Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet


Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet

Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet
Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet

If you love the look of chocolate diamonds but can't quite afford them, then this Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet is just what you need. This DIY jewelry project has all the sparkle and rich color of the real thing. Plus, this DIY bracelet pattern is the perfect piece of formal jewelry to pair with your favorite dress. This is a really inexpensive way for you to make a stunning crystal bracelet that no one will guess is homemade. Who knew free beaded bracelet patterns could be so yummy?

Project TypeMake a Project

Bead TypeCrystal, Seed

Time to CompleteIn an evening

Bead Technique UsedStitched

Bead Project TypeBracelet


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I'm always looking for simple stitching patterns to bead, and this one seems easy enough for a beginning bead weaver like myself. This bracelet would also make a great, classy gift. I might make it to give my mom for her birthday!

I like the chocolate color of this bracelet it is so elegant looking but can be worn anywhere and is not hard to make. This will make a great gift for mom or someone that loves jewelry. Can you just see their face when they open this beauty up. Add a pair of earrings and it will be even more special. You can change the bead color to match a certain outfit. This is a must on my list.

A friend, who is married to a retired police man wanted a thin blue line bracelet. She wanted a fancier one then a parasite style. Something she could wear with her fancy duds. So I sat down and came up with a very similar design. I used black Czech crystal beads on the outer edges and tiny Capri blue swarovski crystals for the blue line. I will try to post a pic. This design is going to be my next project

For people having problems downloading the Woven Chocolate Crystal Bracelet pattern or other stuff try another internet connection I tried to dload it from one Wi-Fi connection and couldn't but had no problems with another Or copy and paste the instruction portion of the webpage into a word processor document Windows comes with a program called WordPad and later version come with Word Starter also the latter versions of WordPad should have no problem handling it earlier ones might try and see Start button All programs Accessories WordPad If copying a portion of a page start selection from the bottom and go upwards it sometimes produced a better reproduction--I have no idea why but it works most of the time when I get jumbled up results and they are a PAIN to reformate in a wp If you copy and paste the whole webpage you can delete the parts you don'tRead More want to keep Also if your wp has a habit of loosing pictures after it has been saved save the document as a PDF file--most word processing programs now allow you to easily save docs as PDF's Print Screen is a key on a keyboard Press it open a wp document and click paste A picture of your screen is saved to the document This is a feature that has been around FOREVER Snippet a program on Windows don't know about found on the All Programs menu on the Start button in the Accessories file saves a picture of your screen as a PNG file and has better quality than Print Screen With both it may take multiple shots to capture everything You may be able to adjust the webpage zoom so each shot captures more just make sure you open a saved shot to be sure you can read it Multiple Print Screen shots can be saved to the same document and multiple PNG shots can be pasted or imported into one document You can save or print the entire webpage Upper left hand corner File Save As or Print If print doesn't work paste to a document reformat it to produce a more compact document and print Phones and tablets usually have wp program apps that can be downloaded Don't know how to use them but Google and Bing are great places to search for info on how to use your device and its programs includes desktops and laptops Be as specific as you can including what you want to do and your program device's name including the version number if it is not a part of the name EX How do I cut and paste in Microsoft Word It may take some time to dig up exactly what you want but then you will have it to use whenever you need it If you forget stuff you don't use often as I do write it down EX To copy and paste an entire webpage with a keyboard shortcut Windows --Ctrl A switch to document Ctrl V If you need a wp phone or tablet program cnet com Downloads is a great place to find program dloads for computers phones and tablets Plenty of FREE ones too And cnet com has reviews on the software dloads so you have an idea on what you are getting before you download it The advice above is for a Windows Os but should work just as well on a Mac or Linux based system though the terminology or location of some options may be different Some websites will not allow you to copy them they have been locked by their authors They are copywrited and I respect intellectual property and I hope you will too As you can see there are more ways to skin a reluctant download than one And I'm sure there are more I hope this helps some frustrated beaders out there Happy beading

I'm not really fond of bicones, because of their sharp edges, though their shape lends itself to many beading patterns. Though in this pattern I don't think they would feel as sharp because of the way they're woven together. It's like a walkway to a house nearby where they placed all the cobble stones sideways kind of how lentil beads are woven it's very easy to walk on because all the stones are level

I have seen this particular pattern on this site several times. I have tried to print the directions several times and they have failed to print. If this is indeed a free pattern site then this pattern should be removed from the site because I cannot and I expect several others have tried and failed to get this pattern. If the designer wants paid she should go somewhere else with this pattern.

in windows, just go to "file" then "print" and it will print for you after you have opened the project. Or you could go to the "PDF" file and print it from there. Hope that helps.

I clicked on her download pattern link and the pdf downloaded just fine. So if I need to print it out it's no prob. Though I'm trying to go as paperless as possible so I usually download it to my smart phone then I always have the pattern with me. Wish I had a tablet PC, though that would be the best of all worlds. :-)

I had the same problem. I could not find a tab for PDF or File drop down menu. I right clicked and chose Print, but it gave me blank pages. Shouldn't be this complicated. Other patterns on this site are easy to print. Too bad because I really like this design.

I finally found the download link, if you scroll down the page on the instructions page, there is a small picture of the bracelet, somewhere in the middle of the instructions, and underneath it says download this pattern (or something like that) click on the picture and the pdf appears, then just click download in your pdf software

its right next to picture number 11

Try another internet connection A change of network or server may be your fix I could not download from one Wi-Fi network but had no trouble downloading it from another If you still can't download it copy and paste from the webpage to a word processor document If you have Windows or don't know about or you will find a program called Snippet under Accessories on the all programs menu It takes a good picture of what is on your screen and saves it as a PNG file You might have to take multiple shots to record what you want just be sure to save each shot with a number or letter attached to the name so you can tell the sequence Or and this works on every Windows program since Windows press the print screen button on your keyboard open a Word Works or WordPad document and click on PasteRead More merge document option works best You might have to experiment first to get the right Zoom on the webpage so you can read the picture without a problem It will probably work with other word processing programs as well but I have not tried it I don't know if it works the same on a Mac OS but it probably would Phones and tablets have wp apps Google or Bing are good places to search for information on how to copy and paste on your device Don't let a pain in the website keep you from getting what you want Unless of course it is copywrited then it won't let you copy it

I've made this bracelet under several different names. I'd call it a beginner project as I always start people out making it once they get beyond basic stringing. I've also made it using four mm's for the center, 3 mm's for the outside and then used a second center row and a third outside row. It is a very adaptable design.

I too cannot print this, when I click to print some of the wording is overlapping and double layered... and there is NO PDF file!


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