Chic Recycled Crafts: 14 Recycled Jewelry Tutorials


Chic Recycled Crafts: 14 Recycled Jewelry Tutorials

Chic Recycled Crafts 14 Recycled Jewelry Tutorials

Making your own jewelry is definitely cheaper than shopping at a boutique, but buying new beads all the time can get expensive. How can you keep looking fabulous and fashion-forward while remaining frugal and financially conscious? By making DIY jewelry from recycled materials, of course!

Recycled jewelry crafts are more popular than ever before, helping us to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Wearable recycled crafts are an awesome way for DIY divas to save some cash while saving the Earth! Instead of tossing that plastic in the trash bin, turn it into the latest DIY jewelry trend.

Gorgeous DIY jewelry can come from almost anything you have lying around. Whether you're turning some trash into chic treasure, re-purposing random odds and ends around your house into awesome accessories, or upcycling old jewelry you don't wear anymore into something fresh and new, there are so many ways to make recycled jewelry.

All it takes is a little imagination to see that old cabinet knob as a vintage-inspired pendant or that used plastic gift card as your new pair of dangle earrings. Don't know where to begin? Take a look at some of these recycled craft ideas for inspiration. Soon you'll be seeing accessories in everything around you!

Trash-into-Treasure Recycled Jewelry Tutorials

Before you make that bead run, swing on by the recycling bin and see if you can't snag some free "green" jewelry-making supplies. These ready-to-wear recycled crafts will spare some plastic from the landfill while keeping your "plastic" safe in your wallet. Anyone can make a beautiful bead necklace; challenge yourself by turning would-be garbage into glamorous accessories and make something totally unique. You know what they say: One woman's trash is another woman's totally trendy new necklace. So save some green while you "go green" with these Earth-friendly, eco-chic recycled jewelry crafts!

Coffee Stirrer Spike Necklace

Making jewelry from recycled products is satisfying because you're helping reduce and you're making amazing, unique jewelry. Make this Coffee Stirrer Spike Necklace and see how many compliments you'll get.

Recycled Tubing Pearl Pendant

Make a cute Recycled Tubing Pearl Pendant from some loose beads and some old tubing that will have your friends asking where you bought it.

Ombre Paint Chip Earrings

Ever wondered what you can do with your leftover paint chips? Try making DIY jewelry with these festive Ombre Paint Chip Earrings.

Oz Inspired Cardboard DIY Earrings

Who needs magical ruby slippers when you have these Oz Inspired Cardboard DIY Earrings? These golden drop earrings are so much more fun to make than following a yellow brick road down a very long journey.

Repurposing Recycled Jewelry Tutorials

Not all recycled jewelry has to come from the recycling bin. Try repurposing random odds and ends from around the house into bits and baubles for your next recycled jewelry creation. Jewelry-making supplies are all around you; it just takes a little imagination to see them! Just as you saw that boring cardboard box as a rocketship or race car as a kid, you can now look around and see that cabinet knob as a cool pendant or those zippers as eccentric earrings. See how creative you can get with these repurposing projects!

Circuit Breaker Necklace

Within this mess of fun colors, would you have ever been able to guess that the main beads are circuit breakers? This Circuit Breaker Necklace is visually stunning and a great way to make unique recycled jewelry.

Vintage Pendulum Necklace

Jewelry design ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. Case in point: this stunning Vintage Pendulum Necklace. Watch all your friends look amazed when you say what this jewelry piece is made out of!

Quick Zipper Loop Earrings

These Quick Zipper Loop Earrings are a fun and funky DIY project if you're looking for new styles of earrings to make. You'll definitely turn heads with these edgy and interesting earrings.

Recycled CD Necklace

Now that you use your iPod or other portable audio players, what do you do with your old CDs? You can still use your old CDs by making them into a Recycled CD Necklace.

Delicious Dehydrated Fruit DIY Necklace

Caution this handmade necklace may induce an extreme case of the munchies! While you can't actually use this Delicious Dehydrated Fruit DIY Necklace as an afternoon snack, it does make for a rather delectable necklace pendant.

Upcycling Recycled Jewelry Tutorials

When making DIY jewelry, there's no reason you have to start from scratch. Upcycling your old, abandoned accessories into fresh new pieces is yet another way to make recycled jewelry! Whether it's those gaudy clip-on earrings from the '80s collecting dust in the bottom of your jewelry box or that garish handbag your mother-in-law gave you that's sitting in your "second-hand store" pile, old accessories can be given new life with the help of a little crafty creativity. Revamp, reinvent, and recycle with these resourceful jewelry tutorials!

Mix-and-Match Necklace

The Mix-and-Match Necklace is a great beaded jewelry design for those with short attention spans. An eclectic mix of beads, chains, wire, and scrap jewelry pieces, this necklace has so much going on, you'll never get bored with it!

Diamond Jubilee Necklace

Learn how to make a necklace fit for the opera with this glamorous Diamond Jubilee Necklace tutorial! This upcycled necklace project uses vintage clip-on earrings and mismatched gold and silver buttons in a totally new capacity.

Upcycled Bracelets

Have you ever thought to make recycled jewelry from a handbag? These Upcycled Bracelets are three different ideas you can make from one handbag. Next time a colored handbag catches your eye at the thrift store, you won't pass it up!

Sparkling Spoon DIY Ring

This Sparkling Spoon DIY Ring is a fantastic piece of upcycled jewelry that no one would every guess you made at your own home. Not only is this tutorial ridiculously easy, but this DIY ring is ridiculously gorgeous.

What are your favorite recycled jewelry crafts?

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