Clay is a great medium for DIY jewelry, and with the clay techniques and clay projects, you'll learn all sorts of ways to make DIY clay jewelry.

Polymer Clay Puzzle Piece Pendant

Polymer clay framed with an aluminum strip makes this puzzle piece pendant… More

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Metal Armature For Polymer Clay

How do you support polymer clay to create a custom shape? This tutorial… More

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Silver Crackle Polymer Clay Earrings

The far from perfect surface of these earrings is deliberate. Created with… More

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Q-tip Polymer Clay Earrings

This easy to make project requires minimal skills and can be quickly… More

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Torn Clay Cuff Bracelet

If you worry about planning the look of a clay cuff bracelet, this is the… More

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Pan Pastel And Polymer Necklace

The beautiful geometric design in this necklace is created with a stencil… More

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Wood Clay And Metal Earrings

Uneven shades of luscious lime could make these contemporary, slim profile… More

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Metal Strip And Polymer Clay Jewelry

Discovering this roll of aluminum metal will open up many project… More

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Tila Polymer Cuff Bracelet

Tila beads are so very versatile and these Helio beads open up many design… More

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Arced Alcohol Ink Clay Necklace

This necklace thinks outside the box with an arced design that combines… More

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Folded Meringue Polymer Clay Earrings

Wondering why these earrings are called Folded Meringue? That's the name… More

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Beebeecraft Tutorials On How To Make Strawberry…

Summary Do you want to get a cute strawberry clay bracelet? Cartoon… More

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Feather Clay And Rhinesone Rings

Rich looking crystal rhinestones embellish these clay feather shaped… More

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Wood And Clay Flowered Earrings

Paint and stain are just two of the ways you can cover die cut wood pieces… More

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Red And Gold Valentine Earrings

You will fall in love with these red hearts bordered in gold pearl. Mica… More

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