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  3. Chain Bracelet Find patterns for making chain bracelets and other chainmail instructions. There are plenty of chainmaille tutorials and chainmaille instructions here!
  4. Chain Earrings Learn how to make earrings from spectacular chain maille patterns! You'll love making and wearing these new types of earrings.
  5. Chain Necklace If you've been searching for chain maille patterns, look no further than these DIY necklaces. We have lots of chain mail designs for all types of necklaces.
  6. Chain Ring Lots of chain mail jewelry designs. Make all types of chain rings to impress your friends!
  7. Brick Stitch Find brick bead stitch patterns and DIY jewelry that uses this bead stitch! Learning new bead stitching patterns such as brick stitch is a cinch with these tutorials.
  8. Ladder Stitch If you love using bead stitch to make DIY jewelry, check out these tutorials and patterns for ladder stitching. This design stands out among bead stitching patterns for its elegant structure.
  9. Loom Weaving If you love bead loom weaving, we have lots of free bead weaving patterns for you. Learn how to use a loom to make beautiful beaded jewelry.
  10. Peyote Stitch Learn this classic bead stitch with these peyote tutorials! We've got all the free bead stitching patterns you could want, and anyone who wants to learn how to bead stitch will love the designs.
  11. Right Angle Weave This is your source for free right angle weave bead patterns. Right angle weave necklaces make beautiful additions to any outfit, so practice this bead stitch with the aid of these bead stitching patterns!
  12. Square Stitch Find lots of square stitch bead patterns for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more! Square Stitch is a versatile bead stitch that looks wonderful when used for jewelry. Take the plunge into beading patterns with Square Stitch today!
  13. Strung Bracelet Strung Bracelets are great projects to make alone or with friends. Find free bead patterns for strung bracelets here!
  14. Strung Earrings We have tons of free bead patterns for strung earrings! Find everything you've been looking for. Patterns for yourself and beautiful ones to give as gifts!
  15. Strung Necklace Learn how to make strung necklaces with our free bead patterns. You can learn how to make multi-strand seed bead necklaces that will impress your friends!
  16. Strung Rings Strung Rings are great little beaded accessories for any outfit and any occasion. Learn how to make all different kinds with these free bead patterns.
  17. Wire Bracelet Learn to make a bracelet with wire, as well as wire wrapping techniques and wire wrapping tutorials! You'll make bracelets from wire projects in no time at all with these DIY jewelry tutorials.
  18. Wire Earrings Wire Earrings are great for all occasions. Learn wire wrapping techniques and how to make earrings with wire with the aid of these wire jewelry tutorials!
  19. Wire Necklace With these wire jewelry tutorials, you'll learn how to make a wire necklace in no time. You'll also get a grounding in wire wrapping techniques and how to use them for DIY necklaces
  20. Wire Rings Create a ring with style with the help of these wire ring tutorials. Once you browse these wire jewelry tutorials, you'll learn how to make a wire ring with lasting impact.
  21. Metal Bracelet Use these metal bracelet patterns to make unique handcrafted jewelry for your family and friends.
  22. Metal Earrings Find patterns for metal earrings and make your own unique handcrafted jewelry. Your own unique copper jewelry will inspire envy.
  23. Metal Necklace Try these patterns for metal necklace and make unique handcrafted jewelry to impress your friends.
  24. Metal Ring Use these metal ring projects to make unique handcrafted jewelry for you and yours. Learn jewelry making tips and techniques for working with different metals to make the perfect rings.
  25. Metal Projects Find great projects to make from metal clay and learn how to master metal clay for making jewelry - it's not as easy as you think. Start making your own clay jewelry designs in no time!
  26. Polymer Projects Find projects for making polymer clay jewelry that will impress all your friends. These polymer projects are beautiful and unique ideas from designers all over. Plus, making jewelry from polymer clay is a great way to be creative in bead making.
  27. Design Tips Everyone needs design tips every once in a while. Find new tips for making beaded jewelry.
  28. Hints and Tips Hints and tips for great jewelry projects. Learn new jewelry making techniques.
  29. Repairs Repairs don't have to be expensive. Find instructions and jewelry making techniques to fix your own findings and broken chains.
  30. Supplies Learn all of the tools used in jewelry making. Learn how to use these tools to repair your own jewelry and learn new, important jewelry making techniques to do with the tools.
  31. Recycled Bracelet Recycled Bracelets look great and are great for the environment! Check out these DIY bracelets for your next recycled fashion project.
  32. Recycled Earrings Recycled Earrings give your DIY jewelry some green friendliness. These recycled crafts are great for the environment and prove that recycled fashion can hold its own against the runway.
  33. Recycled Necklace Make a DIY necklace with fashionable charm and green power! These recycled crafts are sure to please even the most picky of DIY jewelry makers.
  34. Recycled Rings Recycled Rings are some of the most rewarding jewelry tutorials out there. These recycled fashion crafts allow you to create a ring that you can treasure.
  35. Button Button jewelry is a cute way to incorporate some new ideas and new types of beads into your work! Button jewelry projects add a little interesting spin to any standard beading project. Try some of these free bead patterns today!
  36. Fabric and Bead Fabric and bead jewelry can be a fun way to try making something that sits outside the parameters of your collection. Learn how to make fabric flowers jewelry to embellish with beads and make your bead pattern more personal.
  37. Leather Jewelry Find lots of projects to make with leather. Make this seasons trendiest leather earrings, bracelets, and other leather wrist jewelry! Incorporate other mediums and make leather and silver jewelry or leather and pearl jewelry!
  38. Paper Jewelry Make lots of fun charms, necklaces, and bracelets with these cute paper jewelry making ideas.
  39. Ribbon Ribbon is a great way to get a colorful chain or string on some neutral beads. Learn how to make ribbon jewelry in all sorts of ways. From rings to brooches, you'll all the patterns for making jewelry with ribbon you need!
  40. Glass Beads Learn how to make beautiful glass beads for all your jewelry making projects. Make unique handcrafted jewelry with these free online jewelry making projects.


  1. "How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 12 Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns!" eBook Redefine your idea of friendship bracelet patterns with the How to Make Friendship Bracelets: 12 Fun Friendship Bracelet Patterns eBook!
  2. 15 Macrame Bracelet Patterns: How to Make Friendship Bracelets Grab some embroidery floss, your best pal, and these free friendship bracelet patterns, and get ready to create some fun macrame jewelry for you and all your friends! Young or old, anyone can have fun with macrame patterns!
  3. 22 Kumihimo Jewelry Patterns and Tutorials If you've yet to learn how to kumihimo braid and are looking to see what all the fuss is about, you've come to the right place. This collection of 22 Kumihimo Jewelry Patterns and Tutorials will teach you everything you need to know.
  4. 25 Kumihimo Bracelet Patterns for All Seasons The kumihimo style of braiding makes the most gorgeous jewelry designs. It's no wonder kumihimo jewelry is so popular. This collection, 25 Kumihimo Bracelet Patterns for All Seasons, has some of the most beautiful bracelets you'll find.
  5. 26 Easy, Breezy Hemp Bracelet Patterns Keep it light and airy all summer long with these 26 Easy, Breezy Hemp Bracelet Patterns. Save the wirework for winter. These hemp bracelet patterns will have you feeling fresh, fabulous, and light as a feather all season.
  6. 30 Fabulous Macrame Bracelet Patterns Macrame's not just for gaudy retro plant hangers anymore. Macrame bracelets are summer's most sizzling jewelry trend! Get your hands on this effortless fashion fad with the 30 free macrame patterns that we've collected for easy, breezy summer style.
  7. 8-Cord Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial There are many varieties of Kumihimo braiding, all equally fun and equally fabulous! This 8-Cord Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial will teach you one amazing method using eight strands of rattail cord and a round Kumihimo disk.
  8. Angel Wings Macrame Earrings Create these Angel Wings Macrame Earrings with this step by step video tutorial. Learn how to macrame your own set of DIY earrings the easy way, and show off your new macrame and pearl earrings on special occasions.
  9. Arm Candy Woven Bracelet You won't need a companion to get attention when you sport these Arm Candy Woven Bracelets. This tutorial shows you how to make bracelets that pop by using lanyard and a rich textured weave.
  10. Arrow Friendship Bracelet Pattern Chevron friendship bracelet patterns are a classic design and perfect for summer! The Arrow Friendship Bracelet Pattern is similar to the Bordered Chevron pattern but is even easier to make. Try both free macrame bracelet patterns!
  11. As Good as Gold Macrame Bracelet Learn how to make a beaded macrame bracelet that will really shine this season with the As Good as Gold Macrame Bracelet. This tutorial puts a glamorous spin on a classic friendship bracelet.
  12. Asymmetrical Macrame Bracelet Looking for a not-so-typical macrame bracelet pattern? This Asymmetrical Macrame Bracelet takes a spin on your summer camp macrame bracelet and give it a something of a cosmic look. This bracelet is quick, simple, and super sweet.
  13. Basic Braid Wrap Bracelet The Basic Braid Wrap Bracelet is perfect if you're in need of easy bracelets to make. This cute DIY wrap bracelet is a blast to make and a joy to personalize.
  14. Basic Kumihimo Braid Bracelet This simple braiding technique allows you to make beautiful and sturdy bracelets, necklaces, lanyards, and more! Try this Basic Kumihimo Braid Bracelet and see what color combinations you can come up with.
  15. Basket Weave Friendship Bracelet Pattern The intertwined pattern of this Basket Weave Friendship Bracelet perfectly portrays the bond of friendship! One of our favorite friendship bracelet designs, the basket weave bracelet would make a great gift for your best pal.
  16. Beaded and Bejeweled Kumihimo Bracelet With the Beaded and Bejeweled Kumihimo Bracelet, you'll have a DIY bracelet that's fit for a queen. This design stands out among kumihimo patterns by taking basic kumihimo braiding and dressing it up with glamorous beads.
  17. Beaded Fishbone Macrame Bracelet This colorful Beaded Fishbone Macrame Bracelet makes an excellent bohemian accessory. The neutral cord with the bright beads is a fun and exciting DIY bracelet to macrame for yourself or your friends.
  18. Beaded Square Macrame Bracelet Learn how to make this Beaded Square Macrame Bracelet. This video tutorial takes you step by step through the process of making bracelets with color, texture, and lots of personality!
  19. Beaded ZigZag Macrame Bracelet Choose your colors, beads, and thread for this Beaded ZigZag Macrame Bracelet tutorial! This energetic macrame bracelet pattern is a great bracelet with lots of appeal. The beads and knots make this DIY bracelet one of the best jewelry making ideas.
  20. Beads and Knots Friendship Bracelets Friendship bracelets and beads are the perfect combination for a chic and fun summer homemade jewelry accessory. These easy friendship bracelets use a chevron pattern, which lends itself nicely to a row of pretty beads down the middle.
  21. Beautiful Blue Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet If you are looking for a knockout DIY bracelet to make next, this Beautiful Blue Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet is the DIY jewelry project for you. With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you will learn how to make a bracelet that is both beaded and braided.
  22. Beginner's Wrap Bracelet Ease your way into bracelet designs with the Beginner's Wrap Bracelet. This tutorial features a simple bracelet design that is a great introduction to hemp bracelets.
  23. Bellydancer Kumihimo Bracelet The Bellydancer Kumihimo Bracelet is a brilliant way to add some exotic charm to your wardrobe. The layered discs make this DIY bracelet a delight to wear.
  24. Best Beaded Wrap Bracelet Simple bracelets to make are hands down, the best. This Best Beaded Wrap Bracelet may look tricky to whip up, but it's really an easy design to carry out. Find out how to make a cool bracelet using unexpected materials.
  25. Black Orchid Macrame Earrings Bring on the elegance with these Black Orchid Macrame Earrings. These gorgeous DIY earrings use macrame techniques to create a flowery star pattern with a pearl in the center and a tassel fringe hanging beneath.
  26. Blue Ice Coin Knot Earrings If you are looking to learn how to make earrings that are cool, stylish, and beautiful, then these Blue Ice Coin Knot Earrings should be your next DIY jewelry project. This pair of DIY earrings from Prima Bead is both fun and classy.
  27. Blue Iris Kumihimo Bracelet If you are looking for a beautiful DIY bracelet to make next, then this midnight Blue Iris Kumihimo Bracelet is perfect for you. With easy-to-follow instructions, this DIY jewelry tutorial teaches you how to make a bracelet by kumihimo braiding.
  28. Blue Lagoon Macrame Earrings Tying the knot soon? Knot yourself a pair of these Blue Lagoon Macrame Earrings for your beach wedding! These intricate DIY earrings make an excellent "something blue" on your special day, and the pearl accents make them an elegant accessory.
  29. Bohemian Barefoot Sandals Feel the sand beneath your feet with these beautiful Bohemian Barefoot Sandals. Whether you want to learn how to make barefoot sandals for vacation or for a beach wedding, this beaded macrame pattern will leave you speechless.
  30. Bohemian Dyed Macrame Necklace Looking for a new twist on macrame jewelry designs? Try out this Bohemian Dyed Macrame Necklace. Bold in electric blue and easily customizable to your color needs, this DIY necklace is fabulous for every season.
  31. Boho Mixed Bead Kumihimo Bracelet If you're bored with basic kumihimo patterns, try mixing it up with the Boho Mixed Bead Kumihimo Bracelet. Once you've learned how to kumihimo braid with beads, experimenting with different bead combinations seems like the natural next step.
  32. Bold Kenzo Nut Bracelet Make a vibrant jewelry piece, and create this Bold Kenzo Nut Bracelet. This DIY knockoff bracelet is a fun version of a Kenzo Nut Bracelet, with just as much style, but not as high of a price. Use paint and nail polish to get the colors you desire.
  33. Bold Macrame Rhinestone Bracelets Combine two jewelry fan-favorites when you craft these irresistible Bold Macrame Rhinestone Bracelets. A great stashbuster for leftover rhinestones, these DIY jewelry designs are easy to make and fun to wear.
  34. Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern Learn how to make friendship bracelets with a cool chevron design by following this tutorial! The Bordered Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern is for those who have had some practice with macrame bracelet patterns.
  35. Box Lanyard and Chain Bracelet The Box Lanyard and Chain Bracelet throws sophisticated glamor into lanyard stitching and shows how to make a bracelet that's tough and fashionable. By incorporating chain into the pattern, this DIY bracelet puts a unique twist on box stitching.
  36. Braided Anchor Bracelet With the Braided Anchor Bracelet, you'll be ready to set sail in style. This cord bracelet pattern brings the ocean to you with the help of nautical-looking leather cord and a brassy anchor button.
  37. Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets Learn how to make hemp bracelets in the easiest way possible with this tutorial for Braided Bead and Hemp Bracelets. Everyone from kids to adults can enjoy these easy-to-make bracelets. Braid some up for your BFFs this summer.
  38. Braided Bead Bracelet You can never have enough homemade bracelets. However, some are more versatile and necessary and this includes the Braided Bead Bracelet. Use colorful waxed linen cord and gleaming gold seed beads to create this irresistible braided bracelet design.
  39. Braiding Wheel Easy Friendship Bracelets If you are looking for friendship bracelet designs, you will definitely want to try out these Braiding Wheel Easy Friendship Bracelets. These friendship bracelet patterns use a printed wheel template to help braid beautiful DIY bracelet designs.
  40. Briella Pink Kumihimo Necklace The Briella Pink Kumihimo Necklace is the essential accessory for any jewelry-loving girly girl. This kumihimo tutorial shows you how to incorporate faceted beads into your kumihimo braiding for a glitzy necklace design that catches the light.
  41. Bright and Beaded Macrame Bracelet If you cannot decide between making a beaded bracelet or a macrame bracelet design, do not fret. With this fabulous DIY jewelry tutorial you can make both at the same time. The Bright and Beaded Macrame Bracelet is an easy, chic bracelet.
  42. Bright and Tasseled Beginner Bracelet The Bright and Tasseled Beginner Bracelet is the perfect bracelet design for anyone who's new to DIY bracelets. This simple bracelet pattern shows how to make a braided bracelet bunch that's fabulously fun to make and wear.
  43. Bright Cord and Chain Bracelet In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a bracelet that pops. With neon accents against a silver chain, this Bright Cord and Chain Bracelet is a must for DIY jewelry crafters. These are easy bracelets to make if you follow the instructions careful
  44. Bright Nautical Knot Necklace Nautical does not have to be all about navy and white. Create a bold nautical-inspired look with this Bright Nautical Knot Necklace. Be on trend, but still craft your own unique nautical look with this bright knot DIY necklace.
  45. Bright White and Sunny Yellow Paracord Jewelry If you are looking for an unique and fun DIY jewelry project to make, this Bright White and Sunny Yellow Paracord Jewelry tutorial was made just for you. This DIY necklace and earrings project teaches you how to make a necklace and pair of earrings.
  46. Brilliant Hemp Diamond Bracelet If you're looking to make a cool bracelet to add to your jewelry box, try this Brilliant Hemp Diamond Bracelett. It has a waxed linen cord and a little bling...sort of. These instructions give you a hemp bracelet to wear wrapped around your wrist.
  47. Broken Ladder Friendship Bracelet Pattern Tired of the same old macrame bracelet patterns? Try this Broken Ladder Friendship Bracelet design! It's like the chevron pattern but with an extra twist. Your friends will all be begging you to teach them how to make this one!
  48. Buckled Macrame Friendship Bracelet You and your friends deserve more than a few pieces of thread to symbolize your friendship. The Buckled Macrame Friendship Bracelet wraps around a delicate square connector charm, reminiscent of a miniature golden buckle.
  49. Burst of Color Kumihimo Bracelet Kumihimo fans, here is a fun and colorful pattern for you. This Burst of Color Kumihimo Bracelet is a fabulous bracelet to make for the summer, or anytime you need a little bit of bold color in your life. Create a beaded kumihimo bracelet.
  50. Cancer Ribbon Friendship Bracelet Pattern This Cancer Ribbon Friendship Bracelet Pattern is a great project that can be used for fundraising and raising awareness. Customize the color of the ribbon to fit your cause. These string bracelet patterns are a great way to show your support.
  51. Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet Easy friendship bracelets are sweet as can be. Learn how to make a friendship bracelet that is just too cute with this Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet pattern. This is a super easy DIY bracelet for beginners that you can make for your friends.
  52. Captured Chain Weave Bracelet You'll capture the attention and admiration of all jewelry junkies with this Captured Chain Weave Bracelet. Take your macrame bracelet patterns to the next level by introducing chain into the mix.
  53. Celtic Knot Macrame Bracelet This Celtic Knot Macrame Bracelet may be complicated, but it's worth it! Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make a beautiful bracelet featuring a classic Irish motif. Using macrame techniques, you can make your own intricate DIY bracelet.
  54. Charlotte's Web Shamballa Bracelet Macrame bracelet patterns don't often offer lots of sparkle, but then the Charlotte's Web Shamballa Bracelet is hardly your typical macrame pattern. Learn how to make bracelets that look like three stacked strands with this tutorial.
  55. Charmed DIY Choker This charmingly Charmed DIY Choker is as simple as it is beautiful. The combinations of colors and charms for these DIY necklace patterns are endless. You can even use earrings as charms.
  56. Charming and Sweet Nautical Knot Necklace Set sail on the seas of enviable style with this tutorial for a Charming and Sweet Nautical Necklace. Learn how to tie a nautical knot using a rope you already own, and make this cute and easy DIY necklace. Get this hot summer trend look.
  57. Chic Cord Knotted Bracelet This simple cord bracelet design has ancient Grecian beauty with a modern day brightness. All you need for the Chic Cord Knotted Bracelet are a couple of jump rings, a cord, some cord ends, and glue. Even the knot is explained step-by-step.
  58. Chunky Cord Unification Bracelet Getting the look for less is always exciting, and this Chunky Cord Unification Bracelet is no exception. Get this designer knockoff look for less with this easy-to-follow tutorial for a knotted bracelet pattern made with cords.
  59. Classic Chevron Friendship Bracelet There's always something to be said for old-school style, and the Classic Chevron Friendship Bracelet is a great example of how old can mean timeless. Decades may come and go, but people still want to learn how to make a friendship bracelet.
  60. Classic Rocker Wrap Bracelet The Classic Rocker Wrap Bracelet is a chic way to dress up your wrists. This DIY bracelet is great for teenagers and a perfect idea for a party craft or a birthday present for your daughter's friends.
  61. Classic Spiral Friendship Bracelet Relive childhood memories with the Classic Spiral Friendship Bracelet! This adorably twisted friendship bracelet pattern never goes out of style, and it's a great summer project for yourself or any kids you might know.
  62. Colored Knots Chain Bracelet The Colored Knots Chain Bracelet is a simple bracelet pattern with intricate charm. By interweaving colored knots with chain, this DIY bracelet mixes atypical jewelry mediums with surprising harmony.
  63. Colorful Braided Friendship Bracelets These Colorful Braided Friendship Bracelets are so fun and one of the easiest friendship bracelet patterns ever! If you don't know how to make friendship bracelets, this is a great tutorial to start with.
  64. Colorful Cross Macrame Earrings This pair of Colorful Cross Macrame Earrings is a DIY jewelry tutorial you'll love to make. There's so much room for creativity when making this macrame jewelry project. Plus, there's a video tutorial to show you how to make earrings you'll love!
  65. Colorful Leather Box Braid Bracelet Another simple idea for a cute and fashion forward bangle that you can make in no time. The Colorful Leather Box Braid Bracelet is a free jewelry making pattern that will have you addicted to making tons of these cuties!
  66. Colorful Leather Friendship Bracelet To learn how to make friendship bracelets that are atypical, check out this Colorful Leather Friendship Bracelet. These friendship bracelet instructions walk you through knotting embroidery floss onto a piece of leather.
  67. Colorful Metal Charm Macrame Bracelet Get ready to make marvelous macrame bracelets with a twist. The Colorful Metal Charm Macrame Bracelet is a pretty and stylish update on an old classic. Stack multiple bracelets together for an added element of chic charm.
  68. Colorful Waxed Cord DIY Bracelet Learn how to make bracelets using waxed cord with this fun jewelry making tutorial. The Colorful Waxed Cord DIY Bracelet is easy to make and customize. You can whip up this DIY bracelet in no time at all.
  69. Colors of Summer Friendship Bracelets Friendship bracelet patterns are a fabulous craft because they require few materials and you can make them everywhere. You should start making these Colors of Summer Friendship Bracelets now. Learn how to make friendship bracelets today.
  70. Cool and Colorful DIY Macrame Bracelet Maybe you haven't worn macrame jewelry since high school, but the good news is that this Cool and Colorful DIY Macrame Bracelet looks stylish on teenagers or adults. This macrame jewelry tutorial will show you how to make a DIY bracelet.
  71. Cool Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern Learn how to make a friendship bracelet with this Cool Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern. So fun and chic, this chevron design is perfect for summer. You'll always be in style with friendship bracelet designs like this one.
  72. Cowrie Shell Hemp Earrings Looking for free jewelry making projects for the summer? These Cowrie Shell Hemp Earrings are the perfect wear to the beach earrings. Craft these perfect for summer DIY earrings. Just making them will get you in the mood for sandals and shorts!
  73. Crimp Bead Kumihimo Bracelet The Crimp Bead Kumihimo Bracelet is unlike any other DIY braided bracelet you've seen. The thick woven cord is interspersed with tiny beads to create a pebbly effect that's perfect for hitting the beach this summer.
  74. Crystal Blossom Necklace and Earrings Spring into fall with the appropriate-for-all-seasons Crystal Blossom Necklace and Earrings. Perfect for flowy tops and sweaters alike, this long necklace will look great with all sorts of outfits.
  75. Crystal Macrame Bracelet Bling out your easy breezy summer accessories with this Crystal Macrame Bracelet pattern. We've all seen friendship bracelet patterns that use embroidery floss, but this macrame project is more fabulous than your typical friendship bracelet.
  76. Crystal Macrame Earrings "This is a perfect project for Spring! This tutorial is suited for beginners with some prior knowledge of basic macrame knots. You can make these sparkly turquoise crystal earrings, with just a few materials."
  77. Cylinder Friendship Bracelet Pattern If you want to learn how to make friendship bracelets, then this Cylinder Friendship Bracelet Pattern is perfect for you! A great beginner pattern, these macrame bracelet patterns can be made with four of your favorite colors.
  78. Dainty DIY Orange Beaded Tatted Bracelet If you're a detail-oriented person, then you'll love the intricate look of this Dainty DIY Orange Beaded Tatted Bracelet! This tutorial will give you step-by-step directions on how to make a bracelet, using an orange beaded tatting pattern.
  79. Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet Pattern Make a cute Daisy Chain Friendship Bracelet for you and your best friend! Incorporating designs into your macrame bracelet patterns can be tricky, but it's easy as pie when you follow these simple friendship bracelet instructions.
  80. Darling Dream Catcher Pendant The dream catcher is a well-known tradition of Native American culture. Now you can take your dream catcher with you everywhere you go with this Darling Dream Catcher Pendant. This tutorial teaches you about making dream catchers.
  81. Day Glow Earrings Looking to add some color to your outfit? You don't have to look any further than these Day Glow Earrings. If you want to add a pop of brightness into your wardrobe, and your day, try this tutorial on how to make homemade earrings.
  82. Dazzling Dream Catcher Necklace Borrow a tradition from Native American culture by making this Dazzling Dream Catcher Necklace. This DIY necklace will blend in well with most outfits; so, consider adding a dream catcher piece to your homemade jewelry collection.
  83. Diagonal Stripe Friendship Bracelet Pattern The Diagonal Stripe Friendship Bracelet Pattern is the most classic of all friendship bracelet designs and one of the easiest to make. If you're new to macrame bracelet patterns, this free printable tutorial is the perfect place to start.
  84. Diamante Kumihimo Bracelet Create this gorgeously fashionable Diamante Kumihimo Bracelet with this easy-to-follow tutorial. This bracelet looks expensive and store-bought, but it's super easy to make at home.
  85. Diamond Friendship Bracelet Learn how to make friendship bracelets with a cool diamond design when you follow this fabulous tutorial. You are going to love making these Diamond Friendship Bracelets so much that you are not going to want to stop making them.
  86. Diamond Leaf Macrame Bracelet This Diamond Leaf Macrame Bracelet is a lovely and unique macrame pattern that incorporates the ease of knotted jewelry with the beauty of beads. This macrame bracelet design is a DIY jewelry idea you'll make over and over again.
  87. Dip Dyed Knot Necklace Learn how to make a cord necklace every bit as good as the designer patterns with the Dip Dyed Knot Necklace. This striking DIY necklace gives you a richly textured jewelry piece with plenty of pop.
  88. DIY Beaded Barefoot Jewelry If you're looking for new beaded jewelry design ideas, try this DIY Beaded Barefoot Jewelry! Making beaded barefoot jewelry is a fun way to accessorize with flip flops or sandals in the summer. Why should your feet be left out on the fun?
  89. DIY Braided Hemp Anklet Make this DIY Braided Hemp Anklet for your next trip to the beach. Who says you can't wear cute jewelry to the beach? Walk right into the water with this one and it will dry. Plus, this free jewelry making project comes with a video!
  90. DIY Chevron Friendship Earrings Friendship bracelet fans, here is a fabulous and fun tutorial for you. Create these cute DIY Chevron Friendship Earrings. Friendship bracelets and earrings are an easy way to start learning how to make your own jewelry.
  91. DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets If you have mastered the art of how to make a friendship bracelet, then it is time to expand your repertoire within this jewelry making technique and make these lovely DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets.
  92. DIY Friendship Necklace "Looking for an original statement necklace? Let's try a colorful braided version! It's fun to do and you only need a few supplies: Jewelry chain, claps, pliers and yarn."
  93. DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet Share the love with this DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet. Valentine's Day can be about more than your significant other. Make it about the love you have for your friends with this adorable DIY bracelet design.
  94. DIY Kumihimo with Beads: 14 Beaded Kumihimo Tutorials Have you been bitten by the kumihimo braiding bug? If you have fallen in love with kumihimo, then you are sure to adore the projects found in this collection, DIY Kumihimo with Beads: 14 Beaded Kumihimo Tutorials.
  95. DIY Neon Plaited Bracelet Looking for a bright and bold jewelry piece? These DIY Neon Plaited Bracelets are for you. This fabulous DIY bracelet tutorial combines a charm bracelet with neon ribbon to create a unique and stylish jewelry creation.
  96. Double Helix Friendship Bracelet Pattern Inspired by the shape of DNA, this Double Helix Friendship Bracelet Pattern features two intertwined coils. Your friends will love the intricacy of this macrame bracelet pattern and won't believe it took you under an hour to make!
  97. Double Macrame Bracelet What is more fun than a macrame bracelet pattern? A Double Macrame Bracelet is double the fun. Experiment with this well-known jewelry making technique to create this fabulous DIY bracelet. Have a blast creating this macrame bracelet design today.
  98. Easy Peasy Kumihimo Bracelet Be a part of the kumihimo craze, and try out this Easy Peasy Kumihimo Bracelet. Cute, quick, and easy-to-make, this DIY bracelet has all the elements of a great homemade jewelry piece. This tutorial offers you a way to make an awesome kumihimo braid.
  99. Effortless Fishtail Friendship Bracelets These Effortless Fishtail Friendship Bracelets are the perfect summer crafts for children. Fishtail bracelets have been one of the hottest DIY bracelets for awhile but never seem to get old.
  100. Elegant and Earthy Knotted Necklace With this Elegant and Earthy Knotted Necklace, you get the best of both worlds. By using a brown leather cord, you give this DIY necklace a rustic feel, and with shinning silver beads, this DIY jewelry piece becomes an elegant necklace.
  101. Evil Eye Crystal Bead Bracelet "This tutorial explains how to make an elegant Evil Eye Crystal Bead Bracelet with leather cord and adjustable macrame closure. Choose your favorite color beads and personalize as you please. It takes about an hour to make it."
  102. Fabulous Fishtail Friendship Bracelet Who says fishtail braiding is just for hair? Use this trendy braiding technique to create a Fabulous Fishtail Friendship Bracelet. If you have been wondering how to make a friendship bracelet, this fishtail bracelet is for you.
  103. Fabulous Friendship Bracelet Patterns: 8 New Ways to Make Friendship Bracelets The projects in Fabulous Friendship Bracelet Patterns: 8 New Ways to Make Friendship Bracelets are revamped versions of the childhood classics. These friendship bracelet designs are a trendy new take on an old tradition.
  104. Fancy Macrame Bracelet If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a macrame bracelet that's a cut above the rest, the Fancy Macrame Bracelet is for you. This bracelet pattern uses macrame knots and shiny beads to create a lovely fashion gem.
  105. Fiesta Frenzy DIY Bracelets These homemade bracelets just scream "party"! These Fiesta Frenzy DIY Bracelets are fun, fresh, and perfect for stacking. Bold enough for summer, but easily adaptable for other seasons, these DIY bracelet designs are easy to make and fun to create.
  106. Fiesta Fringe Earrings Need a great set of earrings to wear to a party? These Fiesta Fringe Earrings are for you. Use this knotted earring design and learn how to make homemade earrings for any celebration. Cool earrings are an awesome addition to any outfit.
  107. Fishtail Bracelet Forget friendship bracelets-- these Fishtail Bracelets are the accessories to have this summer. With a smooth weave that's quick to master, this DIY bracelet will have all your friends asking how you made it.
  108. Fishtail Friendship Bracelet Friendship bracelet patterns will never go out of style, but with the Fishtail Friendship Bracelet, your friends will stand out in the crowd. If you are looking for a fun, colorful friendship bracelet pattern, this is the project for you.
  109. Five Stranded Braid Bracelet Braided bracelet patterns can all look the same after a few rounds of jewelry making. But this Five Stranded Braided Bracelet will give your DIY bracelet stash some new life.
  110. Five Times Lucky Friendship Bracelet The Five Times Lucky Friendship Bracelet is a wonderful way to learn how to make a friendship bracelet that will stand out in the crowd. Your friends will love this unusual design and be proud to have it in their DIY bracelet collection.
  111. Flat Kumihimo Cuff Bracelet For a twist on the typical kumihimo bracelet patterns, try this Flat Kumihimo Cuff Bracelet project. This tutorial teaches you how to make a kumihimo bracelet using the less common square plate, while most kumihimo patterns use a round plate.
  112. Flower Petal Macrame Necklace Learn how to macrame this beautiful Flower Petal Macrame Necklace with a step by step video tutorial. If you want to know how to make a necklace using macrame techniques, this DIY jewelry tutorial is for you!
  113. Flying Bird Macrame Necklace Go boho with this Flying Bird Macrame Necklace. This step by step video tutorial shows you how to make a necklace that will wow your friends. Macrame is a fun and complex DIY jewelry making technique that every jewelry maker should master.
  114. Four Color Chevron Friendship Bracelet Prepare for summer with this easy friendship bracelets DIY jewelry tutorial. You can make this Four Color Chevron Friendship Bracelet for yourself or for your friends. This friendship bracelet pattern is perfect for the summer season.
  115. Four-Color Braided Kumihimo Bracelet A kumihimo bracelet may look daunting, but with this free tutorial, making the Four-Color Braided Kumihimo Bracelet is a cinch. If you want to put a different spin on a DIY braided bracelet, this pattern will show you how to make a bracelet that stan
  116. Friendship Bracelet Bangles Apply hair-wrapping skills to a cool DIY bracelet. In this Friendship Bracelet Bangle tutorial, colorful embroidery floss is carefully wrapped around plastic bangles in the same way that hair-wraps are made. This is a new kind of friendship bracelet.
  117. Friendship Bracelet DIY Hand Jewelry If you're looking for hot new jewelry making ideas, this Friendship Bracelet DIY Hand Jewelry is a DIY jewelry project to remember. You can make your own bohemian style DIY bracelets that will definitely be a go-to accessory for summer!
  118. Friendship Bracelet Watch Watches are back in style, and with the Friendship Bracelet Watch, you'll be ready to put your own spin on the trend. This DIY watch is easy, and as long as you know your friendship bracelet patterns, you'll be able to make this great accessory.
  119. Friendship Chain Bracelet By checking out this project, you'll find out that friendship bracelet designs are not only made with string. This Friendship Chain Bracelet involves tips on adding some edge to the friendship bracelet's traditional look.
  120. Friendship Earrings We've all seen friendship bracelets before, but now you can have a friendship jewelry set with these adorable DIY earrings. This Friendship Earrings tutorial will show you how to make earrings to go with a friendship bracelet.
  121. Friendship Tube Bracelet What could be better than a designer friendship bracelet at a fraction of the price? Show your love for your friends with the Friendship Tube Bracelet, which is a beautiful friendship bracelet pattern that uses a striking spiral.
  122. Garland Friendship Bracelet Pattern If you like zig-zag friendship bracelet designs, then check out this neat Garland Friendship Bracelet Pattern! It's a fun variation on traditional macrame bracelet patterns. Make it in festive colors for the holidays, or choose your own colors!
  123. Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet It's always fabulous when a piece of arm candy can add a touch of glamour to an ensemble. That is certainly the case with this fabulous Glammed Up Hex Nut Bracelet. Create this fun braided bracelet look using hex nuts you have around the house.
  124. Gone Fishing Anchor Bracelet Bring a stylish nautical vibe into your DIY jewelry collection with the Gone Fishing Anchor Bracelet. This tutorial will teach you how to make a braided bracelet using the fishtail technique.
  125. Green Bead Upcycled Macrame Bracelet Looking for a new DIY bracelet design? Learn how to make a macrame bracelet entirely out of grocery bags with this Green Bead Upcycled Macrame Bracelet tutorial. This bracelet is perfect if you need a last-minute accessory for St. Patrick's Day.
  126. Green Glass Knotted Bracelet Instead of stringing, wiring, or chain connecting beads onto your DIY bracelets, learn how to knot them together with this gorgeous Green Glass Knotted Bracelet project. Easy and budget-friendly, this DIY jewelry project knots recycled glass beads.
  127. Half-Dollar Color Block Bracelet The Half-Dollar Color Block Bracelet provides a thrifty way to capitalize on the color block trend. This cord bracelet pattern is loads of fun to make and to wear.
  128. Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern Show your friends how much you love them with this Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern. This adorable heart design is easy to make with these macrame instructions. It's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for all your friends!
  129. Hemp Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial This Hemp Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial teaches you how to make hemp bracelets that use the kumihimo style of braiding. These bracelets are both fun and easy to make.
  130. Hemp Ring Bracelet Explore different hemp jewelry designs like this Hemp Ring Bracelet. This colorful piece of jewelry involves plastic rings and, of course, hemp. Learning how to make bracelets with hemp has never been so unique, thanks to this awesome tutorial.
  131. How to Make a Nautical Rope Necklace Learn how to make a nautical rope necklace that's perfect for summer! Nautical style accessories and clothes come back into style every Spring and Summer, be ready this year with this simple necklace you can make in under an hour!
  132. How To Make a Paracord Bracelet If you are looking for a fun and bright bracelet to make for your kids, then this tutorial on How To Make a Paracord Bracelet is perfect for you. Easy, fun, and colorful, these bracelets are DIY jewelry must-haves for kids and young-adults.
  133. How to Make a Shamballa Bracelet From Beyonce to Bieber, all the celebrities are wearing these shamballa bracelets. Learn How to Make a Shamballa Bracelet of your own by following along with this free jewelry-making video! Hey, we can't all afford to ice out our wrists like Jay Z.
  134. How to Make Friendship Bracelets for Every Season: 30 DIY Bracelets With this collection, How to Make Friendship Bracelets for Every Season 30 DIY Bracelets, you will learn how to make friendship bracelets for every time of the year. These friendship bracelet patterns and easy to make and fun to wear.
  135. How to Make Friendship Bracelets with the Rag Rug Pattern Friendship bracelets don't have to be all neat and orderly. Learn How to Make Friendship Bracelets with the Rag Rug Pattern to make DIY bracelets that embrace the chaos and use it to their design advantage.
  136. How to Make Hemp Bracelets Learn how to make hemp bracelets with this step-by-step guide. These hemp bracelets are fun, bohemian, and completely customizable.
  137. How to Make Hemp Bracelets: 4 Hemp Bracelet Patterns Check out How to Make Hemp Bracelets: 4 Hemp Bracelet Patterns. Hemp bracelet patterns are in full swing in the DIY jewelry world right now. DIY-ers can't seem to get enough of them. It's easy to see why these bangles are in such high demand.
  138. How to Make Hemp Jewelry It is the season for hemp jewelry! Learn How to Make Hemp Jewelry with this lovely DIY jewelry making tutorial. Depending on the length of your jewelry, you can either make a bracelet or even a hemp necklace.
  139. How to Make String Bracelets: 6 String Bracelet Patterns Who says you have to have fancy beads and expensive tools to make cool jewelry? This collection of 6 String Bracelet Patterns will show you how to make string bracelets of all kinds, from simple braided bracelet designs to intricate knotted patterns.
  140. Inverted Square Knot Bracelet This Inverted Square Knot Bracelet is a fun twist on traditional square knot bracelets and is just as easy to make. These macrame square knot instructions are a breeze to follow. Learn how to macrame a bunch and use them as friendship bracelets.
  141. Jewel Macrame Bracelet Brighten your macrame work with statement jewels for a fabulous bracelet. The Jewel Macrame Bracelet tutorial will show you how to make a bracelet with utility and style that's perfect for the warm summer months.
  142. Jeweled Paracord Bracelet Every jewelry maker has them, but most do not know what to do when they discover they have unmatched earrings. This wonderful jewelry making tutorial will give you the answer. Make a Jeweled Paracord Bracelet using re-purposed earring pieces.
  143. Kinetic Kumihimo Bracelet If you love to craft braided DIY bracelets, then you will love making this Kinetic Kumihimo Bracelet. With beautiful blue and pure white embroidery thread, this light and energetic bracelet is the perfect DIY jewelry piece to brighten up your day.
  144. Knock Off Phillip Lim Rope Necklace In this wonderful project from Donatella, you can be stylish and thrifty all at the same time. Using inspiration from knot making for jewelry, she copied this Knock Off Phillip Lim Rope Necklace perfectly. No one would ever be able to tell!
  145. Knot Just a Chain Bracelet Listen up, everyone. This is Knot Just a Chain Bracelet. Of all the ways to make bracelets, here is a technique that you can transfer to other jewelry projects in the future. Learning how to make a knotted bracelet like this one is worth the work.
  146. Knot Your Average Bracelet Even if you have no crafting experience, you can whip up this beginner-friendly hemp bracelet in less than an hour. The trickiest part may be settling on a bead color!
  147. Knots, Macrame, and Hemp Jewelry: 10 DIY Necklaces Looking for DIY necklaces to make when the hot weather hits? You have come to the right place! This collection, Knots, Macrame, and Hemp Jewelry: 10 DIY Necklaces, contains these best DIY patterns for making a chic and sweet summer necklace.
  148. Knotted Cord Necklace Looking for easy beaded jewelry ideas? Try this simple to make yet very versatile Knotted Cord Necklace. Make this necklace extra long and you can easily have a piece that you can wrap and layer for a fun effect!
  149. Knotted Spiral Friendship Bracelet Bright colors and glittering crystals set the Knotted Spiral Friendship Bracelet apart from standard friendship bracelets. The bright color makes the texture of the bracelet pop, making it an ideal accessory for a simple outfit.
  150. Kumihimo 12-Strand Spiral Bracelet Kumihimo patterns, such as the Kumihimo 12-Strand Spiral Bracelet, provide great ways to make bracelets that have some spark. The gorgeous color and texture makes this DIY bracelet a necessity for your next beach party.
  151. Kumihimo Braid Scrap Bracelet Use your jewelry-making mistakes to your advantage with this Kumihimo Braid Scrap Bracelet tutorial. Whether you have a piece of kumihimo braid that is too short or you want a uniquely beautiful kumihimo bracelet, this tutorial is for you.
  152. Leather and Thread Wrapped Bracelet The Leather and Thread Wrapped Bracelet is a blast to make, and the minimalist pattern and color choice makes it ideal for boys and girls alike. This tutorial shows how to make a string bracelet with leather that's both sturdy and simple to craft.
  153. Leather Box Braid Necklace DIY Leather Box Braid Necklace DIY is a simple to make project with lots of cool. Indulge in your nostalgia by using those skills learned in the Girl Scouts to make your very own leather box braid necklace.
  154. Leaves and Poppies Macrame Bracelet This Leaves and Poppies Macrame Bracelet video tutorial will show you not only how to macrame a poppy flower, but also how to create an entire leafy bracelet featuring this beautiful design! This macrame bracelet is an incredible DIY jewelry project.
  155. Loom-Free Fishtail Bracelets Believe it or not, you can get that loom-woven look without a loom-just check out these Loom-Free Fishtail Bracelets! Popular with kids, these simple accessories are easy to make and are a great way to pass the time.
  156. Lovely Lavender Macrame Bracelet This Lovely Lavender Macrame Bracelet proves that macrame bracelet patterns can be glam and girly. Learn how to make a macrame bracelet with a bit more style and detail than your typical hemp bracelet patterns.
  157. Lovely Leaves Friendship Bracelets Are you a fan of friendship bracelets? Try this tutorial for Lovely Leaves Friendship Bracelets, and you can create these DIY bracelets in no time. Learn how to make these homemade bracelets with this new pattern that resembles leaves.
  158. Macrame Neon Nylon Cord Make this fun, brightly colored Macrame Neon Nylon Cord bracelet this summer. This macrame bracelet pattern is such a great addition to any summer outfit. When it's hot outside, who doesn't want to be wearing fun colors?
  159. Macrame Pendant DIY Necklace Looking for quick, easy, creative gift ideas? Try creating a Macrame Pendant DIY Necklace for everyone on your list! This tutorial shows you how to make a necklace with a unique bohemian look that you'll love giving as a gift or keeping for yourself.
  160. Marvelous Macrame Leather Bracelet We all love the intricacy of macrame and the solid texture of leather, so why not have a DIY bracelet that uses both? The Marvelous Macrame Leather Bracelet is a great way to show off your love of macrame in sophisticated style.
  161. Marvelous Macrame Ring Learn how to make a DIY ring using a macrame jewelry technique with this fun and fabulous homemade jewelry tutorial. This Marvelous Macrame Ring tutorial allows you a creative DIY jewelry process.
  162. Metallic Macrame Bracelet If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a macrame bracelet with some extra glamor, the Metallic Macrame Bracelet is the pattern for you. This DIY leather bracelet uses beads and shimmering cord for a bracelet that's a fashion powerhouse.
  163. Miami Heat Neon DIY Necklace Think macrame is just for DIY bracelets? Think again and discover this fabulous Miami Heat Neon DIY Necklace. Inspired by South Beach, this macrame necklace pattern is a wonderful, tropical-hued, statement piece.
  164. Mini Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern Show your BFFs how much they mean to you with this adorable Mini Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern! The tiny little hearts add such cute detail to this basic pattern. Follow along with these friendship bracelet instructions to make one of your own!
  165. Minimal ZigZag Macrame Bracelet "Step-by-step tutorial on how to make a Micro Macrame Zig Zag Bracelet. Minimal Chic style, ideal for all winter outfits. You will need: 22 meters of synthetic cord in grey or black or blue or any other color of your choice."
  166. Monkey Fist Knot Earrings Looking to make a cute new pair of DIY earrings? Try out these unique Monkey Fist Knot Earrings. Learn a new technique and create an adorable pair of homemade earrings. Craft a charming set of homemade earrings for the spring or Easter holiday.
  167. Moonlit Blue Macrame Necklace This classy and beautiful Moonlit Blue Macrame Necklace should be your next DIY jewelry project. With easy-to-follow instructions on how to macrame and how to make a necklace, you will have this braided and a beaded DIY necklace that is ready to be w
  168. Nautical Braided Bracelet Get ready to sail the ocean blue with this Nautical Braided Bracelet. Made from leather cords and a solid braid, this DIY bracelet is tough enough to withstand any typhoon that comes your way.
  169. Nautical Knot Necklace Mix up your jewelry designs by making this Nautical Knot Necklace. From this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn how to make a necklace that is delightfully different. Give this tutorial a try to add some fresh pieces to your collection.
  170. Nautical Wrap DIY Bracelet Bring out your sea-faring side with this Nautical Wrap DIY Bracelet tutorial. Braid up your rope and attach a ship's helm pendant for instant ocean chic in your style. This DIY wrap bracelet is the piece of coastal charm you're looking for!
  171. Neon Pop Tropical Punch Bracelets Mix chunky chains and colored gems to create these bold and bright braided bracelets. These Neon Pop Tropical Punch Bracelets are just what you need to add a burst of color to any ensemble. Try this fun free jewelry making tutorial today!
  172. Ocean Waves Macrame Bracelet These friendship bracelets are in beach mode! Create this Ocean Waves Macrame Bracelet for a DIY bracelet idea that will have you dreaming of the surf. This perfect summer style bracelet pattern will be one of your new favorite DIY jewelry ideas!
  173. One-Hour Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet If you're wondering how to make friendship bracelets that are a little out of the ordinary, try your hand at this One-Hour Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet. A major perk about this friendship bracelet's design is that it takes under one hour to make.
  174. Paracord Fishtail Bracelet Paracord bracelets are all the rage these days. Make your very own Paracord Fishtail Bracelet with this tutorial. Pick your two colors, representing your school, favorite holiday and more, and get started making this DIY paracord bracelet.
  175. Patriotic Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet This Patriotic Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet is a great summer DIY jewelry project. This is a DIY bracelet with a pattern the nation would be proud of. Learn how to make a friendship bracelet with the diagonal candy stripe pattern.
  176. Paw Print Friendship Bracelet Pattern This Paw Print Friendship Bracelet Pattern is perfect for animal lovers! Use this easy macrame tutorial to create adorable paw prints on your bracelet. You can show everyone how much you care about your furry friends too!
  177. Perfect Pastel Rainbow Friendship Bracelet This Perfect Pastel Rainbow Friendship Bracelet captures the essence of summer in its multicolored strands. Thread one for yourself and a few for your friends with this easy-to-follow DIY bracelet tutorial!
  178. Pink and Navy Chevron Friendship Bracelet A Pink and Navy Chevron Friendship Bracelet goes with everything! Grab your embroidery floss for this easy DIY jewelry making tutorial. Learn how to make a bracelet that is classic but also fun and easy to make. Perfect for beginners!
  179. Pretty Cube Braid Necklace Take those lanyard-making skills you learned at summer camp as a kid and bring them into the modern-day fashion world with this Pretty Cube Braid Necklace tutorial. Who knew learning how to box braid as a kid would come in such handy?
  180. Proenza Schouler Inspired Neon Rope Bracelet This is one of our favorite free jewelry making patterns for knockoff designer jewelry. This Proenza Schouler Inspired Neon Rope Bracelet will put you at the head of the fashion scene. And it's so cheap and easy to make!
  181. Purple Braided Thread Necklace "This necklace is made of double shaded embroidery thread, silver oxidized beads, bead caps, dori etc. 200 strings of thread taken for each side. The thread is braided and attached together through the bead in the middle."
  182. Purple Silk Braided Necklace Learn how to make a necklace that has style and comfort with this Purple Silk Braided Necklace free DIY tutorial. This DIY necklace is made out of a braided soft silk cord and decorated with crystal-clear rhinestones. The end product is dazzling.
  183. Raffia Riches Bracelet With the Raffia Riches Bracelet, you'll have designer-inspired trim with none of the hassle. This simple bracelet pattern is so easy to make that you could craft a bracelet bouquet in an evening's time.
  184. Ready Red Hemp Necklace With this simple summer Ready Red Hemp Necklace, you will be all set on the jewelry side for your Fourth of July celebrations. Since hemp jewelry is always a popular DIY jewelry idea for the summer, you can wear your patriotic necklace all summer.
  185. Revamped Friendship Bracelet If you're wondering how to make a friendship bracelet that's a little different, this is the project for you. The Revamped Friendship Bracelet tutorial features all the friendship bracelet instructions to add some charm to the everyday.
  186. Rhinestone Friendship Ring If you like friendship bracelet patterns, then you'll love this Rhinestone Friendship Ring! This tutorial takes traditional friendship bracelet designs and turns them into fun, "blinged out" friendship rings.
  187. Ribbon and Rope Macrame This Ribbon and Rope Macrame bracelet pattern takes a bright and fun twist on summer friendship bracelets. Make this macrame bracelet pattern and you won't be taken back to those grade school summer camp days.
  188. Rope and Chain Braided Necklace Make jewelry out of unusual items with this Rope and Chain Braided Necklace. This is a very helpful project for those who want to begin learning how to make a knot necklace. It uses a simple braid technique and involves other jewelry elements.
  189. Runway-Inspired Rope Necklace Look like you just stepped off the catwalk with this Runway-Inspired Rope Necklace! If you're looking for fabulous free macrame jewelry patterns, this designer-inspired necklace will not disappoint. It is made from dollar store jump ropes!
  190. Sensational Silk and Chain Friendship Bracelets Learn how to make friendship bracelets so chic that you will want to keep them for yourself. These Sensational Silk and Chain Friendship Bracelets are colorful and easy friendship bracelets. These DIY bracelets are fun to make and wear.
  191. Sensational Spiral Macrame Earrings Think macrame is just for bracelets? Think again and make these awesome Sensational Spiral Macrame Earrings. This DIY earrings project use two traditional Chinese knots (the larks head knot and half hitch knot) to create a stunning spiral pattern.
  192. Serene Sea DIY Bracelet If you are looking for easy friendship bracelets to make for the summer, look no further than this adorable Serene Sea DIY Bracelet. This beautiful homemade bracelet easy to make and is the perfect accessory to add to any outfit.
  193. Shredded Hoop Earrings These Shredded Hoop Earrings are so easy to make, you'll be wondering what took you so long to get started. If you don't know how to make earrings, just follow the step-by-step instructions.
  194. Simple Celtic Heart Knot Necklace The Simple Celtic Heart Knot Necklace may look anything but simple, but this DIY necklace is easier to make than you'd think from the intricate knot. With tutorial instructions, you'll learn how to make a cord necklace perfect for casual charm.
  195. Simple Crimp Dots Bracelet If you need easy bracelets to make, you'll love the Simple Crimp Dots Bracelet. Perfect for an arm party, these cute DIY bracelets are easy to make and a delight to wear.
  196. Simple Square Knot Friendship Bracelets These Simple Square Knot Friendship Bracelets are everything you want in macrame bracelet patterns: They're quick, easy, and don't take many supplies to make! Follow these macrame square knot instructions to make colorful beaded bracelets.
  197. Snake Kumihimo Bracelet If you are kumihimo fan, looking for a new twist on this fun technique, then this Snake Kumihimo Bracelet is for you. Have some fun with these scaly looking beads, and create this stylish snake-like bracelet.
  198. Snowflake Friendship Bracelet Pattern Celebrate the first snowy day of winter with this Snowflake Friendship Bracelet Pattern. It's a unique design that's easy to make. Follow these friendship bracelet instructions, and you will be sporting little snowflakes on your wrist in no time!
  199. Sparkling Beaded Wrap Bracelet "Make a beaded wrap bracelet using the easy way with cord and beads of your choice! This beautiful DIY bracelet can be customized and needs no special tools to be made! You'll be addicted and want to make more!"
  200. Spiked Braided Chain Bracelet The Spiked Braided Chain Bracelet stands out among braided bracelet patterns for the delightful mix of playful color and spikes. You'll love wearing this DIY bracelet with a light summery outfit.
  201. Sports Team Kumihimo Necklace Display the love you have for your favorite sports team with this Sports Team Kumihimo Necklace tutorial. This sturdy DIY necklace is braided using the kumihimo technique.
  202. Square Knot Leather Bracelet It may seem simple, but this Square Knot Leather Bracelet is a perfect accessory to layer with other bracelets or watches. It's very easy to make so you could even make a bunch in you favorite colors and stack them together!
  203. Squiggle Friendship Bracelet Pattern Macrame bracelet patterns like this Squiggle Friendship Bracelet are fun to wear and even more fun to make! Grab some embroidery thread in your favorite colors and make this sweet scalloped bracelet design for you and a friend.
  204. Studded Leather Macrame Bracelet Of all the bracelet patterns and instructions out there, the Studded Leather Macrame Bracelet is sure to become a fast favorite of yours. This super cool bracelet design uses sterling silver beads and shamballa knots to create an edgy studded effect.
  205. Stylish Seed Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet Learn how to make a bracelet like this Stylish Seed Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet with this free DIY jewelry tutorial. This DIY bracelet combines seed beads with the very popular and chic kumihimo braidiing technique to create a unique and fun piece.
  206. Summer Bracelets DIY If you've wanted to try out a macrame bracelet pattern, this Summer Bracelets DIY project is a great, simple, and colorful one to start with. Once you've got it down, you can use this pattern to make macrame bracelets out of any strips of fabric!
  207. Summer Friendship Bracelets Summer friendship bracelets are an essential staple because they are fun to make and appropriate for everyone. Learn how to make simple friendship bracelets with your friends, kids, or just for yourself. Create a classic chevron pattern bracelet.
  208. Summer of Love Knotted Hemp Necklace Evoke peace, love, and happiness with this Summer of Love Knotted Hemp Necklace. This free and easy tutorial shows you how to make a hemp necklace that will bring out your hippie side. There are no rules with this necklace pattern.
  209. Sweet Surfer Hemp Necklaces Your son does not have to be a surfer to want to wear one of the Sweet Surfer Hemp Necklaces. Always a summer staple, hemp jewelry is both cool and beachy. Your sons will love wearing it to the pool, beach, and summer camp.
  210. Switchback Friendship Bracelet Pattern You'll want to make a Switchback Friendship Bracelet Pattern for all of your friends! The fun zig-zag design incorporates three colors. It's a quick and easy macrame bracelet that everyone will love!
  211. Ten Minute Braided Bracelet Rushing to the beach and can't find anything to pair with your new swimsuit? The Ten Minute Braided Bracelet is the solution. All you need is a centerpiece and colored twine.
  212. The Ultimate Collection of Knots and Macrame: 148 Easy Friendship Bracelets, Macrame Projects, and More Master new DIY jewelry techniques and create knots and macrame designs with The Ultimate Collection of Knots and Macrame: 148 Easy Friendship Bracelets, Macrame Projects, and More.
  213. Tie-Dye Macrame Necklace Who knew that macrame knots could look so fashionable? The Tie-Dye Macrame Necklace is a beautiful and cheap way to add some minimalist glamor to your outfits.
  214. Tiny Air Plant Macrame Necklace Air plants live without soil, meaning you can take them just about anywhere. So why not make this Tiny Air Plant Macrame Necklace for a fresh, summer style idea? Learn how to make a necklace that uses a mini macrame plant hanger as a DIY pendant!
  215. Toes in the Sand Macrame Sandals Pattern Are you ready to squish your toes in the sand? This magical Toes in the Sand Macrame Sandals Pattern will have you feeling like you're on the beach, no matter where you are. These barefoot sandals are an amazing DIY jewelry project for summer.
  216. Toothy Braided Bracelet Sink your teeth into this summery mixed media bracelet. Made with rattail cord, tiger tooth beads, and chain, the Toothy Braided Bracelet is a fun and eye-catching way to put some bite in your style.
  217. Totem Pole Friendship Bracelet Pattern This unique Totem Pole Friendship Bracelet Pattern looks complicated, but it's easy to make. Follow these macrame instructions to create diamond-shaped gaps that look like little stars. Everyone will be impressed you made it yourself!
  218. Trendy Kumihimo Bracelet This Trendy Kumihimo Bracelet takes a simple concept and turns it into a piece of high fashion jewelry. You can easily make this one-of-a-kind bracelet that will garner tons of attention.
  219. Triple Color Braided Macrame Bracelet Love the style of macrame bracelets, but the sturdiness of braided bracelets? Combine these two DIY jewelry techniques together to create this Triple Color Braided Macrame Bracelet. Choose any hues you like to make this fabulous DIY bracelet.
  220. Tuxedo Friendship Bracelet Pattern The alternating chevron and dot design on this bracelet makes it look like the collar and buttons on a suit. This clever Tuxedo Friendship Bracelet Pattern will show you how to use macrame knots to make one of your own. It's one stylish bracelet!
  221. Twisted Yarn Necklace This Twisted Yarn Necklace is the perfect project if you're looking for inexpensive jewelry making ideas, especially if you already have some leftover yarn at home. This project is so simple, yet so trendy. Your friends will be begging you for one!
  222. Ultimate Friendship Bracelet The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet is the easiest way to make a statement for yourself and all your friends. With a friendship bracelet pattern like this, you and your friends will have a memento of friendship that amounts to a legacy.
  223. Washers and Macrame Bracelet Are you constantly searching the isles of your hardware store for bits and baubles to make fun hardware jewelry? This project is for you! The Washers and Macrame Bracelet is simple, but a great way to minimize that massive collection of washers.
  224. Watermelon Friendship Bracelet This Watermelon Friendship Bracelet tutorial that shows you how to make a friendship bracelet that is as sweet youre your friendship. Use macrame techniques to make a DIY bracelet with a cute watermelon slice pattern.
  225. Wavy Friendship Bracelet Make waves among your friends with this gorgeous bracelet, which screams all things summer. The Wavy Friendship Bracelet tutorial will teach you how to make a friendship bracelet with a standout twist to the pattern.
  226. Wings and Waves Macrame Bracelet Say hello to this lovely Wings and Waves Macrame Bracelet. This sweet DIY bracelet is beautifully elegant and perfect as a DIY beach wedding jewelry piece. Learn how to make a bracelet fit for an ocean princess by watching the video tutorial!
  227. Winter Nautical Bracelet Who says nautical designs are only for spring and summer? This Winter Nautical Bracelet proves this sea-friendly look is stylish for any time of the year. Make this nautical-inspired style work for you during any season.
  228. Woven Chain Bracelet This Woven Chain Bracelet is the perfect chic and stylish summer accessory. Bright colors make it eye-popping and the chain gives it a little bit of an edge. Be at the head of the trend this summer with this bold DIY woven bracelet.
  229. X Marks the Spot Friendship Bracelet Friendship is one of the greatest treasures in life. Be sure to say so with this X Marks the Spot Friendship Bracelet pattern. Learn how to make friendship bracelets with this crossed X pattern by following this step by step macrame video tutorial.
  230. Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet Pattern Looking for free macrame patterns online to try with your BFF? This Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet is a fun and funky design that will take your macrame skills to the next level! You could also use this pattern to make an anklet or necklace.
  231. Zipper Macrame Bracelet Tutorial If you're on the hunt for new macrame bracelet patterns to try, end your search here with this Zipper Macrame Bracelet Tutorial. This tutorial is a new take on an old favorite, the square knot bracelet.

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