are on clearance , I buy them and give my husband the hardware and keep the containers for beading and sewing. It's cheaper to buy them that way than getting them in crafts. My mother-in-law gave me a microwave cupcake "pan" that I will use for my crafts. I'm good at recycling any small containers with lids that would work for any kind of crafting. Besides, colorful beads and buttons look nice in clear jars.

wow all the tips and products list above sounds like they would making beading alot easier. i am new (real new) to beading so i have just been making do with my kitchen table and any thing i find around the house that helps me police all those beads and tools.

I re-purposed my kids' old Mancala Board. Nice little rounded hollows to sort and keep the beads from rolling about. Now if i could just keep the dog's nose away from my stuff!

I use a bead board or a fleece square.

As I do spill beads a lot, I now use, on my table, a double-sided scotch tape that I put on three sides of my table. still using the mat though.

I use the plastic dishes that come with Stouffers frozen side dishes. Also, heat a plastic spoon in very hot water then squeeze the sides together to make a scoop.

I use a tape-style lint roller to find and pick up any scattered beads!

i use a beading bored but i would love a beading mat!!

board* sorry :(

Say, the kitchen towel is good, do not have like terry-towels have (all the loops) - but, if it has been spilled? the best way to collect it is: use nylon stockings on the on the end of the cleaner pipe, secur it with plastic band and make a little well with the stckings, than start the vacuum cleaner. It will pick up all the lost seed-beads - and just before swich it off have a dish handy to pore the seed-beads in. Hope it will work. Happy beading.

Some other tips- bead mat-use a terry hand towel, wash cloth or bath towl depending on the size of your workspace. An older one works better because the loops are matted and don't lose the micro beads in the pile. Bead trays-microwave cookware (muffin tin), desk drawer organizers, little fishing tackle boxes and organizers found in the tool department or a yard sale. Also, candy dishes and I like to use the plastic frozen dinner trays (like the author). Bead boards-have to buy the real thing. I've got an open one and one with foam to hold the project in place while traveling. Bead stoppers-besides tape, I use mini clamps found in the dollar store. I love the idea of bead stopper springs and rubber earring clutches. Thanks for all the great ideas!

I use a beading board and a mat. When I do have a spill, I use a plastic spoon to help scoop up the spilled beads. I also use rubber earring clutches to keep my beads in place. I don't have special containers for holding my beads. I just lay them out in the channels and sections on my bead board.

Thanks for these great ideas. The beading board looks very useful for designing. I just added it to my shopping list. I have found that textured, non-slip shelf liner keeps my beads from rolling around on my work surface. When I travel with my jewelry supplies, I prefer using rubber earring clutches for holding beads onto my stringing material because they weigh less. If Im working with multiple strands, I put one clutch on each individual strand, then one clutch on all the strands together.

awesome tips - I need to try these...

I like all the tips. I have used all except the bead mats. What a great thing to have,will have to get one!

I have two cats--they find even the smallest beads!


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