Shades of the Season: 52 Winter Wonderland Jewelry Tutorials


Shades of the Season: 52 Winter Wonderland Jewelry Tutorials

Gold and Glass Earrings

There are always certain colors we associate with each of the four seasons. Spring reminds us of light and airy pastels. Summer is all about vibrant shades, such as sunshine yellows and hot pinks. Autumn is the time of change and those summer colors are becoming more rustic rich oranges and browns. Winter has some of the best colors associated with it. In this collection, Shades of the Season: 52 Winter Wonderland Jewelry Tutorials, we are offering you jewelry of all types in colors that we associate with winter. Chilling winter blue jewelry reminds us of frozen lakes and crisp morning skies. Sparkling winter white jewelry is reminiscent of snow-capped mountains and trees, snowflakes, icicles, and snowball fights. Ravishing winter black jewelry reminds us of midnight skies and late night parties with fancy dresses and romantic jewelry. Glittering winter gold jewelry reminds us of dressing for all of the holiday feasts, ornaments, and stars, often at the top of our Christmas trees.

In this collection, we have some conventional and non-conventional jewelry. Beyond beautiful bracelets, eye-catching earrings, noteworthy necklaces, and radiant rings, we have a wonderful watch and have-to-have headband you'll love. There are a lot of sparkly, glittery, shiny, and luminescent jewelry patterns listed below, all of which you will want to wear the entire winter season. It's such a fun time to go all out with your jewelry because everything is over-the-top in winter. Also, when you don't want to go outside, sitting down to make these jewelry designs is a great way to avoid going stir-crazy in the colder months. Not only does making jewelry keep you sane, but these winter projects make fantastic homemade gifts for all of your loved ones.  


Shades of the Season: 52 Winter Wonderland Jewelry Tutorials

Shades of the Season: 52 Winter Wonderland Jewelry Tutorials

Table of Contents

Chilling Winter Blues Jewelry Tutorials

Sparkling Winter Whites Jewelry Tutorials

Ravishing Winter Blacks Jewelry Tutorials

Glittering Winter Golds Jewelry Tutorials


6 Fun and Free Christmas Jewelry Projects

Who could forget that the highlight of winter for many is Christmas? Check out this 6 Fun and Free Christmas Jewelry Projects eBook, which is just what you need this season to make jewelry that will help put you and keep you in the holiday spirit!




Chilling Winter Blues Jewelry Tutorials


Snow and Shadows Beaded Pearl Necklace

As mentioned above, shades of blue are often associated with winter. Whether it’s light icy shades or deep sapphires, these jewelry designs will instantly remind you of those cold winter days. Every single one of these jewelry pieces is extraordinary and people will not believe you when you tell them you made them. That’s why they make such great gifts. The Snowflower Bracelet Pattern is made with various shades of blue crystal beads to create a stunning array of sparkle and shine.

  1. Snow and Shadows Beaded Pearl Necklace

  2. Frozen-Inspired Pearl Bracelet

  3. Sparkling Saturday Night Bracelet

  4. Snazzy Snowflake DIY Earrings

  5. Snowflower Bracelet Pattern

  6. Ice Blue Earrings

  7. Stained Glass Bracelet

  8. Regal Hammered Hoop Earrings

  9. Shades of Blue Beaded Bracelet

  10. Swarovski Crystal Earrings

  11. Sapphire and Crystal DIY Earrings

  12. Glamorous Glass Bead Bracelet

  13. Brazen Blue Ice Pendant

  14. Frozen Inspired Ombre DIY Earrings


Sparkling Winter Whites Jewelry Tutorials


Wintry White Crystal and Pearl Earrings

White is probably the most recognized winter color since in these few months many of us are completely surrounded by snow. It's so beautiful when it's coming down and seeing that first snowfall with snow-covered trees, hills, houses, and streets is always magical. That is, of course, before it wears out its welcome and we are ready for spring to melt it all. However, in terms of white jewelry pieces, these bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants will remind you of that first snowfall. Many of these designs create crystal and pearl jewelry, which give these pieces that quintessential winter look.       

  1. Wintry White Crystal Pearl Earrings
  2. Gorgeous Pearl Pendant

  3. 10 Minute Pearl Crystal Earrings

  4. Fancy Filigree Bracelet

  5. Wedded Bliss Beaded Kumihimo Necklace

  6. Pearl and Crystal Headband

  7. Stylish Knockoff Pearl Collar Necklace

  8. Princess Dream Earrings

  9. White Crochet Flower Necklace

  10. Pretty Crystal Snowflake Earrings

  11. Perfect Pearl Drops

  12. Snow in a Jar DIY Necklace


Pretty Crystal Snowflake Earrings

Are you looking for even more gorgeous crystal jewelry designs? Check out AllFreeJewelryMaking's section on crystal. You'll find so many gorgeous patterns you'll want to make.





Ravishing Winter Blacks Jewelry Tutorials


Dark as Night Necklace

Those little black dresses aren't the only way to get that classic party look. All of these black jewelry projects are breathtaking, sharp, and unique. We have some statement necklaces in this list that will turn every head in the room. We also have some understated, classic looks that are to die for. The Super Easy DIY Necklace is a great project for beginners yet is absolutely gorgeous.  

  1. Dark as Night Necklace

  2. Black as Night Necklace

  3. Black Pearl Treasure Necklace and Bracelet

  4. Twilight Pendant Necklace

  5. Jeweled Cord Bracelet Tutorial

  6. Vintage Victorian DIY Necklace

  7. Super Easy DIY Necklace

  8. Black Swan Necklace

  9. Black Glass Pearl Earrings

  10. Night Flowers Necklace and Earring Set

  11. Wrapped Loop Lariat Necklace

  12. Multistrand Black Bead Necklace


DIY Jewelry Projects By Color

We have an entire collection divided by color, so if you are looking for specific shades, check out the DIY Jewelry Projects By Color collection.




Glittering Winter Golds Jewelry Tutorials


Glitter Watch Designer Knock Off

Gold jewelry is so bright and sparkly, but it is also extremely complementary, that it looks fabulous when paired with any other color. Expect to look like a movie star on her way to a Hollywood premiere when you don any of these pieces of jewelry. They have that red-carpet style that can't be beat. Perfect for holiday get-togethers or parties.

  1. Glitter Watch Designer Knock Off

  2. Golden Shadows DIY Necklace

  3. Sahara Statement Necklace

  4. Gold and Glass Earrings

  5. Grace Kelly Woven Bracelet

  6. Anthro Knockoff Earring Tutorial

  7. Gold Leaf Acrylic Bangle

  8. Quick Wire Christmas Tree Earrings

  9. Luxurious Gilded Strands Necklace

  10. Gilded Golden Rock Ring

  11. Honey and Gold Teardrop Necklace

  12. Gold DIY Statement Necklace

  13. Drops of Gold Dipped Earrings

  14. Golden Age Lace Necklace


How to Make a Necklace: 8 Beaded DIY Necklace Ideas

Jewelry is a way to express yourself. It's a creative way to be your own person and stand out from the crowd. There’s something for everyone in the eBook How to Make a Necklace: 8 Beaded DIY Necklace Ideas, because every beaded necklace in this collection is full of style and flare – just like you.




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